Joanna Cherry QC is MP for Edinburgh South West

What has Joanna Cherry QC been up to today?

Joanna Cherry QC is MP for Edinburgh South West and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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I will be holding my advice surgery next Wednesday 10th August, 2-4pm, at The Welcoming, 20 Westfield Avenue, EH11 2TT. If you are a constituent living in Edinburgh South West & would like my assistance, please call 0131 600 0156 to make an appointment.

There's never a bad time to remind everyone of the key principles of public life ("the Nolan principles"). These include selflessness, honesty and integrity. We have a right to expect those representing us to understand, respect, promote and act in accordance with these.

I think the Scottish independence movement should be grateful to @trussliz. It looks like she’s going to be PM. On every future occasion Tories or unionists talk about a union of equals or respect for Scotland we have her foolish outburst to play on a loop.

This should be a real wake up call to those who seek to downplay the extent to which democracy in Scotland is ignored & derided by the Tories. It’s not just what Truss says but also the rapturous response of her audience which is so telling.

Adam Bienkov @AdamBienkov

Liz Truss says she would "just ignore" the democratically-elected leader of the second largest nation in the United Kingdom

This is crazy. Not just from perspective of those doing these jobs don’t deserve pay cuts but also the vacancy rate is really hurting public services - especially the NHS where it’s already one in ten and would get worse under this policy

Allie Hodgkins-Brown @AllieHBNews

Tuesday’s INDEPENDENT Digital: “Truss plans public sector pay cut outside south east” #TomorrowsPapersToday

Today the Irish flag flies at half-mast for the funeral of Lord David Trimble.
A Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his crucial role in the Good Friday Agreement, he courageously took political risks to advance peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

May he rest in peace.

Reminder that this online workshop on Tuesday 9th August is aimed at supporting small community groups and charities to apply for funding at Peoples Postcode Lottery

.@RishiSunak claims "We have a problem with human rights laws in this country which makes it difficult for us to achieve our objectives". The cross party @HumanRightsCtte disagree. Read our views here

My boys asked why I was crying and I told them that when I was little girls weren’t allowed to play football (outside than in the garden or park). There’s been such a fight to get here before they even entered the stadium glorious #Lionesses

Read the horrible history of the FA’s sexism - and how it banned the women’s game in 1921. And a great book on how women resisted and won.

Massive congratulations to the #Lionesses. You made cynical Scottish women rather emotional! Amazing performance.

You can always depend on the women to get the job done!

Watching #Eng v #Ger in France with a German friend & I’m supporting England. Not something I do very often but it’s such a joy to see women’s sport centre stage & the England team have been amazing. That was some goal!

This is a brave column since, as Sonia well knows, taking this view about basic biology can lead to instant allegations of transphobia.
Don’t buy the Stonewall line on gender identity? Fine. You can’t be sacked for that now | Sonia Sodha

A code of conduct designed to silence & marginalise those who believe biological sex is immutable or those with a same sex orientation would be discriminatory & unlawful. This can’t be what the proposers of the motion intend. Perhaps they could clarify that?

Happy Birthday ⁦@jk_rowling⁩. Thank you for your steadfast support for women & girls, lesbians, equality law & #FreeSpeech & for your personal support through some difficult times. We may disagree about Scottish #Independence but we do so as friends. 💪

🧵Excellent article by @soniasodha exploring the consequences of the #AllisonBailey decision for employers whose policies have been captured by inaccurate statements of #equality law & #freespeech made by @stonewalluk 1/2

This betrays a misunderstanding of the Equality Act. It might not be perfect but if interpreted correctly (it isn’t always) it protects sex-based rights and provides a framework to balance conflicting rights.

Oh for goodness sake! Could the Tory leadership race get any dumber? It’s not the Equality Act that’s the problem! 🤦‍♀️ It acknowledges the biological reality of sex as Scotland’s Supreme Court held recently thanx to ⁦@ForWomenScot⁩

This is brilliant from ⁦@VictoriaPeckham⁩ “…there is only so long you can shut down questions, silence debate. Someone with true courage, who cannot live with their conscience if they fail to act, will eventually risk all.”

What fresh hell is this? Idiotic indeed as Dominic Grieve says but also deeply embarrassing nonsense from someone with a legal training who really ought to know better. #RuleOfLaw

So many complex reasons are offered to explain the energy price rises crippling households…but there’s nothing complicated about plain old greed. #costofliving #energybills

I’m shocked by this & I would be very surprised if the @ChtyCommission found this an acceptable way for a registered charity to raise funds. As well as being offensive it could be read as an incitement to violence.

New yoga classes starting next week at the Dhammapadipa Temple.

On the day the Tavistock child gender clinic is ordered to close, here is my recent @thetimes magazine piece which explains why.

Important to appreciate that this decision which vindicates the concerns of many feminists, LGB activists & healthcare professionals is based on the advice of a Dr Hilary Cass, a very senior paediatrician, after careful consideration.

The employment tribunal victories of ⁦@MForstater⁩ & ⁦@BluskyeAllison⁩ have strengthened my resolve to stay in politics & to see off the bullies who’ve tried to silence me. I am so grateful to them & their supporters.

Quite ‘sinister’ how certain men are so keen to dismiss the important legal win by a black, lesbian, working class, feminist, about discrimination by her employer for holding beliefs about the reality of biological sex. I wonder why that is?

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