Olivia Frances Blake is MP for Sheffield, Hallam

What has Olivia Frances Blake been up to today?

Olivia Frances Blake is MP for Sheffield, Hallam and a member of the Labour party.

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Say hello to Vera the Velociraptor and Patrick the Parasaurolophus - they’re really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow here at #millenniumgallery as #SheffieldBricktropolis opens across the city!

http://www.sheffieldbricktropolis.com @SheffieldBID

We're so grateful to @ShelaghFogarty @LBC for committing a large part of her show yesterday to the subject of miscarriage, with brilliant guests @_OliviaBlake, our midwife Tina and brave listeners ringing in to tell their stories and call for better support #MiscarriageMatters https://twitter.com/LBC/status/1555200937362333696


Labour MP Olivia Blake tells LBC it's 'incredibly challenging' for anyone who goes through having a miscarriage to get the support they need at the moment.

@ShelaghFogarty | @_OliviaBlake

Labour MP Olivia Blake tells LBC it's 'incredibly challenging' for anyone who goes through having a miscarriage to get the support they need at the moment.

@ShelaghFogarty | @_OliviaBlake

It was a pleasure to join Crookes & Crosspool Cllr @Min_esh and residents of Alexander Court Nursing Home at their Summer Fete last week. Such a great afternoon - thanks for having us!🌻💃🏼


The FreeBee Bus is back! Our council is working hard to enhance our City Centre to make it more accessible, cheaply and easily.


Today I visited @RegatherCoop, a worker-owned, sustainable food co-op in #Sheffield.

Huge thanks to all those working to deliver sustainable food across our city🍏🌱🌾

Get involved👉🏼https://regather.net/you-are-invited-to-join-regathers-membership/

BP and Shell are reporting bumper profits while families struggle with rising energy bills.

What does former Shell employee Liz Truss want to do about it? Nothing.

It’s time we stopped handing back billions to oil and gas giants and used that money to help families instead.

Why are nurses and teachers in the north worth less than nurses and teachers in the south?

Absolutely disgraceful from Liz Truss.

Yet more evidence that the Tories’ commitment to levelling up is dead


BREAKING 🚨🛢️| BP made £6,900,000,000 profits this QUARTER.

This is an insult to families facing soaring bills.

Price hikes and profits must be held back during this cost of living crisis.

It makes you wonder what they've got to hide?

This data is vital to transparency and public understanding of the decline. To help understand the interventions needed to reverse it.

The UK is already one of the most nature depleted. We need urgent action. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2331542-uk-government-to-hold-back-data-on-state-of-biodiversity-in-england/

Very excited that I'll be live on @thismorning tomorrow.

I'll be interviewed regarding my campaign to #FindTheMillion missing mammograms. @MetroUK

8,000 women could be living with undiagnosed #breastcancer - I need your help to find them.

📺10:55am, Tuesday. Don't miss it!

We are delighted to announce that @_OliviaBlake MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on SEND will deliver the Afternoon Keynote at our #SEND Conference

This event is free for education professionals. Register your places here: https://www.salford.ac.uk/spd/conferences/special-educational-needs-and-disabilities-send-conference


This has been one of the hardest moments of my life.

Thank you all for the love and support I have received❤️

I've spoken to @MetroUK about my breast cancer journey.

I'm on a mission to find the Million Missing Mammograms #FindTheMillion👇🏾(1/3)


Today, Openreach and BT workers have made history by taking strike action for the first time in 35 years!

Solidarity with all @CWUnews members on strike today, leading the charge against the cost of living crisis! ✊

BT Group have today announced over £400m profits for ONE QUARTER of a year. They are rubbing it our members faces less than 24 hours before the first national strike since 1987.

CWU members - it’s time to have your say. Get on the picket lines tomorrow and Monday.

It is utterly outrageous that 11,500 firefighters have been cut over the last decade: the government and fire and rescue services knew climate change was coming.

Last week is a consequence of their dreadful neglect.

It’s #WorldHepatitisDay. There are many types of hepatitis, with some that are more common in the UK than others such as Hepatitis C and E.

Find out more about hepatitis and how to prevent it here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/hepatitis/

“Rather than deal with the causes of the cost of living crisis, the Government are trying to stop people from protesting about it – and they’re attempting to undermine legitimate industrial action, too.”

@_OliviaBlake defends our right to resist 📣🖐️🚫

Solidarity to @RMTunion in #Sheffield & across the country today

These are some of the rail industry's lowest paid workers- fighting for passenger safety & accessibility, a decent wage during a #costoflivingcrises & public transport fit for the future. Your fight is our fight ✊🏼

We've told @Eurovision we'd love to host... watch this space 👀

And while you're at it #Sheffield, vote for our city as your favourite to host #Eurovision 2023! 👇

https://eurovisionworld.com/esc/eurovision-2023-if-in-the-united-kingdom-then-in-which-city https://twitter.com/Eurovision/status/1551522740229783552

Eurovision Song Contest @Eurovision

The United Kingdom will host #Eurovision 2023! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

➡️ Everything you need to know here: https://eurovision.tv/story/united-kingdom-host-eurovision-song-contest-2023

It was amazing to speak at yesterday's Hen Harrier Fest!

Great speeches, passion and spirit despite the heavy rain.

Thanks to @Lucy_Lapwing @ChrisGPackham @MarkAvery @MeganMcCubbin @guyshrubsole @WildJustice_org @GreeneIndy and many others for a truly excellent event.

The world is on fire & we have wasted so much time.

The polluters want to promote denial, delay, deception & doubt.

Believe me. They know how bad it is going to get and they hope you don't notice.

I fully support @LabGND motion for a Green New Deal


Three of the butterfly species seen this afternoon on the patio plants I have chosen for their nectar-rich properties. The Buddleia , Buzz’, Echinacea, Verbena and Eryngiums are the most popular 😁🦋
#ButterflyCount @savebutterflies

"Politicians have a choice between pursuing climate justice or enabling climate barbarism."

✍️ @_OliviaBlake

Amazing day @AdlingtonHall for @WildJustice_org #HenHarrierFest. Rain didn’t stop us being inspired and uplifted! @Lucy_Lapwing @ChrisGPackham @RuthTingay @MarkAvery @MeganMcCubbin @natalieben @_OliviaBlake @GreeneIndy @guyshrubsole

🌍 We need a rapid investment in real green technologies.

🕛 We are running out of precious time. We've wasted years.

☀️🌊Solar, wind, geothermal & water all proven ways of creating the power we need.

📜All we need is Govts globally to regulate & unlock green energy potential

As Spanish PM @sanchezcastejon has said, "climate change kills."

How many more records will be broken and communities engulfed in flames before we take the action needed to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis?

#COP15 is the most significant @UNBiodiversity summit in a decade🇺🇳

@EnvironmentAPPG members have been calling for an ambitious agreement in Montreal🇨🇦

And for the UK Prime Minister to attend in person and stand up #ForNature🇬🇧👇

@_OliviaBlake @myleeneklass You spoke so bravely on Wednesday, Olivia. Thank you so much for everything you've done to support our campaign so far.

It's very disappointing that we haven't seen some of our key recommendations in the strategy - but, together, we'll keep pushing for change.

🔵 Every
🟢 bit
🟡 of
🟠 global
🔴 warming
🟣 matters.

Global warming of 1.5°C, 2°C or +3°C represent vastly different scenarios for the future of humanity.

The question is: Which future will we choose?

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