Douglas Chapman is MP for Dunfermline and West Fife

What has Douglas Chapman been up to today?

Douglas Chapman is MP for Dunfermline and West Fife and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Help! #ProjectFear is in overdrive. The ultra-Tory @Telegraph blurts out that we Scots would no longer be able to have our Fortum & Mason hampers delivered our Scottish townhouse or country estate if we vote #YES. We have had a family meeting & concluded that we would survive.

@DougChapmanSNP @amcarmichaelMP @believeinscot @EuropeFife @ScotGovEurope @LibDems @euromovescot from our perspective there is little doubt that the Scottish government have been consistent over the years in its internationalist and pro European approach. We probably wouldn't be campaigning to ask the EU to welcome Scotland back if that wasn't the case

Delighted to be back @ScotParl today for a meeting on climate change. It’s a #parliament where I feel really at home. In the coming months I’ll be making the case for this Parliament, our Parliament to have all the powers of an independent nation. #ScottishIndependence2023 ❤️

Great meeting @ScotParl with @ReNew_TheWorld @_KateForbes @re_blade @ScotGovNetZero @StMungosFalkirk @WoodmillHigh @TechnipFMC @alicherryanders @ACWhyteLtd @poons21 @EwanHunter @DougChapmanSNP - promoting the voices of young women post @COP26 & opening up career opportunities

"I'm not like Boris Johnson who is breaching international law with his actions on the NI Protocol."

@NicolaSturgeon says she has done the 'responsible thing' by asking the Supreme Court to rule on a second Scottish independence referendum.


This is #IPWeek2022.

All avoidable injuries come with a cost, whether physical, financial, psychological or emotional.

I would like to remind my constituents we all have a responsibility to take reasonable care so that other people do not suffer injury.

We are delighted to say that we will be meeting with @_KateForbes and her #JustTransitionPlanning team today at #Holyrood to move forward discussions on further enabling women & girls in careers in sustainability.
#RenewTheWorld #innovation #opportunity #renewal

Good to see the comments of panelists @AlexSalmond and @DougChapmanSNP at IndyX Fife make it into the @commonslibrary briefing on independence referendums

More IndyX events on the way 🥰

Delighted to hear the FM @NicolaSturgeon’s statement today about the path to an independent Scotland; Voices for Scotland look forward to playing our part alongside the rest of the Yes movement.

The #UNOceanConference2022 is taking place in Lisbon.

Professor Bill Austin is representing the Scottish Blue Carbon Forum at the conference as the forum works to build international partnerships. Find out more about the forum at

#UNOC22 #BlueCarbonScot

🗳 The mandate for #IndyRef2 is unquestionable. On October 19, 2023, Scots will have the chance to vote for a better future. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
#ScottishIndependence #YouYesYet

Good morning 👋. First day back from leave for some of us… #CommunityCops getting ready for a couple of galas in #SouthWestFife today👇. Parades will be taking place in #NorthQueensferry and #Kincardine about 12pm, so please plan ahead as traffic will be affected 👍.

Special thanks to @officialdafc and @officialdafcSLO for the @parsfoundation walk and talk tour of the stadium yesterday. Everyone had a great time, and learnt so much about the workings behind the scenes. This photo is the home dressing room.

“Levelling Up” is shiny nonsense and not the way to transform an economy. With the full powers of an independent nation, Scotland could do so much better than this pantomime guff.

People sometimes query what @theSNP MPs do. Tomorrow’s @ScotNational front page features important work by @DougChapmanSNP & myself on Scotland’s transport & constitutional links to Europe.

The National @ScotNational

Scotland ♥️ Europe

This UK Government shambles on from one crisis to another. If the PM stays, as Minister for the Union, he will lead the campaign in #Referendum2023. He will be the face of modern day Britain - #selfserving, #arrogant, #inhumane and #incompetent. The campaign is underway!

Nick Eardley @nickeardleybbc

BREAKING: Lord Geidt’s resignation letter

Direct ferry link between Scotland and Europe 'set to return in 2023'

This one’s chuffed with himself for complaining about a £20m referendum while UK Govts squander Scotland’s billions. Ignorant Scots are the biggest barrier to independence. #bbcdn

“It’s a long-term vision of a different way of working, than having a marketised society, which is what English voters seem to be quite happy to do. We’re not”

Journalist @LesleyRiddoch argues indyref2 could allow Scotland to harness its potential. #bbcdn

Interesting that a further drop in the value of £STG is put down to the prospect of Scottish Independence. Markets realising that a big chunk of NS gas, oil & renewables revenues would move North. High levels of UK public debt/services would need to be funded by lower UK tax take

Wow, @Keir_Starmer going on the abysmal growth projections for the UK supplied by the @OECD. Sounds like he’s taken the @ScotGov first paper on our path to independence to heart. #Scotland needs to be #independent to create a wealthier, fairer nation. #Referendum2023 #PMQs

In COP26 questions @JohnMcNallySNP @milliband_ed both mention @AlokSharma_RDG new job at the UN. This would be a good time for the stewardship, revenues & regulation of Scotland’s oil, gas and renewable resources to be transferred to the @scotgov in advance of #Independence

Congratulations to Carlton Bingo staff in #Dunfermline and other branches, as the company is now the country’s biggest employee-owned firm. 👇👇

Thanks to @SDPScotland for inviting me to open #MeetTheBuyer2022 this morning! 63% of our public contracts already go to Scottish SMEs, and it’s great to see so many suppliers interested in working with the public sector to deliver for Scotland.

🌍The substance of yesterday’s paper compared the UK with neighbouring countries, all of which are wealthier and fairer.

🤷🏻‍♂️None of the opposition representatives on #BBCgms could articulate why this was the case or why it was preferable to remain in the poorer & less equal UK.

An Independent Scotland - and why not?

Thanks to my parliamentary colleagues for signing my #earlydaymotion wishing Louis the peacock a speedy recovery, and praising those who look after these iconic birds in #Dunfermline 👇👇

Economic growth and university-industry collaborations could be boosted by the use of key language in proposals, a new study by @DavidJohnsonENT reveals.
Watch the video below for more information on this #NewResearch 👇

#SME #TeamUofG

Last week, we were pleased to welcome @DougChapmanSNP at #Cruachan Power Station, to learn more about the benefits of #pumpedstorage and our plans for expansion with the #Cruachan2 project. Thanks to the @indparltrust Fellowship Programme. ⚡️🔋🏔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

It’s time to give #SMEs & entrepreneurs centre stage in the #COVID19 recovery.

👥 In supporting SMEs in the digital & #greentransitions 🍃 , the @OECD launched the 🆕 "Recommendation on SME and Entrepreneurship Policy".

🟢 Check it out ➡️

Exclusive- Boris Johnson faces humiliation as his food strategy condemned by own lead adviser

Only independence can unite young Scots, writes ⁦@fifikinrocks⁩ in Comment

The UK central government properties covered by this report have a value of over £100 billion, with the wider public estate valued at over £500 billion. How much is Scotland's share on value of property alone?

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