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Pete Wishart is MP for Perth and North Perthshire

What has Pete Wishart been up to today?

Pete Wishart is MP for Perth and North Perthshire and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

Pete Wishart has 56788 followers on Twitter.

It’s gone from ‘muscular unionism’ to ‘kick their heads in full Malky’ unionism…..

This is the Alba activist who came to protest at my office with carrots, union jacks and Stuart Campbell masks. He seems like a seriously troubled individual.

The idea that the Claim of Right offers some sort of panacea to our constitutional difficulties offered by those on the fringes of our movement comprehensively dealt with here. We'll only win when we convince the majority of our fellow Scots that indy is in their best interests

Roddy Dunlop QC @RoddyQC

I said I’d respond, so here it is. As recognised by all, so far the discussion has been calm and respectful: let it always be thus.

8 years ago, at the height of the first referendum campaign I started my ‘Yes in the Square’ tour with Perthshire musicians and the Yes Bus. We tried to get round as many towns and villages in my constituency as possible. Was fantastic. Have to get the mic and PA out again….

She will tell them ‘no, never, they’ve had their referendum, ignore them, we will make it illegal, we will prescribe them, we will fight them in the glens, various other provocative bizarre aggressive proclamations’ etc….. She knows her audience.

The Scotsman @TheScotsman

Liz Truss seeks to win over Scottish Conservatives, via @alistairkgrant

Fantastic news for Perthshire. A new multi genre festival featuring Bicep, Jamie XX, Tom Misch and so many more at Scone Palace.

It was Gav Munro’s funeral today and the crematorium and Clearwater in Perth was bursting at the seams. If only he knew how much we loved him and wanted him to still be with us. Here’s just a taste of how good he was.

Your weekly update on Alba hate. There is just so much out there. This is in response to Mike asking people to join the SNP. We have to win our independence weighed down with rubbish like this.

We better not tell her that we are intending to spend a billion, zillion quid just on the streets of Lochgelly.....

Maybe….? But the Tories definitely see independence as an illegitimate political aspiration which now has to be aggressively denied. We’re starting to enter very concerning political territory.

We’re already at the ‘there were no parties’ stage and she hasn’t even got the keys to number 10 yet…..

First time ‘wild swimming’. Well, as wild as swimming in a tidal pool in St Monans in August can get. ⁦@SOH12⁩ is of course a veteran. It was actually really refreshing.

Is she intending to abolish the Joint Ministerial Committees and all the UK infrastructure that deals with managing their union too?

“Nine Scottish MSPs support Liz Truss”. Is it now their intention to ignore “Sturgeon” in the Scottish Parliament? Maybe they’ll turn their backs at FMQs.

The Scottish people have been ‘ruling out’ the Conservatives since 1955 but they’re still here….

We’re trying to take a couple of days off but a bit distracted by all the nice weather, our doggies and the great food ⁦@smokingfife⁩ in St Monans….

That’s really funny. The best the SNP ever did was against the so called ‘centrist’ David Cameron. These 2 slugging it out would make Genghis Khan seem like a lily livered liberal…..

What a load of absolute rubbish. All we want to do is campaign for independence with consensus, respect, inclusion and with the best values of 2020s Scotland.

Fantastic night at the opening of the Southern Fried Festival at Horsecross Perth. Tribute to Nanci Griffith with James Grant, Kirsten Adamson, Karen Mathieson and so many others.

Really enjoyed the Elvis movie last night even though the sequencing and pace of it rather annoyed. Thought Austin Butler was great but went from looking like Lloyd Cole to John Travolta in a matter of 3 Elvis years. Music was amazing.

Until we have the big levers of change we can only ever tinker at the edge of addressing the number of drug deaths in Scotland.

Scotland has more ‘Lords’ with Scottish titles or residences than it has democratically elected MPs. In my constituency there is at least 6 of them to the one of me. Scotland rejects unelected legislators. Scotland wants morning to do with this ridiculous circus.

The National @ScotNational

Scottish peers attended the House of Lords just 50% of the time

Sunak has come across as singularly unpleasant, boorish and overbearing tonight. Truss has come across as someone who only has one gear, monotone and out of her depth. He lost tonight though.

It’s almost impossible to think that Sunak doesn’t know how unpleasant he is coming across tonight. Unless Truss blows it in the next half hour this is where he lost his PM ambitions.

Geez! Rishi in desperation mode. Interrupting every few seconds and sounding petulant. Almost like he wants to hand it on a plate to Truss.

.@PeteWishart says pro-indy campaigners insulting those on the Better Together side at the 2014 referendum “did us no favours”.

We can not do what we did last time. Those who vote No are our fellow Scots. Our job is to gently persuade them that independence is the best way forward for our country.

Pleased we’ll be debating a code of conduct for Indy campaigning at conference. The abuse and disrespect showered on opponents cost us dearly and we have to campaign with consensus and respect this time. Everybody should be able to sign up to campaign with tolerance and equality

It’s like a grotesque race to see who can be the nastiest, the most illiberal and most right wing.

One of the greatest ever Scottish albums reissued on vinyl (here’s the lovely blue version). Back to number 2 in the Scottish chart and top 10 in the UK vinyl chart. Trashcan Sinatras - Weightlifting. Fantastic.

They are starting to get really concerning now. Not only are we traitors but we are on a par with collaborators, spies and infiltrators. It’s actually quite frightening and has to stop. But yet again, Alba leaders won’t call it out, instead they will endorse it and share it.

What a fantastic tribute to Gavin Munro. He was such a huge part of the music scene in Perth and just great company. A part of heaven will be revelling in that Americana today...

Apparently it’s all the fault of France that the UK ended free movement and created a situation where all British passports have to be checked. Bloody French, eh…?

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Dr Philippa Whitford is MP for Central Ayrshire

What has Dr Philippa Whitford been up to today?

Dr Philippa Whitford is MP for Central Ayrshire and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

Dr Philippa Whitford has 39543 followers on Twitter. @ScotNational @Dr_PhilippaW @ChrisStephens we need the whole Robert Frances report started on now! Let’s avoid all future, predictable, structural delays @ChrisStephens @PeteWishart @DianaJohnsonMP @jessphillips @GwynneMP @ronniecowan #mankyblood

Aye find out your future in the Times, I hope they don’t try and avoid the widows as not clear here @cazjwheeler ? @Dr_PhilippaW @drewhendrySNP @PeteWishart do remember this is still a fraction of what’s due if Frances Framework to be full enacted @@ChrisStephens #mankyblood

.@Dr_PhilippaW on the #InternalMarketAct in today's @ScotNational
"I don't think we've made people in Scotland understand just how much the Act reverses devolution."
#IndyRef2 #IndyRef2023

We have engaged significantly with people with lived experience throughout creating our new, better Scottish social security system.

We want people to get benefits they are entitled to!

We will always start from a position of trust.

Dignity | Fairness | Respect


Adult Disability Payment available for new applications nationwide from 29 August.

People can apply online & get support locally to complete forms. Also independent advocacy from @VoiceAbility.

People on PIP & DLA will have their awards transferred automatically to @SocSecScot.

40% of people on Universal Credit are actually in work. 56% of people in poverty are in a working family. 7 in 10 children in poverty are in a family where at least one parent works - all this says much more about those running the country then those claiming benefits!

Peter Stefanovic @PeterStefanovi2

Last night Rishi Sunak outrageously blamed welfare claimants for high inflation & Brexit Labour shortages

Imagine his shock when he finds out the majority of people claiming benefits are either in work or seeking work!

I dunno man. Waking up every day and reading about whatever mean spirited brain dead nonsense these two have come up with while the country falls apart around us is rather exhausting. Like a marathon to the end of your moral tether.

1/ SCOOP: Important scoop from @JosephineCumbo @FT @SarahNev

“As the @TheBMA has repeatedly highlighted, it is within the gift of the Treasury to fix this by urgently amending the Finance Act to prevent senior doctors from being forced to retire,”

Pls share widely / RT

In January 2020, just before the pandemic, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health put out a devastating report on the impacts of poor indoor air quality on our children's health.
They issued a call to action.
Covid has only underlined the importance of that call...

Yes Prestwick will be holding their next street stall tomorrow 6 August from 11am on Prestwick Main St.
Please stop by should you have any questions or just to say hello.
@Siobhianayr @Dr_PhilippaW @Iancochrane2014

ECHR Article 2 guarantees the right to life & Article 3 prohibits torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Which bit is “too broad” @RishiSunak?

"As Conservatives members from across the UK debate their choice of future Prime Minister, those of us who are supportive of international aid spending can only fear the worst about its future."

✍️ I've written for the Scotsman on independence and aid.

@msm_monitor @isthisab0t @trussliz @PeteWishart @Peston @STVKathryn @STVColin @TommySheppard @Dr_PhilippaW @mstewart_23 @ruth_wishart @LesleyRiddoch #youYesyet?

James O'Brien reacts to Liz Truss's "gross" suggestion that she would just "ignore" the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon if she becomes PM.


How the hell can a prospective PM…

Who will be elected by 0.3% of the population

To be leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party, no less

Publicly say she’ll "just ignore” the democratically elected leader of the 2nd largest nation in the UK?!

…reckon she’ll regret that.

Fri 29/7/22 @bloodinquiry chair recommended an interim payment to those registered on the schemes, no less than £100,000, ‘without delay’. Today is Mon 1st Aug @Michael_Ellis1 @hmtreasury what does ‘without delay’ mean to you? #ContaminatedBlood @IanLaveryMP @Dr_PhilippaW

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Introduced the Scottish Child Payment to tackle child poverty.
🇬🇧 Imposed Universal Credit cut on families.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Invested in affordable housing and free childcare.
🇬🇧 Tax cut for the wealthiest.

🤝 Let's build a fairer country with independence, free from Westminster control.

More hypocrisy from Gordon Brown - calling out Boris for 50 House of Lords peerages. Over 400 cronies were ennobled under Tony Blair and his Brownness who promised radical reform back in 1997. @ScottishLabour

If anyone knows of any leads on part time jobs that would allow remote working let me know.

Previous experience in a constituency office/casework so would like to stay in politics sector if possible but also keen on legal stuff/whiling to learn!

Retweets would be lovely🥰

@jackiebmsp @scotgov Obviously nothing to do with this - During the 1970s and 80s Glasgow was in a “managed decline”. Unbeknown at the time, the city was starved of funding from Westminster. And the red tories are happy for Scotland to be at the mercy of Westminster, smh

@jackiebmsp @scotgov And @jackiebmsp knows that the real solution requires a radical change in our approach to drugs and she equally knows that the Misuse of Drugs Act is a reserved matter. A hollow vessel.

Best Cities in the World to Visit in 2022

1.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh
2.🇺🇸 Chicago
3.🇨🇴 Medellín
4.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Glasgow
5.🇳🇱 Amsterdam
6.🇨🇿 Prague
7.🇲🇦 Marrakech
8.🇩🇪 Berlin
9.🇨🇦 Montreal
10.🇩🇰 Copenhagen

14.🇮🇳 Mumbai
17.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 London
20.🇺🇸 NYC
32.🇫🇷 Paris
40.🇦🇪 Dubai
50.🇹🇷 Istanbul
53.🇶🇦 Doha


@JasonEvansF8 @cabinetofficeuk @bloodinquiry How quickly do The Government/ @Michael_Ellis1 have to respond this these recommendations.
Is there a legal timeframe for instance. @Collins_Law @DianaJohnsonMP @Dr_PhilippaW @BBCHughPym @pkelso
@AndyBurnhamGM @andreajenkyns #ContaminatedBlood🩸 #InfectedBloodInquiry

@Dr_PhilippaW @drewhendrySNP @JohnSwinney @NicolaSturgeon It’s a start but far from the end of this but ground work on the rest needs to begin. @Michael_Ellis1 @trussliz @RishiSunak it’s only the credibility of the Inquiries Act at stake after all @_KateForbes @WayneDavid_MP

The Pug @thepugnews

Inquiry judge recommends first ever compensation for more than 4,000 victims of scandal. (Latest news at

@SkyNewsBreak read the chair of @bloodinquiry report, it explains it fully. It’s now down to @Michael_Ellis1 @cabinetofficeuk @hmtreasury #ContaminatedBlood

Chairman of the Infected Blood Inquiry Sir Brian Langstaff says an interim compensation payment of no less than £100,000 should be made to each of the victims of the contaminated blood scandal "without delay"

For more on this and other news visit

@Emma5News @bloodinquiry On “interim” compensation, and in a bold move sets a test for the true value and accountability provided by the 2005 inquiries act @bloodinquiry today state accountability is tested! @DailyMirror @Dr_PhilippaW @ThompsonsPat @STVNews Do we need a new inquiry system @drewhendrySNP

Further coverage from @lauren_gilmour4 in @ScotNational from todays @bloodinquiry #ContaminatedBlood We still wait, we’re still dying @Michael_Ellis1 FYI @IanLaveryMP @Dr_PhilippaW

‘The Health and Care Act recently passed by the UK Parliament1 builds on these three decades of market encroachment to such an extent that England is now moving decisively toward a marketized, two-tier, mixed-funding system with several similarities to the United States.’ 😡

Dr Philippa Whitford @Dr_PhilippaW

Dismantling the National Health Service in England - Peter Roderick, Allyson M. Pollock, 2022

Deputy PM @DominicRaab admits @GOVUK opposition to #Indyref2023 is grounded in fears of losing control of #Scotland’s rich resources at #PMQs today. That's why there is such a determination to shackle Scotland to a failing Union #ItsTime #ANewScotland #WhyNotScotland #IndyRef2👇

4/5 The fact that my constituent faces the death penalty should focus minds in the UK @FCDOGovUK that business as usual with the #Indian government cannot continue until Jagtar is released, in line with its own pronouncements on arbitrary detention cases

2/5 It's incredible that it has taken 1727 days to get to the point we're at, given the serious concerns about #Jagtar's torture, mistreatment, and coerced confession whilst imprisoned in India.
government to act.

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Stewart Hosie is MP for Dundee East

What has Stewart Hosie been up to today?

Stewart Hosie is MP for Dundee East and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

Stewart Hosie has 28520 followers on Twitter.

📣 “Ignore her”.

👇🏼 Liz Truss, the frontrunner to be the next Prime Minister, says what she really thinks about Scotland’s democracy to the cheers and applause of Tory members.

👇 Liz Truss has made crystal clear the partnership of equals Scotland was promised in 2014 was a sham.

❌ Firing cheap shots to grab headlines is straight out of the Trump playbook and reveals the contempt Westminster has for the democratic choices people in Scotland make.

👉 Wales' First Minister agrees there is a mandate for #indyref2.

🥀 It's time for Starmer and Sarwar to stop denying democracy.

Delighted to have signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) tabled by my Dundee West colleague. @ChrisLawSNP, on the Summer (Bash) Streets Festival which showcased Dundee's proud history as the world capital of comics.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @theSNP is to make application for intervention in Supreme Court independence referendum case, after unanimous agreement was made at today’s NEC.

📺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tomorrow I will publish the second in the Building a New Scotland series of papers, refreshing the case for independence. This one focuses on democracy and democratic renewal, and could not be more timely. Watch from 11am on @scotgov channel #indyref2

Johnson's on his way out of Downing Street, but he wasn't our only problem. It's time for us to up our game and get Scotland out from under Westminster control. #Indyref2023

How long does the UK have to go on being held hostage to Tory infighting & regicide reducing all politics to Tory internal dramas & court politics? Something rotten in the heart of Toryism & UK politics. Parts of this union: Scotland & Northern Ireland have other options.