Richard Holden is MP for North West Durham

What has Richard Holden been up to today?

Richard Holden is MP for North West Durham and a member of the Conservative party.

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Ah yes, the modern @UKLabour Party under Sir @Keir_Starmer & @MarkDrakeford >> banning under 16s from buying a cup of tea

Totally barking and counterproductive

Here’s something the Scottish Government:
IS responsible for.
CAN legislate for.
DOESN’T need a referendum to do something about.

Scotlands national shame isn’t these shocking statistics, it’s it government.

3/3 A number of people are making false claims - asserting that the OSB bans certain legal speech - it categorically, absolutely, does not. It puts protections in place for free speech that were not there before. Read section 19 (2)


2/3 The questions asked here aren’t true representations of what the bill will or won’t do. It also asks hypothetical questions about policies that are not even included in the OSB?!

1/3 I’m not sure how many have actually read the bill, but I’m struggling to find anyone who argues with the point that if it’s illegal offline, it should be illegal online too and that’s what this bill achieves.

Guido Fawkes @GuidoFawkes

YouGov Polling Shows Tory Members Hate Online Harms Bill

This wasn't an easy story to share - but I hope it persuades you to check in on somebody this weekend.

If you are struggling yourself, please contact @samaritans now. Things will get better for you 🙏🏽

Quite a few people asking “where’s the evidence” of antisemitism in High Peak Labour. I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Former MP and sitting councillor Ruth George is the most noteworthy.

Last month I visited the #EastgateSheepShow & this summer I’ll be heading to shows like @WolsinghamShow, #StanhopeShow and the #Weardale Agricultural Show in Chapel

Given the importance of fairs & shows across the U.K., I’ll be pushing for a debate on them in @UKParliament

So, it turns out Durham Police, far from not doing retrospective fines, have issued 100 of them

No wonder @Keir_Starmer took so long over his questionnaire & took expert legal advice about completing it

#Beergate #Starmer

So, it turns out Durham Police, far from not doing retrospective fines, have issued 100 of them

No wonder @Keir_Starmer took so long over his questionnaire & took expert legal advice about completing it

#Beergate #Starmer

All children should have the opportunity to enjoy music and sports at school ⚽🏸🎻🎤

We're helping more schools like @ThealeGreen to provide an enriching curriculum that inspires young people to be active and love music 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

I am delighted that @nadhimzahawi has announced today what is significant support for music in schools. If we could all join forces to get music back into our schools again, it will be something that will only enrich our nation. - ALW

Tory MP Richard Holden accuses RMT of having a "desire to go on strike" with train passengers hit by more cancellations as strike talks resume today.

"I want to see people get round the table on this but there must be a moderisation of the train network."

@JuliaHB1 | @RicHolden

I support @SIBA01 campaign to ensure that the new lower draught beer rate that @mikejwood & I fought so hard for with the support of over 100 other @Conservatives MPs includes all 20 litre + kegs and barrels so that Small and Independent Breweries can benefit too #MakeIt20

NEWS: We have just launched negotiations for a trade deal with the Gulf Cooperation Council 🇬🇧 🤝 🇧🇭🇰🇼🇴🇲🇶🇦🇸🇦🇦🇪

The @GCC has a combined economy of £1.2tn and a deal could add at least £1.6bn per year to the UK economy 👏

Read more:

Every single day, members of the Armed Forces work around the clock to keep the UK and our allies safe.

On #ArmedForcesWeek, we salute their service.

In 🇬🇧 we are right to welcome those in real need, including from 🇺🇦🇸🇾🇦🇫

But we can only do that & keep the widest public support for it by also doing all we can to destroy: illegal routes from safe countries like 🇫🇷 & the human trafficking gangs who cash-in on human misery

Congratulations to the whole team at @HallHillFarm - 🇬🇧 best farm attraction - especially Richard and Ann Darrington- and very well deserved!


Around a third of eligible pensioners aren't claiming Pension Credit.

Check if you could get help with living costs at or call 0800 99 1234

The rail unions need to talk, not strike. But we will continue to prepare. I'm asking the @MayorofLondon to do his bit to keep London open and moving by waiving the Congestion Charge & ULEZ and pausing non-essential roadworks on rail strike days - simple moves that will go far.

Great to catch up with my friends, Independent Peer, @LordIanAustin, and fellow MP, @Nicola4WBE at the @JLC_uk event in Parliament this afternoon.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad

He’s spent the last few years caring for my grandma May (my mum’s mum) who had advanced dementia for the last few years of her life and finally died a few weeks ago aged 94.

My dad and mum gave her the best care anyone could have wished for

A series of bad calls, and backing the strikers over the strivers this week shows that Starmer is definitely not on your side.

✍️ My piece in todays ⁦@TheSunOnSunday⁩


Keir Starmer has spent 11 days refusing to condemn the rail strikes. On Wednesday he ordered his MPs not to take a stand against the militant unions.

Now we know why: In private, he's backing the strikes which will grind the country to a halt.

Two weeks for an experienced QC and former director of public prosecutions to get his story straight is an awfully long time if everything is as simple as he says it was...

Delighted to speak on a panel at the #NRGConference today - promoting high tech manufacturing and industry and its role in the future of the North of England

Streeting apologises behind closed doors for “bad publicity”

But will he apologise to the public facing massive disruption from the militant union barons bankrolling Labour?

Vulnerable patients will miss appointments.

Doctors and nurses won’t be able to get to work.

It’s time @wesstreeting put patients first, stands up for the NHS and condemns the unjustified rail strikes.

Well said @FelicityBuchan: as London Mayor @SadiqKhan is a failure even on his own terms - promised "zero strikes" and has now had more than both previous mayors put together. And he wants to cut our most popular bus routes.
@GregHands @Tony_Devenish

Walaa™ @WalaaIdris

The ⁦@MayorofLondon⁩ is damaging for London. He can’t run it and is too weak to admit it. So let’s tell him we had enough and want him gone. #Fail

It’s a 10 from Len for our #PensionCredit day of action

On average #PensionCredit could get a pensioner household £3,300 a year in extra support

If you, a family member or a friend are eligible for #PensionCredit, don't be shy, please apply


Labour won’t tell their paymasters “no”

This is about commuters but for places like Co. Durham, Northumberland, Cumbria and our seaside towns rail travel is vital for 🇬🇧 tourism

A disgrace that this is being put at risk as we try to rebuild from covid

Finally #Consett Swimming pool - open again from the 1st July!

1) Aqua classes from 4 July
2) U18 free 1-2pm weekend swim sessions from 2 July until the holidays
3) Lessons programme from 11 July
4) All clubs & swim members will be contacted
More info:

Sad but unsurprising that Wes supports disruption and misery for commuters who want to get on with their lives.

He backs strikers, we back strivers.

Good to have both @ofgem & Northern Powergrid in Castleside this evening to answer questions about the OFGEM report into #StormArwen and how they’re going to ensure we never see the power loss and the impact it caused on local people again

UK 🇬🇧 Government action plan to improve electricity industry storm responses, following our #StormArwen review.

This will:

✅improve the resilience of the⚡️network

✅ensure better comms ☎️ with customers

✅get compensation 💷 paid out faster.

#StormArwen meeting

6pm, this Friday (10th June) #Castleside Village Hall

Senior management from both @Northpowergrid & @ofgem will be here. We’re expecting the OFGEM report tomorrow.

Lots of time for Q&A

Looking forward to seeing people who were affected by #StormArwen there

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