Gareth Thomas is MP for Harrow West

What has Gareth Thomas been up to today?

Gareth Thomas is MP for Harrow West and a member of the Labour party.

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Out campaigning in my old stomping group of Roxeth today with @RashmiKalu @Peymasad @HarnettFinley & @KrupeshHirani proudly representing @HarrowLabour & @GarethThomasMP ✊🏽🌹

I passionately believe everyone deserves an opportunity to get into work.

With warnings unemployment will rise sharply we can’t allow people to be written off.

I want to reform support to help more people into work.

Read my interview in @theipaper

More than one million people have had to wait over a month to see a GP.

This leads to higher A&E admissions at greater cost, greater inconvenience to patients and greater pressures on over-stretched emergency departments.

We need more GPs 👇🏻

It’s scandalous that Rishi Sunak funnelled public money away from deprived areas and gave it to affluent Tory shires.

The Levelling Up Secretary needs to urgently investigate what changes were made to funding formulas and what justified the changes.

✍️ My letter to @GregClarkMP

The Tories are failing families and denying our kids opportunities that help them thrive.

While Tory leadership candidates compete to damage our country, Labour would be putting money in families’ pockets — tackling the cost of living crisis right now.

Sky-high inflation, rocketing energy bills & Bank of England warnings of recession on the horizon.

Whichever continuity candidate wins, their low-growth, low-wage plans won’t fix the damage caused by 12 years of Tory rule.

Only Labour can provide the fresh start Britain needs.

1/3 Tomorrow it will be 50 years since Idi Amin ordered all ‘British Asians’ to leave Uganda within 90 days. It led to 27,000 Ugandan citizens settling in the U.K. often arriving with very little of their possessions.

Gt to mark 50 years of the arrival of South Asians from Uganda. Survival was a real struggle first but a remarkable success story. Since mid 70’s glad 2 have worked with community organisations & colleagues 2 provide support, fight against discrimination, racism and seek equality

🎟️ Have you booked your ticket for #CoopConf22 in Leeds yet?

Join us in October alongside @RachelReevesMP, @wesstreeting, @lisanandy, @TracyBrabin, @JimfromOldham, @PreetKGillMP, @RoseMarley1 and more! 🐝

To find out more, simply click here 👇

Neither Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss have committed to tackling Islamophobia during their leadership bid.

I’ve written to both urging them to take action after the damning Singh review findings & the shocking allegations made by Nusrat Ghani.

Read below👇🏽

🚨 THIS SATURDAY 🚨 The local Safer Neighbourhood Team is inviting all residents to their Community Engagement Event in West Harrow Park.

The event will run from 10am to 2pm. The SNT hope this will provide an opportunity for residents to meet local officers. 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏽 (1/2)

You just can’t trust the Tories to manage the economy properly…. Brits hit by day of financial gloom as interest rates hit 1.75% - The Sun

In just 15 months, BT has made £1.7bn profit. Less than 5% went to frontline workers’ pay. Tory Ministers promised a high wage economy. It’s time they did their jobs and got BT around the negotiating table with @CWUnews

Thanks @GarethThomasMP for tweeting about this👏🏾

From London to #Leicester British Asians continue to make a huge impact to the UK 💪🏾

Welcome was ‘mixed’ (to say the least) & I hope we can learn to better support displaced people & refugees; that’s what makes Britain Great 🙌🏾🇬🇧

Gareth Thomas MP @GarethThomasMP

1/3 Tomorrow it will be 50 years since Idi Amin ordered all ‘British Asians’ to leave Uganda within 90 days. It led to 27,000 Ugandan citizens settling in the U.K. often arriving with very little of their possessions.

Tonight a withdrawal of labour at Amazon Tilbury. Workers are incensed. Following a 35 pence pay increase offer. @BBCNews @SkyNews @DailyMirror @GMBLondonRegion @WKennyGMB @twgmb @BAmazonUnion

Congrats to my mum Fiona for graduating with 1st Class Hons from @UniWestminster.

Well done to Harrow Campus students graduating today - @HarrowLabour is proud of you all.

PS. Great to see supporter of my Pinner South campaign @MichaelRosenYes receive his Honorary Fellowship!

@GarethThomasMP @GarethThomasMP also not forgetting the (Kenyan) British Asians too for their contributions to have rebuilt their lives, establishing businesses and enhancing all our communities as mentioned by you. 🇬🇧🇰🇪 @HarrowLabour @LondonLabour @GMBPoliticsLDN

19 bags of rubbish collected today with this incredible Harrow Litter-picking crew!

Always a bit more satisfying to clean up your community alongside your community. 🙏 (1/2)

1/3 Tomorrow it will be 50 years since Idi Amin ordered all ‘British Asians’ to leave Uganda within 90 days. It led to 27,000 Ugandan citizens settling in the U.K. often arriving with very little of their possessions.

If the company refuses to negotiate, Govt should step in. So we have also written to @nadinedorries calling on her and Tory Ministers to step back from their infighting and do their own jobs for a change.👇🏻

BT’s CEO has refused to meet @CWUnews despite his staff taking industrial action. This is unacceptable. @LucyMPowell and I have written to him demanding he opens negotiations. A fair pay deal could resolve this dispute. We stand with the workers.👇🏻

Source: “This is all a bit rich coming from Sunak’s backers when they stayed schtum on steady stream of u-turns from Rishi over the recent weeks. He’s flip-flopped on tax cuts, VAT, grammar schools, China , EU regulations, Northern Ireland protocol and planning to name a few.”

At least we all know what ⁦@trussliz⁩ really thinks about levelling up now…

Headstone Manor Recreation Ground receives it’s Green Flag Award this morning! Well deserved and a tribute to all the hard work of the Friends of Headstone Manor and Harrow Council parks dept. Well done! @FoHMRG @HarrowCouncil @HeadstoneManor1

BP and Shell are reporting bumper profits while families struggle with rising energy bills.

What does former Shell employee Liz Truss want to do about it? Nothing.

It’s time we stopped handing back billions to oil and gas giants and used that money to help families instead.

Women Football Players if your 40+ come &try walking Football with the @BarnetWft playing at the 5* facilities of The Hive @BarnetFC showers Restaurant Bar Starbucks we are The FA Middlesex Grassroots project of the year &Barnet Homes Group of the year Email

Always an honour. Thank you to Harrow West Labour Party Members and affiliates for unanimously re-selecting me as our Parliamentary candidate.🌹 Onwards to the next election and to a Labour Government!

Today @LucyMPowell and I met with @DaveWardGS @CWU_AndyKerr as BT Group workers strike for the first time in 35 years.

BT made £1.3bn, gave £750m to shareholders, and handed their CEO a 32% pay rise. Time for them to get around the table with @CWUnews and agree a fair pay deal.

You couldn’t make it up; time to put consumers in the driving seat….
Water bosses soak up £50m in pay despite supply crisis and looming hosepipe bans  | Daily Mail Online

An honour to get along today to the wonderful #FestivalofInspiration at ⁦@BAPS⁩ Neasden Temple in honour of the remarkable life of HH Pramukh Swami. Ten days, 2,600 volunteers, hundreds of performances, wonderful food, fun and friendship plus inspiration… A joy to be there

It’s difficult for consumers to challenge v bad service & win well; so it’s high time a powerful Consumer Ombudsman was created with information gathering & redress powers + the resources to fight complex legal battles for consumers ⁦@GeorgeMonbiot⁩

I wish I was surprised by this story but since ⁦@michaelgove⁩ cancelled ⁦@UKLabour⁩ ‘s schools rebuilding fund a decade ago the quality of the buildings we’re asking children to learn in & teachers to teach in has only been going the wrong way

Britain is stuck thanks to a succession of Tory governments.

As leader of the Labour Party, I’m focused on getting us into power.

Only then can we deliver the change that trade unions and working people want and need.

Good luck to the amazing @Lionesses in tonight’s Final #WEURO2022 from Wembley. You’ll hear us cheering on loudly from Harrow. Go and make history! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

🧵The Tories' version of the UK Infrastructure Bank relies on old thinking.

As I set out at @GMB_union Congress in June, Labour will do things differently when it comes to the use of taxpayers’ money to build our infrastructure.


BREAKING: more than 100,000kg of plastic removed from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP).

Thank you to our determined offshore crew and supporters worldwide; together, we have now officially cleaned up 1/1000th of the GPGP.

Here's my official response to reports in The Telegraph tonight that the AG has banned govt lawyers from telling her if proposed govt actions are illegal
How much more can Suella Braverman debase the role of Attorney General?
And how much lower can this wretched government sink?

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