Chris Elmore is MP for Ogmore

What has Chris Elmore been up to today?

Chris Elmore is MP for Ogmore and a member of the Labour party.

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☀️Join Employability Bridgend at Maesteg Welfare Park this summer for a packed schedule of free activities for kids aged 4-11.

The ‘Summer of Fun’ programme also aims to show accompanying adults how @BridgendCBC Employability Bridgend services can support people looking for work

You don’t need us to tell you that your money doesn’t go as far these days.

But just how much are the Conservatives costing you?

I wish to thank @BassetlawCLP members for so positively endorsing me to be their Parliamentary candidate at the next election.

We now must unite to achieve our shared aim - to defeat the local Tory MP and elect a Labour Government.

📰READ: Chris Elmore MP encourages constituents to adopt not shop following visit to local Dogs Trust centre 👇

With sky-high inflation, rocketing energy bills and the Bank of England warning of a lengthy recession, what are the Tory leadership hopefuls up to?

Great to meet with @FUWpress at Gellifeddgar Farm recently.

We discussed the issues facing the industry, such as the illicit use of off-road vehicles on the Common land leading to severe land degradation. I am working with FUW, @BridgendCBC & @swpolice to rectify the situation.

In government, @WelshLabour acts. Whilst the UK Tory Party fights for who can cut the pay of workers the most, @BridgendCBC has announced a new £23,000 fund to support those struggling with their bills.

Sky-high inflation, rocketing energy bills & Bank of England warnings of recession on the horizon.

Whichever continuity candidate wins, their low-growth, low-wage plans won’t fix the damage caused by 12 years of Tory rule.

Only Labour can provide the fresh start Britain needs.

📝 The #Ogmore Summer Survey is now open!

I'm keen to hear from residents on what Ogmore is doing well and how we can improve.

The form is super quick and easy to complete.

Just pop over to 👇

BREAKING: Interest rates up 0.5%, inflation to hit 13%, and forecasts of a recession - further proof the Tories have lost control of the economy. (1/4)

🏃‍♀️Good luck to everyone taking part in the Gilfach Fun Run today!

☀️This is always a fantastic event with so much for children to get involved in. It’s on until 2pm so get down to Evanstown Welfare Park for some fun in the sun!

Do you want to get fit and save money all whilst doing your bit for the environment?

Why not try cycling to work this #CycletoWorkDay and see what difference it can have on your pocket & your stress levels.

🚲Check out @Sustrans top tips to get started👇

🌼Whether it’s walking the dog, playing with little ones in a playground or picnicking with friends, green spaces in #Ogmore are vital places for our communities to play and relax.

This #LoveParks Week let's celebrate our green spaces and pledge to protect them for the future.

🗳️ From today, ballots for the @UKLabour NEC elections start being sent out.

🌹 Please check your email for your ballot and vote to re-elect #Carwyn4NEC.

Let's finish what we started & move forwards together to win the coming General Election.

BT’s CEO has refused to meet @CWUnews despite his staff taking industrial action. This is unacceptable. @LucyMPowell and I have written to him demanding he opens negotiations. A fair pay deal could resolve this dispute. We stand with the workers.👇🏻

The @BridgendCBC Bridgend Business Start-Up Fund is now open for applications!

It provides grants between £250 & £4,000 to new start-ups & businesses within the first 3 years of trading.

Check out more here 👇

Two years ago Liz Truss was clapping for key workers. Now?

⚠️ Forced to abandon plan to cut their pay outside the south east.

⚠️Wants to get rid of the people who promote diversity and inclusion in the public sector.

⚠️Hoping to tear up workers' rights and the right to strike.

Liz for Leader @trussliz

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 everyone out clapping #ClapForCarers

We’ve seen today exactly what Liz Truss thinks of public sector workers.
It’s clear her priority would be to slash their pay packets and send local economies backwards.
12 years of the Tories and this is what we’re left with.

Britain deserves better.

BP and Shell are reporting bumper profits while families struggle with rising energy bills.

What does former Shell employee Liz Truss want to do about it? Nothing.

It’s time we stopped handing back billions to oil and gas giants and used that money to help families instead.

BREAKING 🚨 | Tory candidate for PM Liz Truss has revealed she plans to CUT the pay of public sector workers including teachers and nurses.

During a cost of living crisis.

Labour argued for months for a windfall tax to help bring bills down, but when the Tories finally u-turned they decided to hand billions of pounds back to producers in tax breaks. (2/3)

It's clear people need greater protection from rising bills. That's why Labour would use this money now to help people get through the winter. (3/3)

Fantastic Play Day Planned this week by @LlanharanDropi1 FREE ENTRY, AND FREE INSIDE - Water slides, slip and slide, bouncy castles, The Nearly Wild Show, a HUGE sand pit, fire pit and marshmallows, construction zone, slime, bubbles, cardboard fun, paint zone + more

Ballots are set to drop for internal elections on Wednesday!

With the successful candidates safeguarding internal party structures going into the next General Election, it is crucial that we elect candidates that are focused on putting Labour into power.

Please share!🌹

Great to see the visit to @DT_Bridgend being covered online @CPJElmore, we hope that you had a great time meeting Polly & Pixie and discussing some of the key dog welfare issues which we are working on. 🐶🐾


#OTD 1946. National Insurance Act receives Royal Assent

Makes provisions for the NHS and compulsory insurance contributions for unemployment. Includes sickness, maternity and widows' benefits and old age pensions from employers and employees

Can hear neighbours in the street cheering - electric atmosphere - amazing @Lionesses #Lionesses 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Huge congratulations to the 3 community projects in #Ogmore awarded funding from @TNLcomFundWales.

A total of £23,580 has been given to local projects, including:

🧶 Happy Crafters group
🎭Contemporancient Theatre Community Interest Company
🪴 Bronfair Allotment Association

Britain is stuck thanks to a succession of Tory governments.

As leader of the Labour Party, I’m focused on getting us into power.

Only then can we deliver the change that trade unions and working people want and need.

Writing for the @SundayMirror, @KeirStarmer says he supports the right to strike - and that his support has gone beyond "sentiment and a photo opp"

He says Labour must go from party of protest to a party in power - then hand that power to workers

There are some really important dates coming up on when cost of living payments will be coming through.

Please make sure you have these to hand.

Much more needs to be done to tackle the cost of living crisis & I will do all I can to secure further changes from the UK Tory Govt.

With energy prices estimated to sky rocket further in October it is a sad fact that food bank usage will follow suit.

The people who volunteer at these food pantries are local heroes.

Lewistown food pantry is in need of support so please give what you can.

Fantastic visit to @ROCKWOOLUK this week with @huw4ogmore to see their new logistics centre.

Investment into #Ogmore is vitally important so its great when we see local businesses standing with us to deliver jobs and investment.

I just know that @birminghamcg22 is going to be #TeamWales year!

So proud of all our athletes going to #B2022. #Ogmore will be cheering you on as you've already inspired us.

If you want to find more about our team just visit 👇

ICYMI: Since Oct 2021 Citizens Advice have helped 1286 people in #Ogmore with issues relating to the cost of living crisis.

If you’re experiencing any difficulties or concerns with the rising cost of living and need advice or support, contact @CABCymru👇

This leadership contest is a scrap between political lightweights.

The big hitters in town are @Keir_Starmer and @RachelReevesMP.

And @UKLabour is going to land a knockout blow on whoever emerges from the latest Tory debacle.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are two continuity candidates implicated in twelve years of Conservative failure.

The more time we give the Tories the more damage they will do. Only Labour can deliver the fresh start Britain needs.

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