Tonia Antoniazzi is MP for Gower

What has Tonia Antoniazzi been up to today?

Tonia Antoniazzi is MP for Gower and a member of the Labour party.

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Please read this powerful message from Zara Aleena's family join them in remembering her this Saturday at 1.30pm opposite Cranbrook Rise in Ilford.

Letโ€™s unite to honour her life and walk her home.

What an amazing 3 days repping @Stewarton_Acad at @UKParlEducation's #TeachUKParl institute! Highlights include meeting @CommonsSpeaker (pic!), Treaury Qs, hearing from @Nus_Ghani & talking to @ToniaAntoniazzi. Looking forward to getting our school a shiny award in Aug! ๐Ÿฅฐ

Under the Tories, Britain is set to have fewer troops, fewer planes, & fewer ships. The only thing Boris Johnson is interested in defending is his own job, not our national security.

The @Conservatives need to grow a backbone & tell the Prime Minister his time is up #PMQs

Will the @WallaroosRugby be able to make it 3 from 3 in recent Rugby World Cups or will @WelshRugbyUnion break their stride? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

It's all to play for at #RWC2021 as the sides will face each other once again in New Zealand!

Last night I heard the stories of 6 children who were tragically killed during the Troubles.

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing this poignant and moving adaptation of โ€œThe Crack in Everythingโ€ to Parliament.

Lovely to meet and catch-up with Tonia Antoniazzi MP shadow minister for Northern Ireland canโ€™t wait to welcome you to (NI) to meet some of our amazing women! Thank you for taking the time today @ToniaAntoniazzi

โšก๏ธ ๐Ÿก Today at @BEISCommittee we took evidence from Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng on the Government's proposed ยฃ400 energy bill discount.

๐Ÿ’ท Cost of living support should be going to people who need it most, not MPs and second home owners.

A series of temporary road changes will be in place to allow Swansea to host a big weekend of high-quality sport later this summer. @IRONMANtri @BritTri @SWP_Roads @goweractivity
@GowerNT @ToniaAntoniazzi

Businesses, agency worker bodies and working people donโ€™t want the Tory Government to scrap the agency worker ban. Itโ€™ll be unworkable. So the Government now picks another unnecessary fight combining attacking Senedd law and eroding legal rights in Wales.

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Just now Theresa May gave this devastating assessment of the NI Protocol Bill:

'I asked myself three questions:

โ€ขIs it legal?
โ€ขWill it achieve its aims?
โ€ขDoes it maintain the standing of the UK in the eyes of the world?

The answer to all three questions is no'

Avoidable injuries happen all to often in Wales and many can have life altering consequences. @APIL have been supporting people with injuries for more than 30 years & campaigning for a society without needless injury. Thats why backing & Injury Prevention Week #IPWeek2022

#JOBS | Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Police Officer? ๐Ÿ‘ฎ There has never been a better time to become one!

We have a range of different entry routes opening next week and you can be the first to know by registering your interest on our website. โฌ‡๏ธ


The Para Sport Festival will take place this summer 1st-7th August 2022.

To find out how to take part and spectate, head to


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Age Cymru's Carers Project has launched an Older Carers Survey to learn more about unpaid carers' experiences.

Have your say:

"To impugn a womanโ€™s chastity could, historically, have really very serious material social consequences. And even today, these are insults that girls and women fear."

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An honour to attend @SwanseaCouncil #ArmedForcesDay celebrations. To thank our forces and veterans and their families for the service they have made in keeping us safe.

Great afternoon at Llanmorlais carnival with @RebeccaEvansMS and our new councillor Andrew Williams.

Enjoyed having another valuable catch up with the @SWPSwansea #GowerNPT @GowerNptSgt

Another fantastic placement opportunity for a PhD student to work with @NatResWales to optimise and develop methods to report on essential marine fish habitat in Wales. Deadline: 15th July Apply now! Pls RT

From deployments abroad in response to the invasion of Ukraine to deployments at home during the COVID pandemic, our Armed Forces are essential to our national defence, as well as our national resilience.

On #ArmedForcesDay, I send thanks to our Armed Forces communities.

Forced birth in a country with:

โ€”No universal healthcare
โ€”No universal childcare
โ€”No paid family & medical leave
โ€”One of the highest rates of maternal mortality among rich nations

This isn't about "life." It's about control.

Womenโ€™s rights erased in Americaโ€ฆ

We all have a duty to stand up for women and girls across the world to access healthcare.

RT and complete the campaign calling on the UK Government to stand up for women in USA #RoeVsWade

๐ŸŒนWakefield is Labourโ€™s first by-election gain from the Tories since 2012

๐ŸŒนThis swing of 12.7% would see Labour win an overall majority at a General Election

๐ŸŒนOur best result in Wakefield since 2001 โ€” and best ever on these boundaries

๐ŸŒนLabour is now a government in waiting

This week, in my shadow Northern Ireland minister role, I sponsored an event on integrated education in Northern Ireland.

My thanks to @IEFNI for a hugely informative event, which I hope will keep the conversation going.

@sajidjavid @Boris_Jordan
Louis drew this image as a depiction of himself and the hallucinations he suffered whilst suffering hundreds of seizures whilst on Benzo's which increased his seizures.
Fund his cannabis which has been supported by his clinicians.

Huge congratulations @simonlightwood ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ @UKLabour

See you Monday!


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This Conservative Governmentโ€™s Bill of Rights con is an attack on women.

It will make it harder for victims of rape to get justice.

But it comes as no surprise from a Govt that has effectively decriminalised rape.

Today at the dispatch box, I pressed the Government to do as they say and level up.

Northern Ireland needs funding to attract major events, which will bring in vital tourism, jobs and money.


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