Stewart Malcolm McDonald is MP for Glasgow South

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Stewart Malcolm McDonald is MP for Glasgow South and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Ministers being continually briefed about cyber incident affecting NHS systems across the UK. We are working closely on a 4 Nations basis to coordinate our resilience response, where appropriate. Plans in place to mitigate the impact but there will be some level of disruption.

Some thoughts from me in @TheScotsman today: This year’s Sunday Times Rich List opened with the observation that the top 250 entries now have more wealth than the entire 1,000-strong list five years ago. Tinkering with food & fuel support isn’t enough.

"As Conservatives members from across the UK debate their choice of future Prime Minister, those of us who are supportive of international aid spending can only fear the worst about its future."

✍️ I've written for the Scotsman on independence and aid.

Looking for something to do today in the South of Glasgow? Come along to the #pollok Health Walk - free, friendly and a chance to get out and about for an hour in local nature.
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Today's Daily Record front page leads on BP announcing record profits, while the rest of the country struggles to cope with the cost of living #ScotPapers

Another rewriting of history from Truss. Many of us remember the American lobbying operation at the time. Almost every week there were US officials in parliament to get Conservative MPs to see the error of their ways. In the end it worked and the government had to eat its words.

Tom McTague @TomMcTague

My exchange with Liz Truss about realism, US power, and the limits of British autonomy. She was having none of it.

Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss, whoever wins, Scotland loses, writes @StewartMcDonald,rishi-sunak-or-liz-truss-whoever-wins-scotland-loses

"The two contenders to be the leader of the Conservative Party are manifestly unfit to hold any sort of political power – let alone the highest office in the land...Regardless of who wins this election, Scotland loses," says @StewartMcDonald,rishi-sunak-or-liz-truss-whoever-wins-scotland-loses

My eyes were filling up with tears today looking out at this. I never cry but this really got to me. So proud of my wee business and how far we've came in 3 years. Thanks to my pal Graeme B for his unmeasurable support and guidance throughout 🥲🙌 @Hampdeners

Me for ⁦@HolyroodDaily⁩: We non-members of the Conservative Party – reduced to voyeurs in our democratic process – are left with no doubt that these people will do anything, say anything, and be anything to get the keys to Number 10.,rishi-sunak-or-liz-truss-whoever-wins-scotland-loses

Why shouldn’t Baroness Davidson’s tennis partner be able to join her in the Lords?

This is a good case in point. Wanting to avoid a trade war with our allies and biggest export market *should* count in Rishi's favour, but in today through-the-looking-glass Conservative Party it is a mark of unsoundness

Blistering. ⁦@CharlotteIvers⁩ writes another zinger you shouldn’t miss.

Toe-curling to see how quick some conservative politicians and commentators are abandoning their entirely correct scepticism of a Liz Truss premiership and swinging in behind her. As Boris says, when the herd moves, it moves. Fools all.

Sunday update in Ukraine, what seems to be happening when little is changing on the map. On the surface this week, like the last 4, has been one of an almost static warfare. Almost no change on the map in the Donbas or Kherson fronts (a village here or there, thats it).

I wish ⁦@ScotlandNT⁩ had been at #weuro2022 but ⁦@Lionesses⁩ have been brilliant. They are great ambassadors for the women’s game and I hope they win tonight. Good luck 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Olenivka POW massacre thread 🧵:

1) it wasn't a GMLRS rocket
2) it was a thermobaric weapon
3) russia staged it and did so (as usual) incompetently

Firstly: keeping POWs so close to the front violates Article 19 of the Third Geneva Convention making it a war crime.


It’s not a happy read, but it’s always worth listening to ⁦@MarkGaleotti⁩.

The headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Navy in Sevastopol has been hit, the Sevastopol governor says. At least 5 reported "injured". This on Russia's much revered Navy Day.

What a grotesque error of judgment. Yet again.

This is only possible because Labour, to its eternal shame, voted against an elected chamber in 2003. It chose political control over democratic principle. As Robin Cook said to Tony Blair after the vote: “All the wrong people are cheering.”

Someone sent me this article I wrote for the Moscow Times 3 years ago. I would love to have been wrong but the last line turned out to be right: ‘So, when the next Kremlin intervention happens in Europe, Europe mustn’t feign surprise. We were warned.’

Except he doesn’t really. But he knows he’s losing. So he’s prepared to pretend he’s a bigot to win over the malevolent voters he needs. But he’s selling his integrity for nothing. He’s up against the ultimate shape shifter in Truss. #LGBT

Benjamin Cohen @benjamincohen

It was only a few years ago that the Conservative Party put out this pro-LGBTQ+ campaign video featuring Theresa May’s speech to the @PinkNews Awards. Sunak appears to oppose almost all that May said

I saw a screen-grab of this story kicking around and assumed it was fake. I was wrong.

Summer office clear out and, inexplicably, my staff have come across a candidate selection leaflet for @MrTCHarris from the year 2000.

Of course he’d hate it. He’d actually have to work.

To celebrate Scotland's Year of Stories, FOKP have teamed up with The Village Storytelling Centre for our next event: storytelling for children and families in the Walled Garden!

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