Peter Grant is MP for Glenrothes

What has Peter Grant been up to today?

Peter Grant is MP for Glenrothes and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Watching Question Time, Tories / Labour falling over themselves to oppose democracy in Scotland. Unionist visitor Fraser Nelson dropping in from the London based media to bolster their case. It is not working, the audience is winning for yes, articulate and well informed

“We keep electing them. You need to wake up and smell the coffee”

This #bbcqt audience members dismisses arguments that the SNP are a one-issue party and points to their share of the votes in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon took a gamble announcing the referendum date so far in advance the unionists might run out of idiotic arguments that increase support for Independence.

Having wathced them for ten minutes on @bbcquestiontime I’m reassured there’s no danger that will happen.

“In 2014 I was a yes voter and my English husband voted no - 2023, I’m a yes voter again and guess what my husband is going to be voting?”

This #bbcqt audience member outlines why she believes pro-union voters have changed their minds on independence, adding “bring it on”.

Number of times @AngusRobertson interrupted Lab or Tory reps talking about Independence = 0.

Number of times they tried to shout down Angus Robertson while he was speaking = 4.

There’s yer Respect Agenda right there.


Tory Craig Hoy “I don’t think there should ever be an independence referendum”.

Fiona Bruce “So what should be the mechanism for the Scottish people to have a say?”

Craig Hoy “It’s not up to me to come up with an answer to that”.


@NicolaSturgeon 📣 @NicolaSturgeon to Douglas Ross: "Policing is clearly a priority for this government.

I think that's demonstrated by the fact that in Scotland we have 32 officers per 10,000 people - that compares to 23 in Tory-run England. I think that speaks for itself." #FMQs

I grew up in a 2 up 2 down terrace with my siblings. My dad worked down the mines and mum had two jobs.I got a job at a solicitors as a court clerk. I self funded myself through university and am now a partner in my own firm .I apologise to @DominicRaab for bettering myself

And as you are persisting in your smears @amcarmichaelMP here it is again :

A lot noise and deflection from Unionists the last 24 hours. Still not a single one is able to give a credible alternative route to Independence. If the democratically elected Scottish Gov aren’t able to hold a Referendum that they have continually been elected to hold then what?

“Isn’t it #Brexit” asks Justin Webb on shortage of workers to pick fruit “haven’t we shot ourselves in the foot?” Robert Goodwill Con MP falsely claims we’ve enough British workers to do the work. Not true. We have more vacancies in every sector than ppl available to work #Today

Leader of the Commons launches a tirade about education standards in Scotland. 2 minutes later a Tory MP is screaming that UK govt has ignored 6 months of requests to fix a leaky roof on a school in his English constituency. 🤔

Yesterday, some council official decided to remove the traditional cone on this infamous statue in #Glasgow.

Today, #Glasgow duly responded.

#LoveScotland 🙂

The first minister of Scotland has set the date and begun the campaign says @Ianblackford_MP we will make the positive case for independence

Delighted to meet with Ambassador @RenatasNorkus of Lithuania and welcome the opening of the honorary consulate of Lithuania in Scotland. We discussed the Lithuanian community in Scotland and opportunities for future collaboration. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇱🇹🇪🇺

I may be mistaken but I’m sure every Tory who spoke during Scottish Questions today spoke about an Independence referendum. Odd that they’re so keen to talk about something they claim nobody cares about.

Kirsty Wark nails it. Douglas Ross doesn’t have confidence in Boris Johnson to run the Conservative Party, but he thinks the people of Scotland should put up with him regardless. #Newsnight #indyref

The Tories actually think that putting an MP from Milton Keynes up to the dispatch box to tell the people of Scotland what our priorities should be is a good way of demonstrating Westminster’s respect for Scotland.

Questions to the Secretary of State for Scotland. Secretary of State for Scotland is not here as “he has long standing commitments in Scotland”. Only one Scottish Tory is in the chamber to take part.

Let me get this straight, the UK signed an agreement, every single Tory MP backed it, Johnson won an 80 seat majority with it and Johnson has to break international law in order to undo it because the EU is respecting said agreement too much?

Five Scottish Tories voted to break the law and impose constitutional change in Northern Ireland against the will of the people.

Then they went back to trying to deny the people of Scotland the right to decide for ourselves whether we want constitutional change.

JackElphinstone. @ElphinstoneJack

Five Scot Tories voted with the UK Govt on the NI protocol bill which will breech international law.

Save it.

Pleased the strategy I’ve advocated for has now been adopted & the legality of a @scotparl #indyref2 bill will be tested in court with a fallback position. Important to note that the political mandate to hold #indyref2 is already won.

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