Andrew Bridgen is MP for North West Leicestershire

What has Andrew Bridgen been up to today?

Andrew Bridgen is MP for North West Leicestershire and a member of the Conservative party.

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👏 Thanks you @michelledonelan and @nadhimzahawi for standing up to Advance HE and protecting academic freedom.

This comes further to the letter I wrote with my Common Sense group colleagues, which you can read here with the minister's letter: #FreeSpeech

The NI Protocol is undermining the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. The EU are unwilling to change the Protocol, therefore we must act.

Read my @FT piece on how our legislation will fix the practical problems the Protocol is causing👇

Great news that Derby County have a preferred bidder in David Clowes whose already bought the stadium. Hopefully the situation is finally resolved this week, I intend to raise the failure of regulations that allowed it to happen this week as it can’t be allowed to happen again

Boris Johnson says he'll fight two more elections and will be PM until 2030. Tory MP ⁦@ABridgen⁩ quips: “I’m happy for him to stay until 20:30 - he can even stay until 9 o’clock if he wants.”

The former French colony of Gabon is joining the Commonwealth. English is mandatory in its primary schools. Gabon is one of the largest oil producers in Africa and believes the UK is better for its future development than France.

I have never voted for HS2 and I am not about to start now. This evening the House is voting on the Crewe to Manchester Bill This does not affect NWLeicestershire. I have informed my whip I will abstain.

Sir Keir is acknowledging a conclusion the majority of the electorate came to 6 years ago and one that the electorate will remember he and his party vociferously opposed. Labour are the party of open borders and unlimited immigration and Sir Keir’s statement won’t change that.

This is great news! @ABridgen @CRIL21 @LeicsCountyHall @nrushton

Delighted to attend a celebration of Indian culture in committee room 12 with many residents of the great city of Leicester.

A thoughtful piece by Iain Duncan Smith.

A number of people are raising the Derby County situation with me. To be clear, I am not part of team Derby and I am not privy to their discussions, I have however raised issues with them and fed in my own thoughts on how best to proceed. The early part of this week will be

Last night’s vote is worse in percentage terms than that suffered by Mrs May and on a par with Heseltine’s challenge against Mrs Thatcher.

The Prime Minister should now leave with honour and residual affection for what he has achieved.

Lord Hague is right. The residual concerns from across the party will continue to remain.

Boris Johnson should look for an honourable exit

Read my column in @pavlovictoday

MP Andrew Bridgen destroys @10DowningStreet latest narrative that those looking to remove @BorisJohnson represent a threat to Brexit.

Excellent service at St Mary de Castro church Leicester, this evening to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 70 years of faith and service.

Councillor Stuart Gillard on the future of the Hermitage Leisure Centre site:

The Attorney General hosted a visit of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General @VenediktovaIV last week to continue discussions between the UK and Ukraine to help ensure Russia is held to account for its actions.
We #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦🇬🇧

I am not surprised that the French CRS gassed Liverpool fans. I’ve attended the stadium twice to watch England play rugby. There was no crowd trouble but the CRS were rapping batons on their shields as we left, gagging to batter us, they’re out of control.

In an exclusive with @pavlovictoday straight talking @kevinolearytv makes news on several accounts revealing his message for @POTUS

O’Leary also reacts to @SenWarren attack on #crypto.

He tells me why he supports @elonmusk mandate to open up Twitter

Lovely to be invited to Hugglescote Community Primary School today to help celebrate the platinum jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

What a wonderful street party atmosphere bringing back memories of the Silver Jubilee in 1977.

‘This is sending out the wrong message to businesses, we’re effectively bringing in socialist policies.’

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen criticises measures brought in by Rishi Sunak to tackle the cost of living crisis.

💻 GB News YouTube:

Soulsby is not only holding back Leicester, he’s also blocking a devolution deal for Leicestershire and the East Midlands. The people of our city and county deserve better.

More bad news for the Leicester textile industry serving the fast fashion retailers.

We are introducing a temporary, targeted Energy Profits Levy charged on profits of oil and gas companies at a rate of 25%.

We're also building in a new investment allowance that doubles the relief for the energy companies that invest their profits in the UK.

🚨 Last night, Labour & the Lib Dems voted against our Public Order Bill to stop dangerous protest tactics.

🚑 Rather than side with law abiding majority, they chose a selfish minority blocking roads and emergency services.

Once again Labour's anti-Brexit propaganda does not align with the facts, U.K. inflation is lower than the EU and the Euro area.

Ian is spot on!

What happened to Ms A should not have happened to any Member of Parliament’s staff, she deserves justice.

Employment Tribunal Awards ‘Ms A’ £435,000 Over Sexual Harassment at the Hands of Former Labour MP Mike Hill via @guidofawkes

Given the current level of inflation, benefits and pensions should be increased by at least part of the annual inflation related increase due next April.

The recipients of these benefits and pensions need the support now to cope with rising prices.

I am backing our brave police by making it easier for officers to use stop & search powers to drive down knife crime, arrest more suspects, & seize more weapons, with over 50,000 removed since 2019, ultimately saving more lives.

We are taking action to make our streets safer 👇🏽

Today I have confirmed my Department will bring all overseas aid spending in China to an end. Last year, this was around £13m

We'll work with China to tackle global challenges, but we can make a bigger difference spending UK aid where it is more needed


Last night I spoke in the Queen's Speech debate about repaying the debt we owe to our young people after the pandemic, it is one of the most important challenges that we face as a country.

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