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Steven Baker is MP for Wycombe and a member of the Conservative party.

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📢Growing Hope High #Wycombe is a fantastic charity offering free therapy for children and young people with additional needs

💷I bid for and won their cake a month for a year...

🚒This month, my team chose our great local firefighters to receive it🤩

😤Missed bin collections in #Wycombe have rightly angered residents.

🙏I'm grateful to @MATatBucks and @BucksCouncil for their apology and plan. We need @VeoliaUK to step up please.

❗️Residents can report a missed bin collection here:

EU countries are seeking changes to a raft of climate change policies in negotiations as countries battle an energy crisis and demand weaker targets for renewables. Energy security is taking priority over Net Zero policies.


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Thank you to all our residents and visitors for co-operating with our request to keep the High Street clear of vehicles last night. At 10.30pm there was not a vehicle in sight and the gully emptying crew were able to work unimpeded.
Thank you.

Sharon Henson, Clerk,

As Boris Johnson calls for a reduction in the use of biofuels to help ease soaring food prices, @SteveBakerHW has hit out at Net Zero policies saying “we need to implement policies that stack up with reality”.


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I’m sad that my colleague and friend @OliverDowden took the decision to resign this morning.

We all take responsibility for the results and I’m determined to continue working to tackle the cost of living, including delivering NICs changes saving 30 million people on average £330

Officials from some G7 countries, including Britain and Germany, will push for a halt to biofuel mandates in order to combat soaring food prices when the group meets on Sunday, three sources told Reuters.


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It may not be the main theme for the day, but anyway here is my @Telegraph column on why it does matter if the country is subject to foreign courts, and why @trussliz
and @DominicRaab are doing a good job in getting to grips with the consequences.

“Let us remember that just as progress is impossible without peace, economic growth is a crucial pillar of peace, beckoning with brighter horizons all who dream of a better life.” – Ronald Reagan

So, in contrast to many 'normal' mid-term by-elections, these do not show strong protest votes for the opposition.

They show people who voted for us in 2019 refusing to come out and do so again.

We as @Conservatives must decide why that is, and what we do about it. (4/4)

In Wakefield turnout was extremely low. The Lab/Lib vote actually fell, from 28% to 20%.

But the Tory vote fell even further, from 30% to 12%. That's why we lost. (3/4)

In Tiverton there was some Lab/Lib switching, but their total vote as a share of the whole *electorate* only went up from from 25% to 29%.

The Tory vote collapsed from 43% to just under 20%. Nearly 20,000 of our voters stayed at home. That's why we lost. (2/4)

It's important to cut through the noise and spin on the Wakefield and Tiverton results.

Both are terrible for @Conservatives.

Neither is particularly good for @labour or @LibDems.

Why? (1/4)

I have published my views on the interesting legal parts of the Bill of Rights

It is a proposal - so not yet law, but these are the parts I found interesting - and the broader point of the constitution restoring itself


Today @AJMcCormick reveals Legatum has committed a further $26 million to combatting NTDs, a cause now backed by 26 British MPs ahead of #CHOGM 👇

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The future of the Civil Service is in safe hands! Lots of interest in a CS career (and especially MoJ!) at @ChingfordSchool today. Brilliant questions including reducing reoffending, the Bill of Rights, and the importance of impartiality. Thanks @speakrs4schools.

It would be right that the Government take steps to mark next year’s 75th anniversary of Windrush with nationwide celebrations befitting of a day with such national importance. I know that many in Worthing and in Arun would agree.

Today is International Women in Engineering Day!

As an official Community Partner of #IWED22 we're excited to be supporting this great initiative! @INWED1919

I am delighted with the appointment of WO Elliott as the @RAF_Regiment Corps Warrant Officer.

An outstanding leader, he is well placed to represent the interests of the Corps as it evolves to face future threats while continuing to deliver Operations today! #RAFRegiment
Campaigners have called for #WindrushDay in ‘23 to be a “major national moment” that broadens public conversation about British society.

Signatories to @thetimes letter include @SteveBakerHW @Gibbo4Darlo @SiobhanAarons @albieamankona @PBottomleyMP

Our new Bill of Rights will replace Labour’s Human Rights Act to strengthen free speech, deport more foreign offenders, & prevent early release of dangerous prisoners. It will make us freer and our streets safer.

Read my @TheSun article ⤵

🧑Pleased to have attended the #ItsOurCare Day of Action in Parliament today.

👉It is vital we support care-experienced young people and create a better future for them.


The National #WindrushMonument is here.

Unveiled today on #WindrushDay it is a significant symbol honouring the contribution of the Windrush Generation standing proudly at @LondonWaterloo.

#WindrushDay2022 |

What the cost of living crisis has proved is that you cannot shut the country down and print £500bn of quantitive easing money for 2 years and expect to get away with it. This is the inevitable economic reckoning from the lockdown era. We did warn about this quite some time ago.

At the end of a long, Tube & train 🚆 strike day, here comes the 211 🚌 to take me home.

It’s packed of course.

All thanks to the Labour-backed Tube & train strike.

And Mayor Khan plans to curtail this bus route too! 😠 😡

Great news for Airbus' wing assembly plant in Broughton: easyJet has confirmed it will buy 56 Airbus A320neo aircraft and convert an existing order of 18 A320neo jets to the same number of A321neo aircraft. The list price is around £5.4 billion. #UKmfg🇬🇧

Over 26,000 people have signed our petition calling for MPs to stand up for honesty so far. Will you join them?

MPs @CommonsProcCom have announced an inquiry into Parliament’s corrections system.

We hope this can be an important first step towards more trustworthy politics.


This is your last chance to register for our On-Call Firefighter Online Awareness Evening!

To register follow this link 👉
#BFRS #JoinOurTeam #DoYourBit #OnCallFirefighter

Before you enter any body of water - think about your safety!

🏖️ Is there a lifeguard at the site?
🌊 Where are the exit points?
🏊 Do you know what to do if you get into trouble? Float to live!

If you don't feel safe, do not swim #DPW

Rail strike - challenge to ⁦@SarahGreenLD⁩
I have written to ask our MP to join all the other Bucks MP’s and myself in condemning the rail strikes affecting 6000 of our constituents. ⁦@SteveBakerHW⁩ ⁦@joymorrissey⁩ ⁦@RobBAylesbury⁩ ⁦@gregsmith_uk⁩

Today CAP is launching our annual client report and survey.

Our CEO Paula Stringer explains how the cost of living crisis is affecting our clients & why we're speaking to MPs in Parliament later.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #OnTheEdge

CAP's client report is launched today. Key findings make tough reading:

⚠️ 14% rise in priority debts
⚠️ 40% increase in calls to helpline
⚠️ 30% increase in suicidal thoughts

#CostOfLivingCrisis #OnTheEdge

👉Yesterday, I donated to @insidesuccessuk after I spoke with an inspiring young man raising money for them.

👇I encourage all to look at their great work supporting disadvantaged #youth and tackling knife crime among young people.

📚Pleased to have met with @WalkerWorcester to raise concerns about the #SchoolsBill.

🏫I know some in #Wycombe are worried about what it would mean for religious education settings & those who home-school their children.

👉I will continue to engage with the Minister on this.

🎖️Proud to have been able to attend the #ArmedForcesDay Flag Raising Ceremony yesterday in Parliament!

🤝Having served in the @RoyalAirForce - it is no ordinary job - thank you to all the serving men and women of this country!

1/ Yesterday we announced plans to strengthen regulation of Buy-Now-Pay-Later credit agreements - protecting millions of people from potential harm.

Find out more about our proposals 👇

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