Sarah Jones is MP for Croydon Central

What has Sarah Jones been up to today?

Sarah Jones is MP for Croydon Central and a member of the Labour party.

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@LabourSJ was at the private viewing of the Unlocked Art exhibition at Croydon College on the 17th June admiring our students creative work. Sarah stated, "The exhibition was outstanding. It was truly an evening to remember". #Creativity #HigherEd

Too many people to thank for the amazing help throughout the campaign & as we start the 4-8 week wait for the results I’m proud to have fought as part of @CroydonLabour for the amazing people of South Croydon

To everyone who knocked a door & everyone who answered. I thank you.

£150 Council Tax rebate help session, Shirley, Jul 7 #Croydon ⁦@SWLLawCentres⁩ ⁦@CroydonCAB⁩ ⁦@LabourSJ⁩ ⁦@norwoodkitchen⁩ ⁦@CroydonFM⁩

Standards falling across government with a Prime Minister who never sticks to the rules.

Yesterday the Policing Minister made cheap political attacks and broke parliamentary convention, because he has nothing to say about rising crime and falling convictions.

Our founding member and chair of the @MSHFoundations, @LettsToni addressed the social stigma associated with mental health. She added;‘I am so proud of the work done on Wednesday where we feed sometimes up to 150 homeless and vulnerable groups’.

No victims law, no new guidance on strip search of children, no action on misconduct proceedings or vetting.

@ukhomeoffice must lead this change.

NEW: Labour's Sarah Jones describes a government statement on the Metropolitan Police as "incredibly weak" after the force was placed into what has been called a form of "special measures":

@MSHFoundations is excited to present next the current Labour MP for Croydon and Shadow Minister for Policing and Fire Service @LabourSJ.
She addressed the necessity to prioritise mental health issues across not just white but all demographics. #Mentalhealthmatters #helpinghands

One of the teams out tonight delivering the message in South Croydon.

South Croydon has changed dramatically over the last 20 years but the representation hasn’t changed with it.

Vote for me tomorrow and give all of South Croydon a voice.

Vote Labour 🌹🌹🌹

An honour to speak in praise of @ManjuShahul at the celebration of the five year anniversary of her foundation - hosted by @BaronessUddin. The need for more mental health provision has never been greater. So many eminent speakers, not least the extraordinary @ahmedhankir

All households in council tax bands A – D are eligible for a £150 council tax rebate this year.

If you pay by direct debit, you should receive this automatically.

If you have not yet received your rebate, come to this event with @SWLLawCentres

No victims law, no new guidance on strip search of children, no action on misconduct proceedings or vetting.

@ukhomeoffice must lead this change.

21,000 experienced police officers were lost through Conservative cuts, and now we’re seeing the consequences - a whole host of forces are under special measures on the Home Secretary’s watch.

A powerful speech from @LabourSJ about the Home Office's failure to fix policing & tackle crime.

The Governments record so far...

❌A broken promise to introduce a victims bill.

❌ No new guidance about strip-searches.

❌ No urgent action to improve police culture.

We are desperately in need of more food supplies to feed our community.

Please if you can help here are some examples of the things people need. If you can drop anything off to us please bring to Socco Cheta Mon - Sat between 10-3pm.

Thank you for always being there for us!

We had so much fun at @CroydonFoodFest, indulging in some amazing food and enjoying performances from local talent, and meeting with people to showcase how Croydon College can support their #career aspirations.
@JasonForCroydon also stopped by for a chat.

Great to speak at the @TargetOvarian reception today

When more people are aware of Ovarian Cancer symptoms, more lives are saved.

Make sure you're aware of:
💜 Persistent bloated tummy
💜 Always feeling full
💜 Tummy pain
💜 Needing to wee more

Great to join @YvetteCooperMP @LabourSJ and fellow Labour PCCs to discuss all things policing, crime and community safety.

Good to share all the positive work being done by Labour PCCs. Strong commitment to neighbourhood policing, crime prevention and protecting victims.

Just now Theresa May gave this devastating assessment of the NI Protocol Bill:

'I asked myself three questions:

•Is it legal?
•Will it achieve its aims?
•Does it maintain the standing of the UK in the eyes of the world?

The answer to all three questions is no'

Negotiate. Just as Labour did to get the Good Friday Agreement. We negotiate.

You do not break international law and alienate our partners and allies not just in Europe but around the world.

Under this Tory government, Britain’s growth has ground to a halt.

And they are too distracted by their own failings to deal with it.

Labour has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis and build a stronger, more secure economy.

I tell you what, there are few things nicer than having a coffee at La Spezia. Lovely to go there are canvassing for @MarketingproBen.

We are recruiting. Are you a talented teacher of history? Check out our vacancy here.

We welcome informal visits to school for prospective candidates. Please call to arrange.

Today, on #ArmedForcesDay we thank our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and for their service on the front line.

A Labour government would make sure our veterans get a better deal with fair access to the housing and the services they deserve.

Out in Support of Labour’s Ben Taylor ⁦@MarketingproBen⁩ - our indefatigable candidate for the Croydon South ward by-election on the 30th June. The public are looking for competent,reliable & decent people like Ben who want to serve the community. #Labourdoorstep

Good to be out on the doorstep today for @MarketingproBen - only a few days left until the election! Pretty clear that the Prime Ministers lies are not going down well.

London stands with the women of America, whose most basic rights and freedoms are threatened by this ruling.

A dark day for a great country. #RoeVsWade

🌹Wakefield is Labour’s first by-election gain from the Tories since 2012

🌹This swing of 12.7% would see Labour win an overall majority at a General Election

🌹Our best result in Wakefield since 2001 — and best ever on these boundaries

🌹Labour is now a government in waiting

We have new bishop of Croydon! Giving thanks for @RosemarieMallet, and the blessing she will be. Good to see @JasonForCroydon @LabourSJ @HamidaAli76 @Cllr_Alisa in the cathedral today, alongside so many from our churches, as this new chapter begins.

Southwark Diocese @SouthwarkCofE

The congregation welcome the Bishop of Croydon @RosemarieMallet

Huge congratulations to @SimonLightwood - Labour’s new MP for Wakefield!

A historic victory — this city deserved a fresh start, and you delivered it.

Wakefield is the birthplace of the next Labour government.

Interesting choice by @DominicRaab to talk about crime as a Tory record of delivery when crime is up so much and prosecutions are down.

So proud of Wakefield’s new MP, the fantastic @simonlightwood.

This was @UKLabour’s biggest victory here since we were last in government.

This decisive result shows Labour is winning the trust of the British people, and firmly on the path to power.

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