Martyn Day is MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk

What has Martyn Day been up to today?

Martyn Day is MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Thanks to the Specsavers team in Linlithgow for inviting me hear about the vital work they are doing in optometry and audiology to support our NHS and patients in Scotland, and how this vital work is helping to combat loneliness and isolation in the community.

Thanks to the @Specsavers team in Linlithgow for inviting me hear about the vital work they are doing in optometry & audiology to support our NHS & patients in Scotland, & how this vital work is helping to combat loneliness & isolation in the community.

Details of an additional in-person advice surgery being held in Bo'ness. Online and telephone appointments are also available. #SNP

Calling all independent & student filmmakers – the 2022 Film the House competition has now launched! #FilmTheHouseUK

You can’t keep Scotland in the Union by force. In the last four elections the SNP’s stood on a platform of holding a referendum and won each time. It’s entitled to implement its manifesto and one person in Downing Street can’t overrule an electorate.

Cross Question last night:

The Bottom Line aims to invigorate and elevate the debate on the economics of Scottish independence by setting out:
– how and why independence will deliver economic benefits
– the costs to Scotland associated with economic dependence on the UK
More at

Today we welcomed @MartynDaySNP to @PostcodeLottery HQ to meet the team and learn more about all of the charities our players support, especially in his Linlithgow & East Falkirk constituency!

it's recess from Parliament, here's my latest take on events in the political world and the independence campaign. #Yes #SNP #independence #whynotscotland

I met with Cancer Research UK to discuss their work in Scotland.

The charity has spent nearly £30 million in Scotland over 2020/21 carrying out life changing research, with cancer deaths having fallen by 10% in the last 10 years.

#CancerResearch @CRUKScotland @CRUK_Policy

Today is #WorldHepatitisDay. I am committed to #hepcelimination by 2024 and am pleased to join the @HepatitisCTrust, the NHS & partners in celebrating all that they have achieved together, but there is still more we can do to ensure we eliminate hepatitis C in Scotland.

The 31 July deadline to renew your tax credits is approaching 🗓

If you have not renewed yet, make sure you do to avoid payments being stopped.

You can manage your tax credits quickly and easily online 🧑‍💻

If there is a change in your circumstances, report these to HMRC.

I recently visited @ArcoSafety Safety Centre in Linlithgow. The visit gave me the chance to meet some of the staff, & to hear first-hand about the specialist work they are undertaking to help businesses across the region to keep employees safe in high-risk environments at work.

Looking for your career to take off? ✈️ Edinburgh Airport is hosting a recruitment day in partnership with the DWP on Wednesday (27 July). They will be joined by partners from across the airport campus including food and beverage partners, ground handling and retail.

Like Ireland, & as UK was pre-Brexit, an iScotland could be in both common travel area and EU ie win-win free movement.
Sad thing is that if Labour wins next general election, Dover will still look like this as Starmer has embraced hard Brexit.

George Foulkes @GeorgeFoulkes

The Scottish/ English border would be like this if Scexit was to be implemented

Scotland could have built a new school every day for 50 years with the profits made from our resources. Instead we have an annual PPI bill of around £1 Billion. #BetterTogether

New Zealand television is completely mystified by the amazing #Brexit trade deal Liz Truss keeps boasting about. They can’t understand why she would want to make British farmers poorer and theirs richer. Even the winning side can’t fathom it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Scotland needs direct “lifeline” ferry services to re-link us with Europe. Post #Brexit Britain has become the most useless, pathetic country. #Scotland can find ways to escape their madness. Don’t blame France. The solution is in your grasp. #independence

Democratic Deficit. Trapped in a voluntary Union while Unionist pretend theres no democratic route. Time to leave #Yes #independence #whynotscotland

If the #UK was still a member of the #EU these border queues wouldn’t be happening. No matter whether or not the French Border force is adequately staffed , that is the basic fact. This is yet another baleful consequence of #Brexit , to add to all the others. #YouYesYet

Good luck to all athletes taking part in this year’s Commonwealth Games, especially #TeamScotland. Let’s bring home a good haul of medals.

#Birmingham2022 #CommonwealthGames #CommonWealthGames2022

Powerful intervention by @MartynDaySNP on hunger striking Dr Abduljalil Alsingace in #Bahrain triggered a rare call by the leader of the House, backing the demands for his and other imprisoned opposition leaders’ release as well as the return of his confiscated research. #UK

Tory procurement of PPE led to billions of taxpayers' money being gifted to Tory donors, friends&contacts. When will the Tories refuse to engage in cronyism&corruption, which only serves to line the pockets of their pals?! Westminster is broken #SoarAlba #indyref2 #indyref2023

Vicky Ford MP, on #politicslive just now: “She (Liz Truss) is a complete democrat, totally believes in democracy and the freedom of people to make their own decisions.” Except for viewers in Scotland presumably.

Today, at Boris Johnson’s last #PMQs as Prime Minister, I asked if believes in democracy and will respect the people of Scotland’s right to self-determination?

Watch 👇

Interviewer: "Would you be spending a lot of your time in Scotland yourself?"

Rishi Sunak: "People can see I take that seriously... I set up the economic campus in Darlington."

🤷🏼 Darlington is over 85 miles from the Scottish border.

Previously redacted @ukhomeoffice documents show the day before Priti Patel signed the #Rwanda deal an internal memo warned "fraud risk is very high”. In terms of deterrence, the memo says lack of evidence places "the Policy as red [i.e. in terms of risk level]".

This will be the UK's fourth Prime Minister since 2016. Having stolen all of UKIP's policies, the Tory leadership are evidently now stealing their leadership style.

An expert on Radio Scotland has just revealed that Scotland doesn't just export electricity to England, but we pay more for our renewable electricity because England relies on gas-fired power stations. We're keeping their lights on *and* subsidising them.

The director general of MI5 has said “The most game-changing challenge we face comes from the Chinese Communist Party.” Yesterday, I asked the Minister how many Mandarin speakers the MOD has. Info I would expect the Minister to know when the director general has such a concern!

📽️: @BorisJohnson speech earlier summed up his time in office. Chaotic, an unhealthy relationship with the truth and complete lack of dignity. He didn't hang around to listen to my reply, he left the chamber - just as Scotland will soon leave this shambolic Westminster system.

☀️ The next couple of days are set to be exceptionally hot. Please take care and follow sensible advice - keep out of direct sun; stay well hydrated; and look out for others who may be suffering from the heat.

BBC Scotland News @BBCScotlandNews

BREAKING: Extreme Heat warning extended to east of Scotland

My latest take on events from the broken Westminster system, covering debates, votes and questions. Scotland has other options and the independence campaign steps forward with publication of "Renewing Democracy Through Independence" #Yes #SNP #independence #whynotscotland

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