Christopher Hazzard is MP for South Down

What has Christopher Hazzard been up to today?

Christopher Hazzard is MP for South Down and a member of the Sinn Fein party.

Christopher Hazzard has 24993 followers on Twitter.

Delighted to join colleagues on the Daisy Hill Future group as we launched our vision for the future of services at the Hospital

In partnership with health workers & local citizens, we want to ensure that services are retained, developed & expanded in the east border region

“This unilateralism flies in the face of the principle of partnership at the heart of the Good Friday Agreement”

Ireland’s Ambassador to the UK @AdrianGONeill responds to a @FT piece by Foreign Secretary Truss on the Protocol.

British trade now at worst level on record as imports leap & exports fall

FT analysis crystal clear: it’s the result of leaving the EU Single Market

Meanwhile Liz Truss is attacking China this morning for “not adhering to legally binding commitments” 👀

.@ChrisHazzardSF: “The Tory MPs sitting here on green benches don’t care one iota for the people we represent - when are the DUP going to realise that?”

.@ChrisHazzardSF has said people in the north are ‘paying the price’ for Tory chaos and told the British government to stop giving cover to the DUP to block a government being formed

People are struggling to make ends meet as the cost-of-living rises

We need an Executive now, to take urgent action to put money in people’s pockets and fix our health service

The DUP are punishing workers and families by blocking the formation of an Executive


Trying to reach Melilla, a Spanish occupied part of North Africa, dozens are massacred by Moroccan authorities

European imperialism created this barbaric situation; so European leaders must lead in addressing this humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean!

Brandon Lewis yet again spewing a river of garbage about the Protocol on the #Ridge show this morning

The man, and this government, really are a clear & present danger to the economic, political & social well-being of the north of Ireland

Thought-provoking chat this evening with @LeftUnityParty @ChrisHazzardSF @Deputee_Obono @Thelma_DWalker. At a time when it’s easy to be downbeat is brilliant to hear such positivity on the left — is a lot that can be learnt from each other & that’s what internationalism is about.

9.1% inflation is the highest it’s been for 40 years - cost of living for families & workers is becoming unbearable

Meanwhile wages are being squeezed harder than any time since the Napoleonic Wars (200yrs)

At least the Tories are using Brexit to lift the cap on CEO’s bonuses…

This isn’t exactly in the spirit of An Taoiseach’s ‘shared island’. Citizens in the North need to hear why Gov parties think MPs & MLAs shouldn’t be on Special Oireachtas Committees, which don’t vote on legislation, but deal with issues of concern & importance throughout Ireland.

The voice of the labour movement in much of the western world has been ‘focus grouped’ into subservience since the 1990s

The @RMTunion Mick Lynch provided a masterclass yesterday on speaking directly to the issues that shape our world today

Solidarity with @RMTunion workers who are standing against Tory austerity across Britain

Tory refusal to protect jobs and guarantee a fair wage has left transport workers with no choice but strike

¡Hasta la victoria siempre! ✊🏻

Felicitamos al pueblo de Colombia 🇨🇴

@petrogustavo becomes Colombia’s first Socialist President 🚩

Thanks to Newry Chamber for invite to enjoy Cross-Border Business Cruise

Always a pleasure to sample the local award winning food & drink in stunning surroundings of Carlingford Lough

@EnnisSinead @CathyMasonSF @ConnaireMcG @NewryChamber

The latest issue of An Phoblacht 2022 is on sale now!

@moneillsf on being a First Minister for all 🗳️

@ClaireKerrane writes on tackling the spiralling Cost of Living Crisis 📈

Na mílte daoine Dearg le Fearg 🔴

Order your radical news today 👇

US hegemony in Latin America has impoverished the lives of millions; subjugated indigenous peoples; and nurtured political instability

The emergence of a sovereign, regionally cohesive Latin America is good for building a multi-polar world and protecting democracy #Venceremos

Northern Ireland Protocol raised in Holyrood at #FMQs

@NicolaSturgeon : “As FM of Scotland - If I could get a protocol that would allow Scotland to trade freely across the single market I would take that in a heartbeat."

The protocol is growing our economy

It is creating jobs & bettering lives

We must build a stronger economy & put money into the pockets of workers & families, as the cost of living rises

Listening to @EdgeInnovate workers, a business that is creating jobs through the protocol

5 years ago 72 people died because they were trapped in a government mandated death trap. 5 years later and we can’t forget their names. We must continue to fight for justice for them and their families. 💚💚✊🏾 #Justice4Grenfell

.@ChrisHazzardSF setting out the reality on the ground on @ViewFrmStormont

“The DUP have proved themselves time and time again to be anything but experts.”

The unilateral actions of Boris Johnson are utterly reckless. It is clearly a breach of International Law. The impact on our businesses & economy could be colossal. The pro-protocol parties have jointly written to Boris Johnson today to firmly reject his legislation and approach

Boris Johnson on @LBC sounding like a lame duck PM

Liz Truss the Brexit ringmaster now and she’s throwing chunks of red meat to the ERG in her leadership bid

Reminiscent of Theresa May’s last days

Meanwhile everybody but the Tories & DUP sit patiently at other side of table

Brazil’s election in October is the most significant in recent Latin American history

The hugely popular leader of the Brazilian Left @LulaOficial looks set to return to power

International community must not allow Bolsanaro to obstruct democracy

Mary Lou McDonald doing superb work this morning setting the record straight…

“The Tory party consistently abuses language in a way that is mesmerising…”

Such a parcel of rogues this current British Government

Brandon Lewis recklessly spewing out TUV propaganda like a dung-spreader on #Ridge this morning

Worrying days ahead for our political institutions; our local businesses; our workers; families; and public services

Saddened to hear Bruce Kent has passed away

I was privileged to speak alongside Bruce at recent @STWuk rally in London

A beacon of principle, a man of incorrigible integrity, a lifelong peace activist

Rest in Power Bruce 🙌🏻

Las #Malvinas son argentinas y latinoamericanas 🇦🇷

Solidaridad con el pueblo argentino ✊🏻


Spoke to a range of political & business reps in London this week; common analysis from almost all of them:

Protocol is holding a mirror to Brexit Britain and many Tories cant stand the fact that they have been revealed as economic illiterates in the eyes of the world

Jesusita was shot in front of her family as they celebrated the birthday of one of her children in Cali.

She had gone to Cali 3 weeks ago for medical treatment but had continued her political organising. She was one of Colombia's best known activists.

There really are no words.

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