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Paul Howell is MP for Sedgefield and a member of the Conservative party.

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🚉 Billingham Station upgrade has started!! 🚉

The new upgrades will provide full step-free access, suitable for wheelchair users. A second phase of work will involve car park and access route improvements to make the station better for anyone that wants to use the station.


⬆️NICs tax cut
⬆️1st Cost of Living payment

⬆️HMRC tax credit payment

⬆️£150 disability payment

⬆️£400 for all households
⬆️2nd Cost of Living payment

⬆️Winter fuel payment
⬆️Pensioner payment

⬇️ Watch below

Holidaymakers deserve certainty ahead of their first summer getaways free of restrictions.

That’s why today I’ve set out 22 measures to support the aviation industry to minimise disruption and protect passengers – helping with everything from recruitment to scheduling.

Carbon capture tech could help create 50,000 British jobs this decade.

Today I met 20 companies to discuss how we can get money into the UK to kick-start this nascent industry.

The opportunities are huge - jobs, growth, industrial competitiveness and tech exports 🇬🇧

In the high stakes world of politics, there can be amazing highs and terrible lows.

My new book ‘Snakes and Ladders’ gives an insider’s view of politics since 2010 - available to pre-order now, and out on July 12th!

Any profits will go to early years charities.


It was an absolute pleasure to meet with @aesgroup_Lesley OBE, Board member from the North East Chamber of Commerce, to discuss many of the exiting new opportunities for local businesses in the NE. 👩‍💼👨🏻‍💻

We have raised the flag of the Inter-Parliamentary Union today to mark the International Day of Parliamentarism. The day is celebrated every year on 30 June, the date in 1889, on which the IPU was founded.

The Horizon IT dispute had a devastating impact on postmasters and their families.

Without the efforts of these postmasters, this terrible injustice may have never been uncovered so it is only right that they are compensated fully and fairly.

Paul Scully MP @scullyp

Today I can confirm we are providing £19.5m as an interim compensation to members of the GLO – the 555 – who brought the first legal action against the Post Office over Horizon.

Today I can confirm we are providing £19.5m as an interim compensation to members of the GLO – the 555 – who brought the first legal action against the Post Office over Horizon.

Even though 9 in 10 British voters support a ban on Trophy Hunting, Britain has still not passed a ban. 📝

Trophy hunters have devastated the populations of the world’s most endangered species. 🚨

Lions have declined by 95% since the 70s. 🦁

It’s time to #BanTrophyHunting

👷‍♀️ In less than six months, we've helped 505,000 people secure a job.

Work is the best way to help people deal with global cost of living pressures.

👷‍♀️ In less than six months, we've helped 505,000 people secure a job.

Work is the best way to help people deal with global cost of living pressures.

The #UK will provide an additional BILLION of military support to #Ukraine.

This will go towards capabilities including sophisticated air defence systems, innovative new electronic warfare equipment and vital kit for Ukrainian soldiers. 🇺🇦 🇬🇧

The UK will provide an additional £1 billion of military support to Ukraine.

This will go towards capabilities including sophisticated air defence systems, innovative new electronic warfare equipment and vital kit for Ukrainian soldiers. 🇺🇦

💷 What currency would Scotland use?
🇪🇺 Would they join the EU?
🏢 What would happen to the financial services industry in Edinburgh?
🪖What would happen to the military?

These questions, and many more go unanswered whilst the SNP spend £20m on yet another referendum campaign.

I’m grateful to 🇬🇧 Prime Minister @BorisJohnson for allocating an additional £1 billion for security assistance to Ukraine. 🇬🇧 is our true friend and strategic partner. We appreciate the consistent, leadership support for 🇺🇦 in countering Russian aggression.

New: Our plan to unlock export markets worth £20bn+ by resolving a hit list of ~100 priority trade barriers 🚧

It will:
🇬🇧 allow UK exports to reach hundreds of millions of new customers
💷 create opportunities across sectors
🔧 support UK jobs


President @ZelenskyyUa addressed @NATO leaders this morning.

The UK has so far:

▪️ provided £1.3 billion in extraordinary military support to Ukraine
▪️ deployed more troops to NATO’s eastern flank
▪️ increased our contributions to NATO’s air policing & standing naval groups.

🇬🇪 We'll strengthen Georgia’s resistance to cyber-attacks from Russia and elsewhere.

An additional £5m will help Georgia identify and repel threats from those seeking to undermine our common security 🇬🇪

Important discussion with @NATO Special Representative for Women and fellow female foreign ministers.
Freedom - and freedom for women in particular - cannot be taken for granted.
Every generation must fight for it and we will.

On Day 1 of #NATOSummit, the PM met allies across @NATO, reaffirming our common defence and driving support for Ukraine.

The PM welcomed the memorandum between Türkiye, Sweden and Finland which paves the way for Finland and Sweden’s accession to the alliance.


United, #WeAreNATO.


👀 A sneak peek of some of the latest Government jobs up for grabs in Darlington. 👇

🆙 Deputy Director, @luhc

🚢 Director, @tradegovuk

💼 Head of Comms Strategy, @hmtreasury

📊 Deputy Director, @beisgovuk


✅We're getting on with the job of protecting the public and ensuring the most dangerous offenders spend longer behind bars.

🥀Laws opposed by Labour & the Lib Dems.


📉2-Year hospital wait time reduced by 66%.

⏱ This is good news for patients as we deliver our plan to bust the Covid backlogs.

The House of Commons sits from 11.30am today.

Find out what’s on in the House of Commons today in the #OrderPaper:

Follow the Chamber in real time:

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was touched by this harrowing, yet awe inspiring story.

Little fighter, Asa, has a neurological disease called Niemann-Pick, which means his body cannot metabolise fat.


It was a pleasure to write the foreword to the 57th issue of Aycliffe Business. Read it below. 👇🏻

"The evening was a fantastic celebration of the amazing companies we have here on @AycliffeBizPark."

Sedgefield MP @PaulHowellMP writes the guest foreword in the latest issue of Aycliffe Business.

Available to read online here:

The Government’s #CostOfLiving package has received Royal Assent

- millions will get at least £1,200 this year
- over 6 million disabled people will receive an extra £150
- eligible pensioners will receive a £300 top up

Visit the #CostOfLiving website

Great to be with Finland and Sweden colleagues @Haavisto @AnnLinde tonight to mark news they are joining @NATO.

We need a strong, united NATO to deter aggressors in an increasingly geopolitical world. 🇬🇧🇸🇪🇫🇮 #NATOSummit #WeAreNATO

The G7 stands strong together.

We're backing President Zelenskyy and Ukraine with the strategic resolve to turn the tide in this fight against Putin's barbarism.

PC Andrew Harper was killed protecting the public. Today, Harper's Law, named in his honour, comes into force.

This new law introduces mandatory life sentences for those who unlawfully kill emergency workers in the line of duty.

📎 For more details:

Queen Victoria was crowned #OTD 1838.

The coronation ring was painfully forced on to her wrong finger and Lord Rolle, an elderly peer, fell down the steps while making his homage to the Queen.

Discover more:


More than half of all drivers have changed their habits in some way in response to the increase in the cost of fuel.

That’s why I have created a new survey, on the cost of fuel, to better understand how rising prices are affecting residents of Sedgefield.

The chaos of the rail strikes is over for now, but the RMT has threatened further crippling action🚆

For millions, rail is now a choice, not a necessity. Tragically, this means that, if strikes return, the biggest victims may end up being rail workers themselves. ⚠️


The main business this week is about one of the most difficult and sensitive issues of our time, Northern Ireland. I'll also be spending time in both the BEIS Select Committee and the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs Select Committee. 📝

We're taking action across government to keep people safe from criminal fraudsters 👇

We're working with law enforcement & intelligence agencies to close down the routes they use to exploit people & bring them to justice.

Contact @ActionFraudUK for help & advice on protection.

📢the UK's investment scene just keeps getting better. @tradegovuk Inward Investment Results for 2021-2022 show, in that time:
💼FDI created nearly 85k new jobs
🤝DIT supported over 1k FDI projects
🇬🇧65% new jobs created landed outside London and the South East #LevellingUp

Russia’s barbaric onslaught continues, but the UK stands firmly behind the people of Ukraine. That’s why the UK is seen by people across the West as the G7 country that has responded best to the Ukraine crisis.

🇬🇧 UK: +24
🇺🇸 US: +22
🇫🇷 France: +21
🇨🇦 Canada: +19
🇩🇪 Germany: +15

The disappearance of the British pub feels like it represents something more profound about the ebbing away of community. That's why I am delighted to hear that this local gem is reopening, and I very much look forward to a pint in the beer garden. 🍺🍺

Another busy day here in Westminster. ☀️

Items on the agenda include: BEIS Select Committee, Motorsport reception, DIT briefing, and much more. 📝

As always, if you want to catch up or ask for help, please email at or call on 01325 790580.

Pleasure to join @JamesSunderl @PaulHowellMP for the British Motorsports event showcasing Uk engineering and design excellence in parliament this afternoon

💬 Live: My speech to @HouseofCommons on the Second Reading of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

What do you think about MPs spending public money? I’d hazard a guess and say you’re probably not happy with it.💷

It was for this reason that the IPSA created this fantastic myth-buster video, aimed at tackling the top five misconceptions surrounding MPs' Staffing Costs. 📊

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