Neil Coyle is MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark

What has Neil Coyle been up to today?

Neil Coyle is MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark and a member of the Labour party.

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If a Labour Prime Minister and Labour Chancellor were on holiday during an economic crisis like this the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express, Sun et al would have helicopters with cameras over their vacation homes.

Arguably, the Owen Paterson corruption began the demise of Johnson, so I hope the next PM is dense enough to follow the Mail on this…

Funny how Tories do not seem to want other Tories held to account for deceit or lawbreaking.

The damage Brexit has done to Britain, just in economic terms, is colossal. All the ‘new’ (rolled-over) trade deals combined = 0.01% of GDP. The hit from leaving = -4% of GDP. Brexit is making us worse off & contributing to the cost of living crisis:

The Tories imposed Johnson as a ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister on the UK despite 60+ Ministers resigning and knowing he was all take, caring about no one but himself:

The former commander of Kabul who worked with UK/US forces is still trapped in Afghanistan & on the run from the Taliban. That’s how dismal the evacuation plans were, how disastrously executed they were, & how abysmal the Foreign Office/Home Office have been ever since.

Can’t see a reminder from @TfL about responding to their bus cuts consultation which closes tomorrow: - but have got an email disowning their legal duty to assess the impact of the changes on people affected (including the bus workforce).

A major Conservative Party donor is accused by the US Dept of Justice of bribery using political donations in Puerto Rico. #C4News reveals how the Puerto Rico money was spent. Tonight’s intro 👇🏽

Britain heading for year-long recession but PM and Chancellor nowhere to be seen

Prime Minister - on holiday.
Chancellor - on holiday.
Deputy PM - got the job despite holidaying when Kabul fell.
Tory Party - auditioning for the next waste of space to take a vacation in a crisis.

Tories always put themselves and their failed ideology before our country.

BBC News (UK) @BBCNews

Friday's Telegraph: "Recession to cause record drop in income" #BBCPapers #TomorrowsPapersToday

In the emergency budget earlier this year, Ministers pinched Labour’s windfall tax proposal and announced ‘cost of living payments’.

The payments were due in July but some people report not getting help. Check yours now!

📢🌹Ballots have started dropping for this year's @UKLabour NEC election🌹📢
LTW is asking you to vote according to which region you live in. This will maximise our performance in the ballot.
Complete voting guide for all elections can be found here:

MP for #Bermondsey and Old #Southwark Neil Coyle has urged constituents to check they received their ‘Cost of Living Payment’.


Ballots are set to drop for internal elections on Wednesday!

With the successful candidates safeguarding internal party structures going into the next General Election, it is crucial that we elect candidates that are focused on putting Labour into power.

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Good to see @BrandonLewis out this morn

His almost weekly defences of Johnson, like this: are set to continue under Truss who he says hasn’t u-turned (despite her u-turn)

Not good for the UK, short term. But good for anyone who wants the sh*tshow to end

Liz " the human hand grenade " Truss blows up even before the ballot papers go out ,

What did the UK do to suffer a pandemic combined with a plague of Tory ar*eholes? You can’t level up by cutting pay.

Further proof levelling up was just another con from the Conservatives.

This Government has thrown £120 million at Rwanda. For less than nothing. Ministers will probably call for more of the same in response to these stats.

They have no fix to the solution and are squandering crucial public funds in a cost of living crisis. Beyond extraordinary.

Sky News @SkyNews

The number of migrants crossing the Channel in July was the highest monthly total of the year so far, with 3,683 making the journey in 90 boats, according to government figures

Another day, another meeting with a constituency business negatively affected by the delays and incompetence in the Home Office. A Government department actively preventing work in the UK and denying the Treasury income tax and national insurance contributions. Chaotic.

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Love this! 😀

#Lionesses squad gatecrash manager Sarina Wiegman's press conference singing It's Coming Home as they celebrate #WEURO2022 victory

On this day 1831 - opening of London Bridge by King William and Queen Adelaide

The sad truth is that UK passports have been downgraded by this Tory Government due to their blinkered, harmful ideology.

And “Even if things are [already] bad, you must always remember that they can get much worse”.

Sunak on @BBCr4today says we need to end the “failed economic orthodoxy of the last 10 years”. He’s the former Tory Chancellor & Chief Sec to the Treasury for 3 of them.

A daily reminder that even Tories know 12 years of Tory rule has failed the UK.

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