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Andrew Gwynne is MP for Denton and Reddish and a member of the Labour party.

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Here’s a tester. Royal Mail are telling our members that you as the public want your mail up to 3 hours later each day. They say that’s the ‘customer trends’

RT this if you don’t want your mail later and you don’t want your posties start time changed.

What makes a strong community isn’t complicated: decent public services, welcoming environments and the ability to live free from fear.
Sadly, in too many parts of Britain today, these things have been eroded and undermined. But this can change. #WeekendReading

That's it, 16 Arches Reddish Vale viaduct safe for another 100 years, and nicely growing well with wildflowers and grasses. Can imagine the old @northernassist 150s still trundling over here in 2050. !

We talk a lot about green streets and suds in urban design. Sheffield's grey to green project in the city centre is one of the very best examples #suds #urbanism #urbandesign #cities #urban #CityPlanning

The Conservative government has lost control of the economy, with skyrocketing inflation, falling wages and rising mortgage rates.

Only Labour has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis. 👇

The Tories are failing families and denying our kids opportunities that help them thrive.

While Tory leadership candidates compete to damage our country, Labour would be putting money in families’ pockets — tackling the cost of living crisis right now.

Gordon Brown: ‘Set emergency budget or risk a winter of dire poverty’

You don’t need us to tell you that your money doesn’t go as far these days.

But just how much are the Conservatives costing you?

Sheila fought for every positive action taken around housing in Stockport over the past three decades. A passionate advocate for people and place, she will be sorely missed. We should all seek to emulate her commitment to public service

More than one million people have had to wait over a month to see a GP.

This leads to higher A&E admissions at greater cost, greater inconvenience to patients and greater pressures on over-stretched emergency departments.

We need more GPs 👇🏻

We were made a promise in the House of Commons. The vulnerable would be protected. Instead @evusheld4theuk we are having to fight tooth and nail to get some protection, whilst the 500k immunosuppressed still live restricted lives and the pressure on the NHS grows. #EvusheldNow

An impending recession.

Families struggling to cope with their bills.

NHS patients waiting in corridors for days.

And where is the Tory government? Missing in action.

Rishi Sunak would hit working people with high taxes and fail to grow the economy.

A Labour government would immediately prioritise boosting economic growth and fixing the Tory cost of living crisis.


Interest rates up 0.5%, inflation to hit 13%, and forecasts of a recession.

The Conservatives have lost control of Britain’s economy.

Labour would help households now scrapping tax breaks for oil and gas giants and insulating millions of homes.

Given the news today, it is astonishing that the Conservative Party is debating as if they’re not in power right now.

No sign of the Chancellor. Or the Prime Minister.

They’re not even in the office, let alone in power.

My thanks go to the Labour members and affiliates for unanimously reselecting me as their candidate for Washington and Sunderland West. 🌹

I am so grateful for their continued support.

In this cost of living crisis, only Labour has the solutions we need.

Labour said: "The Tories have been in Government for 12 long years but have failed to ensure their front line departments have the tools they require to properly do their jobs."

Stockport's Group leaders pay tribute to Councillor Sheila Bailey after she sadly passed away yesterday (03 August 2022). Read more here

Royal Mail Group are coming at postal workers with later starts, less sick pay, removing allowances, introducing strike breaking agency and management force, moving work to competitors to intimidate CWU members and more.

RT if you stand with your postal workers.

Reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other open water may look safe and inviting on a warm day, but there are hidden dangers below the surface. Please only swim at a swimming pool with lifeguards around. More info here: #Safe4Summer

The Stockport Labour family is today mourning the devastating loss of our friend, colleague and comrade, Councillor Sheila Bailey.

Household energy bills increased by 54% in April, a record increase, and are likely to rise substantially again in October. Our briefing looks at how and why prices have changed. Read here:

#OTD 1945. Attlee puts his first Cabinet together.

Front: Addison, Jowitt, Cripps, Greenwood, Bevin, Attlee, Morrison, Dalton, Alexander, Chuter-Ede, Wilkinson

Back: Bevan, Isaacs, Stansgate, Hall, Pethick-Lawrence, Lawson, Westwood, Shinwell, Williams

In just 15 months, BT made £1.7bn in profit. Yet I've heard from local BT workers who are struggling to afford food.

I've written to BT's CEO, asking him to meet with @CWUnews to agree a fair pay deal.

I've also written to @NadineDorries urging her Dept to step in.👇

We are saddened to announce that Councillor Sheila Bailey has passed away.

Cllr Bailey was first elected as a member of the Council in 1990, representing the Edgeley & Cheadle Heath ward.

The flag at Stockport Town Hall will be flown half-mast tomorrow as a mark of respect.

Labour completely supports workers’ right to strike to improve their pay and conditions & we understand the strength of feeling among BT and Openreach staff struggling to pay their bills. We have urged BT management to negotiate with the CWU and for Tory Ministers to step in.✊

🗳 @UKLabour ballots are dropping for the NEC and NPF. I’m supporting the @labtowin candidates including my good friend (and staff member, CLP secretary and councillor) Claire Reid, who is standing for National Policy Forum. Please support her, and the others, if you can.

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