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The nation doesn't really want Sir Keir or his tax-hiking, EU-loving, soft-on-illegal-migration agenda. There's still time for us to swerve from the cliff edge of Starmergeddon

The trial of Evan Gershkovich is a charade and shows everything that is wrong with Putin’s Russia. The Russian tyrant is as scared of a free press as he is of a free Ukraine. Shame on him and all who parrot his propaganda. #IStandWithEvan

Great news that @markrutte will be the next NATO Secretary General. A staunch Atlanticist, a massively experienced diplomat and a great champion of Ukraine.

This is nauseating ahistorical drivel and more Kremlin propaganda. Nobody provoked Putin. Nobody “poked the bear with a stick”. The people of Ukraine voted overwhelmingly in 1991 to be a sovereign and independent country. They were perfectly entitled to seek both NATO and EU… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1804939339710988730

Boris Johnson UNLEASHED.

A book that shatters the mould of the modern Prime Ministerial memoir.

Publishing 10th October 2024

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Celebrating the King’s official birthday today with the most spectacular display of pageantry.

Congratulations to His Majesty King Charles III - God save the King!

If Labour wins big, the Commons will be crammed with Palestinian-flag waving Corbynistas - and it won't just be the rich getting soaked, it'll be everyone. Voting Tory is the ONLY way to stop Starmergeddon

It is hard to read the accounts of D-Day without being overwhelmed at the bravery and sacrifice of those involved in Overlord. By their heroics they gave a continent back its freedom. It is a cruel truth that today - 80 years later - there is another part of that continent that… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1798637602385383932

This was a machine-gun mob-style hit job on Trump. It was nakedly political - and will make his victory more likely, not less.

Thank you to @BorisJohnson, @BWallaceMP, @MPIainDS and @LordAshcroft for supporting the Conservative Friends of Ukraine event last night.

The event paid tribute to the brave defenders of Mariupol, a number of whom joined us including the inspirational Ruslan "David" Serbov.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1793584660884103612

Great news that we have finally passed the ban on live exports of animals for slaughter. A Brexit deliverable and manifesto commitment! Not to mention the right thing to do. UK leading in Europe.

Today at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, @AndriyYermak and I presented a major new report on Ukraine’s Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

It was prepared with and endorsed by leading voices from across the democratic world.

The International Task Force on Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, which I am honored to co-chair with former NATO Secretary General @AndersFoghR, has released a crucial report.

Together with the Secretary General of NATO in 2009-2014 @AndersFoghR and the team held an online regular meeting of the International Working Group on security issues and Euro-Atlantic integration of 🇺🇦.

Fantastic that @BenHouchen has been convincingly and deservedly re-elected in the Tees Valley. A great mayor who will continue to drive levelling up across the region

Frank Field was one of the best and most principled people in politics. He backed Brexit from a simple belief in British democracy and he attacked welfarism out of sheer Christian compassion. His ideas remain vital today.

How Ukraine Wins | "It took far too long, but House Speaker Mike Johnson showed true leadership in bringing Ukraine aid to a vote. Now the Biden administration must ensure Ukrainian victory." @kvolker

Tonight as millions of Jews mark the beginning of Passover, we must remember the strength and comfort religion brings to so many across the UK.

The sickening rise in anti-semitism we have seen must be stopped. We must ensure tolerance prevails and the freedoms we cherish in this…

This matter should be resolved swiftly, building on the interim measures already in place. The process of delivering justice for the victims of this tragedy and their families has been too long, and justice delayed is justice denied.

Congratulations to @SpeakerJohnson and everyone involved in passing the crucial aid package for Ukraine and Israel. American leadership is needed now more than ever.

BORIS JOHNSON: Forget the scare stories about hormone treated beef: we've killed our free-trade deal with Canada out of fear of the EU. It's time the government truly championed Brexit https://trib.al/ia8gton

Great news that Speaker Mike Johnson is putting the crucial Ukraine aid package before Congress. The Ukrainians desperately need air defences now.

Urging a push to develop the technological solutions that will enable the world to tackle climate change, former #UK Prime Minister, Rt Hon. @BorisJohnson calls for increased efforts by all to accelerate the transition to a #NetZero future.

Speaking at the Green Hydrogen Summit during @WFES, UK Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson commended Dr. Sultan Al Jaber on the historic success of COP28, which resulted in the delivery of the UAE Consensus and persuading the world to move beyond fossil fuels towards green…

Our esteemed keynote speaker, former UK Prime Minister, Rt Hon. @BorisJohnson, praises Abu Dhabi for being a pioneering hub for #GreenHydrogen innovation.

Reflecting on the fruitful partnership established between the #UAE and the #UK, Boris highlights the incredible success in…

Delighted to speak at the Green Hydrogen Summit today and pay tribute to Dr Sultan’s leadership of COP28.

The innovation required to meet our targets means there is more that the UK and UAE can and should do together.

The Iranian onslaught on Israel is outrageous and must be repelled. Proud that the RAF has already been involved.

Time for all Israel’s friends and allies to rally to the defence of the only democracy in the Middle East.

The world has everything necessary to stop any missiles, "Shahed" drones, and other forms of terror. It only requires the decisions that can restore true and lasting security.

Ukraine can defeat Russian terror, protect its own life and the life of the entire Europe and other…

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