Stuart C. McDonald is MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East

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Stuart C. McDonald is MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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What a desperate, nasty and rather pathetic “leadership” contest this is proving to be. Both candidates adopting Priti Patel’s cruel and failed policies - and vowing to ramp them up. #NastyParty

I saw the article in today's @Daily_Record about our new custom built social security system. I also note politicians lining up to rubbish the system and to mislead people about what it is delivering right now for people throughout Scotland... 1/8

The Scottish Parliament has had responsibility over some social security benefits for years and yet there is still no functioning IT system.

The SNP wonder why most people don’t want to separate from the rest of the UK? Well it’s things like this that stick in their mind.

Ahead of #UN World #DrowningPrevention Day on 2️⃣5️⃣ July, listen to fantastic #CarleneMcAvoy from @RoSPAScotland @RoSPA @WaterSafetyScot in conversation on all things #WaterSafety #DrowningPrevention in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #Scotland & contribution to 🌍 action & visit @HelixFalkirk #TheKelpies ⬇️

The Scottish Community Safety Network @TheSCSN

Looking for something topical to listen to over lunch? Why not check out our interview with Carlene McAvoy of @RoSPAScotland & @WaterSafetyScot as we discussed #WaterSafety & #DrowningPrevention ahead of #WorldDrowningPreventionDay on Monday.

Today, at Boris Johnson’s last #PMQs as Prime Minister, I asked if believes in democracy and will respect the people of Scotland’s right to self-determination?

Watch 👇

❌Illegally shutting down Parliament
🍾Partying through the pandemic
💷Handing out PPE contracts to cronies

That is just some of the legacy of @BorisJohnson. Soon we will move onto the next disastrous Tory leader and the WM cycle will begin again. Time for better, Scotland #PMQs

Breaking: Several asylum seekers selected by the government for transfer to Rwanda have been identified as potential trafficking victims - by the government's own official system

But not until AFTER they were detained and told they would be deported

Priti Patel has told the Home Affairs Committee she's not available to answer their questions tomorrow. The watchdog committee of MPs had said it was "extremely disappointing" she belatedly cancelled last week and expected her to face scrutiny before summer recess. She won't.

In a functioning democracy this proposal would have been unthinkable let alone allowed to see the light of day.

“British officials repeatedly told the government not to strike a deal with Rwanda over asylum seekers, court documents have revealed.”

🚨BREAKING🚨 Today's court hearing reveals that grave concerns about the #Rwanda policy were raised within UK government before & after it was announced. This policy is a moral & political failure. Anyone aspiring to become Prime Minister should disown it.

📽️: @BorisJohnson speech earlier summed up his time in office. Chaotic, an unhealthy relationship with the truth and complete lack of dignity. He didn't hang around to listen to my reply, he left the chamber - just as Scotland will soon leave this shambolic Westminster system.

UK’s ‘quick-fix’ asylum policies criticised in damning MPs’ report

As a former paediatric physiotherapist, it was a pleasure to speak in support of the Neonatal Care Bill.

It's a really important piece of legislation that'll make a huge difference to parents of premature babies, the cross-party support for it says it all @Stuart_McDonald

Delighted to have the opportunity to speak in favour of the Neonatal Care (Leave & Pay) Bill in Parliament yesterday. Congratulations to Stuart MacDonald SNP for choosing and introducing this as his Private Members Bill @Stuart_McDonald @Blisscharity

So pleased to see the Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill pass Parliament’s 2nd reading today. Looking forward to getting it through committee + Lords and onto the statute books!

In parliament to support the Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill tabled by my SNP colleague @Stuart_McDonald No-one should have to choose between being with their premature or sick baby or having to go back to work to make ends meet.

A very rare moment of unity across the @HouseofCommons today as we sit on a Friday and agree the Neonatal Care Pay Bill be brought forward by @Stuart_McDonald. Much work done by @DavidLinden and others. A vital bill that will transform the experience of parent of prem babies 👶

Today we saw Westminster at its best - with @Stuart_McDonald’s Bill on Neonatal Care (Leave & Pay) passing it’s second reading, with huge cross-party support.

Delighted to be a signatory on this bill that will eventually become law.

@Blisscharity @_SmallestThings

Smallest Things trustees, Catriona & Sarah, were in Parliament to watch the debate, together with our friends at @Blisscharity.

As NICU parents, we say a personal thank you to all MPs who spoke today, making sure that the parent voice was at the heart of the debate. 💜

Great to join @Stuart_McDonald after the successful 2nd reading of his #NeonatalBill along with colleagues from @NeonatalAPPG @Blisscharity @_SmallestThings, along with @theSNP colleagues including APPG chair.
It's been an issue close to our family's hearts for some time.

"In my own case, my statutory two weeks off work were both well up by the time the kids finally got out of the hospital" ✍🏻 @DavidLinden

Delighted the Neonatal Care (Leave & Pay) Bill passed its 2nd reading in Parliament today, with huge support from across the House. Massive thanks to @Blisscharity & @_SmallestThings for their invaluable advice over the last few weeks, and to all colleagues for their support.

A hugely important day for parents of premature & sick babies!
We’ll be in Parliament supporting the second reading of @Stuart_McDonald MPs Neonatal Care (Leave & Pay) Bill.

Additional Leave & Pay is vital for parents of babies in NICU, giving back stolen time to bond & recover.

Delighted that the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) are supporting the Neonatal Leave and Pay Bill ahead of its Second Reading tomorrow.

📺 First Minister @NicolaSturgeon is launching the second Building a New Scotland paper, on democracy and democratic renewal, from Bute House at 11am.

Watch live on @Scotgov’s Twitter page.

📺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tomorrow I will publish the second in the Building a New Scotland series of papers, refreshing the case for independence. This one focuses on democracy and democratic renewal, and could not be more timely. Watch from 11am on @scotgov channel #indyref2

Only 2 days to go until my Private Member's Bill on Neonatal Leave & Pay gets its Second Reading.

Hoping for a good turnout of MPs on Friday morning to help progress this vital legislation, which will help thousands of parents each year.

@Blisscharity @_SmallestThings

The Home Secretary emailed the committee yesterday shortly before 5pm to cancel her appearance this morning - because of “recent changes in government” including to her ministerial team! 🧐 via @MailOnline

Check out these politicians giving snippy sound bites about the SNP suspending the Ukraine super sponsor scheme when Scotland said they’d take 3,000 under the scheme and has in fact taken 7,000 with 20,000+ visas issued.

It was a pleasure to join @Stuart_McDonald & @Blisscharity to show my support for introducing the #NeonatalCareBill. It would means that families with a baby in neonatal care would benefit from extra leave & pay at a time when they need it the most.

I am proud & delighted to support the Private Members Bill from @Stuart_McDonald to secure paid leave for parents of babies born premature or sick. New parents should not have to choose between being with their sick child & going back to work to pay bills @Blisscharity

No parent should have to choose between being with their premature or sick baby in neonatal care and having to go back to work to earn a living, so I am very pleased to support the Private Members Bill which my colleague, @Stuart_McDonald is bringing forward.

Our absolute respect for @Mo_Farah. Child trafficking can destroy lives, but child trafficking survivors can build extraordinary lives, and, perhaps most importantly, ordinary ones, because it is their choice what lives they lead.

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