Tim Farron is MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale

What has Tim Farron been up to today?

Tim Farron is MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale and a member of the Liberal Democrat party.

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Councils need far greater powers and funding to protect them from this cost of living crisis.

"Now in a time of crisis, we need action from the Government, not Ministers sitting on their hands watching Councils struggle.” @timfarron


The Church is not a political party and the Bible is clearly not a manifesto. But when ministers criticise Church leaders for being too political, they are fundamentally misunderstanding the nature of politics, says @timfarron - and the Christian faith


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This legend is eighty. EIGHTY, I tell you, and still flipping amazing. Anyone knocking him or his set list choices, I will literally fight you in the pub car park of your choosing.

Marathon training run done - 17 miles around the Kent Estuary. I’m running this year’s London Marathon to raise funds for ⁦⁦@GNairambulance⁩ Sponsorship details coming soon…!

Every day Boris Johnson clings to office he brings further shame, chaos and neglect.

His behaviour makes a mockery of leadership. The only decent course of action left is to resign.

Thanks to everyone who stopped to chat and raise issues with me at today’s outdoor surgery in Kendal. It was lovely to see so many people, and to bump into Kendal Community Theatre who did a wonderful outdoor drama on the impact of 1715 Jacobite uprising on Kendal and Appleby!

#Cumbria MP @timfarron has shared his reaction to yesterday's by-election results, saying the 30% swing in #Tiverton shows the Liberal Democrat party is a popular alternative to the Conservative party in rural areas.

Having in the past been the poor soul who has to be the face of the party after an electoral drubbing, my advice is to just take it on the chin. My favourite line after one particular annihilation was ‘look, I’m a Blackburn Rovers fan, and we *dream* of coming 6th..’

Feels like glorious poetic justice that the PM has to answer for his drubbing at the polls yesterday….from Rwanda.

A 30% swing and a 6,000 majority…earth-shattering! Congratulations @RichardFoordLD and @EdwardJDavey … and thankyou to the people of Tiverton and Honiton who have spoken for millions of us, especially those of us in rural communities, taken for granted by this government. 🔶🇬🇧

Kept going until 10pm, left absolutely nothing on the pitch… so proud of ⁦@RichardFoordLD⁩ and the whole campaign team - especially these legends.

Today is our chance to send a message to Boris Johnson.

Today is our chance to demand better for our communities.

Polls are open till 10pm - make sure your voice is heard 🔶

By my maths…. I reckon there’ll be a total of 20 Lancashire derbies in the Championship this coming season. Excited to find out shortly when they’ll all be…

Out canvassing in sunny Devon. Just had a lovely chat with Nick Sleeman, manager of the Honiton Conservative Club… who is voting Liberal Democrat tomorrow! Thanks Nick.

Good to ask Dr Parth Patel from the Institute for Public Policy Research about the health inequalities that rural communities face when it comes to accessing health services such as A&E.

The Levelling Up Bill needs to go much further in tackling this postcode lottery.

I note the government is spewing out more UKIP manifesto nonsense today in an intelligence-insultingly transparent attempt to distract attention from inflation going through the roof, causing increasing hardship. But, hey, down with those humans and their pesky ‘rights’!

On my way to Devon to help @RichardFoordLD (and thereby helping the rest of the country too!), doing constituency casework, listening to Lloyd Cole & The Commotions and keeping an eye on the cricket. I’ve had worse days.

Productive first day on the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill Committee where I raised issues about people in rural communities not being able to access affordable housing and key health services whether it's A&E, cancer services or an appointment with a GP or a NHS dentist.

Took the opportunity in Foreign Office questions just now to raise the fact that Putin is seeking to starve the world’s poorest people by his grain blockade, using this as a tool of war. Surely it’s time for us to reinstate UK international aid as we side with Putin’s victims.

In tremendously exciting news, I've managed to get myself on to the House of Commons committee that will go through every single line of the government's 'Levelling Up Bill'.

Today marks the first day of Refugee Week. This is an incredibly important topic which is close to my heart.

If you or I were fleeing from war and persecution, we'd want people to be kind and generous to us - and so we should be open hearted and open minded towards refugees.

High inflation and industrial strife in the 70s led to the fall and defeat of the government, largely because these hardships symbolised an administration that was impotent and incapable of improving its citizens’ lives. All talk and no action. Sounds familiar…

Sewage pollution is killing #windermere

The government must intervene to help save Englands largest lake.

If sewage is being discharged in a national park and AONB take a look at your local river.

Help me save Windermere by signing the petition ⬇️ RT


Some Tory MPs have said that the Church of England’s opposition to the Rwanda plan might put Conservatives off going to church… but they must remember (as should we all), that a genuinely Christian church will always disturb and offend, because God is perfect and we aren’t.

I note that not one of this week’s growing list of culture war distractions has made it one penny easier for any household in Britain to feed their kids, fill their cars, power their homes or pay the rent or mortgage.

Small observation from my morning in Kirkby Lonsdale: The town is gloriously festooned with Union flags…and the Lib Dems won here with almost 70% of the vote last month. On Twitter, folks assume being patriotic and progressive aren’t compatible. Not so in the real world.

I had a fantastic morning at Kirkby Lonsdale market talking to people about everything from housing to ‘integrity in public life’ (a euphemism for the obvious…). Thanks to everyone who stopped to chat!

Why are they laughing?! I put £20 of petrol in my car for the second time this week yesterday and it got me 10litres. I’m driving left, right and centre covering a by-election for a seat they want to hold onto and they have the audacity to laugh 🙃 I can barely afford to eat man https://twitter.com/PoliticsJOE_UK/status/1537042337356034050

PoliticsJOE @PoliticsJOE_UK

Tory MPs mock a question about rural poverty in England

@EdwardJDavey | #PMQs

A glorious morning here in Westmorland - I’m off to Kirkby Lonsdale market to chat and listen to people. Come along and say hello if you are about!

All those Tory MPs, sat there quietly tolerating this PM, are not only spinelessly debasing themselves and handing their seats away on a platter - they are also guilty of allowing standards in British public life to drop into the sewer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-61819747

In the good old days* - when people in high office accepted that rules applied to them and that if you cannot lead by example then you cannot lead at all - this would mean the PM’s instant resignation. How long can decent Conservative MPs tolerate this?
(* about 3 years ago)

Paul Brand @PaulBrandITV

🚨 BREAKING: Lord Geidt has resigned as the PM’s ethics advisor.

Number 10’s response to 75% of Tory backbenchers voting to oust the PM last week is clearly to go full-on culture war: shallow divide and rule ‘initiatives’ that don’t really affect most people’s daily lives. Meanwhile millions can’t afford the rent and are skipping meals.

Here’s a few reasons why the government’s Rwanda nonsense will help the evil traffickers and enhance their business model despite the guff some are saying. 🧵 1/

Putting the moral considerations to one side for a brief moment, let us marvel at the breathtakingly witless, incompetent shambles of the Rwanda nonsense. Patel and Johnson managing to make taking Saka off for Maguire look like an act of supreme competence by comparison.

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