Alistair Carmichael is MP for Orkney and Shetland

What has Alistair Carmichael been up to today?

Alistair Carmichael is MP for Orkney and Shetland and a member of the Liberal Democrat party.

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Good point from @amcarmichaelMP - raising issue of Brexit UK having left EU's EGNOS satellite system. Weather cancellations on some Scottish air routes doubled since the UK left, we are now the only G20 country without a precision satellite-based navigation system.

Bit rich of Nicola Sturgeon to talk about the SNP’s support for the EU when her party spent more on the Shetland by-election than the EU Referendum

It’s a pleasure to welcome in my newest colleague @RichardFoordLD to parliament today.

Together, we’re getting on with the job of standing up for rural Britain and holding the conservatives to account

Rural communities like ours are struggling with rising fuel costs, but the Government is failing to help.

That’s why I’m tabling a motion in Parliament - calling for a fuel duty cut in rural areas to offer help now.

I hope other rural and West Country MPs will back this motion.

🚨 APPG on Uyghurs Co-Chair @Nus_Ghani has tabled an amendment to the #NationalSecurityBill, seeking to prevent public contracts being given to companies such as @HikvisionHQ & @DahuaHQ. Both are complicit in the surveillance of Uyghurs.

More information:

“It’s simply not good enough that this Conservative Government is failing rural communities with their inaction on the cost of living crisis. They are taking them for granted and are too focused on keeping the Prime Minister in his job.” @RichardFoordLD

Join me 1pm @TimesRadio

- By-elections @PaulHowellMP
- Political Frenemies @IanMurrayMP 🤝 @amcarmichaelMP
- Roe v Wade @RobinGivhan
- 📖 ‘Just Got Real’ @JaneFallon
- Sports Panel ⛳️🎾 @Lawton_Times + @go2lisa


Liberal Democrats WIN Tiverton and Honiton.

Congratulations @RichardFoordLD.

Devon has spoken for the country: The public is sick of Boris Johnson’s lies and law-breaking and it’s time for Conservative MPs to finally do the right thing and sack him.

Polls are now open in Tiverton and Honiton and the result could come down to just a handful of votes.

Vote for @RichardFoordLD before 10pm tonight 🔶🗳🕙

I remember my mums telling me stories about Partition, where one of the reasons for the slaughter of millions was that one group was better than the other,

Nationalism is the politics of hate, distrust & bigotry - and we need to fight nationalism in every one of its forms.

Paul Singh @Paul1Singh

“We’re simply better than you, that’s why we want independence”

One of the warm surprises of today was having Alistair Carmichael join us. He was the first MP to raise @Alaa's case in a question in the parliament, and today he was with us supporting our call to #FreeAlaa
Immensely grateful 🙏

#SaveAlaa #FreeAlaa

WATCH @amcarmichaelMP on BBC Politics Scotland.

Many people are going to experience severe hardship from the cost of living crisis.

But both of our governments in London and Edinburgh would rather divide people than take action on the cost of living.

We are expecting a statement today on the government's new "Bill of Rights" legislation - which seems a good time to review my article from last week on government suggestions about leaving the ECHR and the harm this would cause. Thread: 1/

Well put by @KennyFarq. Wrote something similar in December: "That most Scottish people dislike Johnson’s aristo-populist form of politics is hardly surprising. The problem for the SNP is that most English, Welsh and Northern Irish people feel the same"

David Leask @LeaskyHT

SNP’s dirty secret: it needs Tories for victory

🚨JOIN US TODAY 3PM, #Bahrain Embassy London🚨

We will be gathering to mark the UN International Day in Support of Victims of torture & 11 years since the conviction of high-profile Bahraini opposition leaders.

📍Speakers: @amcarmichaelMP @AMushaima @katifallon_

Pls RT!

Ala'a Abd el-Fattah is now on day 81 of his hunger strike. He has been unjustly imprisoned by the Egyptian Govt for 8 years.

I asked the Foreign Secretary to meet with his family. They will be outside the FCDO today from 5pm-7pm. Liz Truss just needs to step outside to step up.

His comments sparked anger from British politicians across the spectrum.

@amcarmichaelMP told me the trip was “a massive propaganda boost for [the Chinese government] and an embarrassment for his own son’s UK government”

Happy to celebrate Shetland Flag Day today! A chance to recognise and celebrate the history, cultural exchanges and shared community which make our islands unique.

Glad to hear that the mystery of the missing oystercatcher has been resolved (albeit in a less dramatic way than we might have imagined!).

Great to unveil ⁦@SusanMurrayLibD⁩ as our candidate for ⁦East Dunbartonshire, @LibDems⁩ number 1 target Westminster seat in the whole of the U.K. We’re only 149 votes behind the SNP here and Susan is well respected locally. She’s going to smash it. 🔶 #newhope

"This is like a determined effort to waste as much taxpayers’ money as possible. Each day they trash the British tradition of treating people with respect.

"It’s time they did the decent thing and just gave up on this farce of a policy."

Susan Murray is our candidate to be East Dunbartonshire's next MP.

The SNP have been awful for Scotland. Meanwhile the Conservatives are reduced to making excuses for Boris Johnson's lies.

In East Dunbartonshire a vote for Susan will send a message that it is time for a change.

.@wendychambLD raises the disappearance of a story in the Times that the prime minister when Foreign Secretary attempted to hire Carrie Symonds.

On #WorldRefugeeDay, reflecting on the grim loss of life in the Channel last November. The deaths of dozens of refugees should have been cause for positive change in our asylum policy. Instead our government has combined cruelty with incompetence.

The @fisheriesappg has released a report collating responses from across the UK #fishing industry on the impacts of #Brexit on their livelihoods...

Find out more:

"People in Orkney continue to be landed with some of the highest energy bills in the UK.

This situation is not sustainable or acceptable. What we need now is for the UK Government to step in and apply the energy cap to heating oil."


It's my last week on Any Questions! Thoroughly looking forward to my final trip, the last leg of our islands tour. We are heading to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands. There are still free tickets available for Friday evening. @bbcshetland #bbcaq

I am Scottish& British and proud of it. When the SNP decry the UK they belittle who I am. #stillno #notoindyref #UK #SCOTLAND

“Pragmatic, serious efforts to support the fishing industry are required from ministers in order to ensure that coastal communities can continue to thrive into the future,” @amcarmichaelMP

I would suggest, however, that a liberal response to nationalism has to be utilitarian *and* existential. We have to believe that the liberal ideal is better than the nationalist identity both as a matter of practicality and as a matter of heartfelt principle. 7/

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