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Darren Jones is MP for Bristol North West and a member of the Labour party.

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The first priority recommendation from @theCCCuk to @beisgovuk on Net Zero is - quite seriously - “explain how you will deliver net zero”. Which means the Government hasn’t, of course. What literally is the point of being in Government?!

(1/2) Our Chair @DarrenPJones comments on the Climate Change Committee’s report on the Government’s progress towards net zero emissions by 2050.

Read Darren’s full statement here: https://committees.parliament.uk/committee/365/business-energy-and-industrial-strategy-committee/news/171780/beis-committee-chair-jones-ccc-report-is-a-call-to-action-to-avert-catastrophe/

Conservative Ministers are uncomfortable with the facts. After 12 years of economic mismanagement they’ve created a high tax, high debt, low growth Backlog Britain.

Looking forward to hearing from @UNESCO’s @gabramosp on AI ethics this week at @InstituteofAI 👇 https://twitter.com/instituteofai/status/1541356860300836865

SHARE: Applications are now open for my two annual paid internships - one based in Bristol and one in Westminster. Here are the details 👇

Great to have Bristol hosting the @Comm1nrg national conference again. Given the vast scale of net zero work ahead of us - from renewable electricity generation to energy efficiency work - Government should be supporting community and cooperative energy companies more.

Thank you to those who attended the Data Poverty APPG roundtable on The Role of Government in Closing the Data Poverty Gap. This was an excellent discussion focused on the need to develop collaboration between govt, industry and civil society to promote improved access to #data.

NEW: Today, Labour launches a new start-up review to help make Britain the best place to start and grow a business.

As a pro-worker, pro-business party, we will match the ambition of our entrepreneurs - and get our economy firing on all cylinders.

It’s good the Government has finally realised we need to insulate our homes, but taking the money from the heat pump voucher and public sector decarbonisation schemes is shortsighted. Just do it properly!


Last chance to fill in our short survey!

We want to know about flight disruption you recently experienced and what was done about it.

Your answers will inform questions MPs put to airline and airport bosses at our evidence session on Tuesday.

Lovely day talking to residents in Henbury followed by discussions on economic growth, business and politics at @Radix_UK #BigTentBristol22

After 12 years of Tory economic failure we’ve been landed with a low growth, high tax, high debt, high inflation economy. Boris Johnson seems to have missed this fact in his speech. I wonder why? A thread of 12 years of Tory economic failure 👇

Darren Jones MP @darrenpjones

12 years of Tory economic failure.

Labour would put our children and their futures first.

Our plan would deliver:
⛹🏽‍♀️breakfast & afterschool clubs
🎓small group tutoring
🫱🏼‍🫲🏽mental health support for all
🏫ongoing training for teachers
🚸targeted support for children who need it most


Education is about opportunity.

The opportunities we give all our children
to explore and develop,
to achieve and thrive,
to have happy and healthy childhoods.

Here's how Labour's Children's Recovery Plan would deliver opportunities for all our children 👇🏼

Wonderful to speak with my brilliant team to @TheHouseMag about how we work - and how we are the team that will get Britain's economy firing on all cylinders.

The Conservatives promised a ‘climate compatibility check point’ to check Government policies are in line with their climate change promises. Today, Ministers couldn’t confirm if this will apply to tax cuts for drilling oil and gas. 🤷‍♂️

Maybe Donald Trump, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson can get together for golf and reminisce about the failures of divisive right wing populism.

Alive welcomed @darrenpjones and @KerryMP to our allotment yesterday. We spoke about the work we do charity-wide, how #Bristol can become a more #dementiafriendly city and introduced them to some allotment regulars.
Find out how to support our work here: https://aliveactivities.org

Last week, we visited the @metoffice in Exeter as part of our @JointCtteNSS inquiry on climate risk and critical national infrastructure. We saw a brilliant amount of data and analysis but is it being used by Ministers, regulators and infrastructure owners effectively?

This is clearly a worst case scenario but it’s exactly why we’ve launched our power sector inquiry on @CommonsBEIS. Government has to do more than just announce a new energy policy every couple of months - who will pay, build and run our energy system?


THREAD: I’m not in the @HouseofCommons today because of a @JointCtteNSS visit but we on @CommonsBEIS look forward to seeing the detail of the Chancellors announcement on help for energy bill payers, not least given we asked him to bring forward this announcement urgently. 👇

Darren Jones MP @darrenpjones

I’ve written to the Chancellor urging him to bring forward his announcements on how he intends to support energy bill payers as soon as possible. There is no reason for delay.

For all the bluster, the Conservatives still don’t have any answers for tackling the cost of living crisis. Their best answer? “Wait and see”. The Chancellor must announce further help urgently.

The Prime Minister admits he should take responsibility for law breaking in Downing Street, but instead tells us he’s sacked a load of his staff and that we should now move on. No shame.

It looks like the Government plans to extend the Warm Homes Discount. Last time they announced this it went from £140 to £150 a year and was made available to 3m homes instead of 2m. By October we will have 12m homes in fuel poverty with a £1.5k+ increase in energy bills.

Inflation would not be as high “if the chancellor had acted sooner”, Labour MP Darren Jones tells @cathynewman.


I’ve written to the Chancellor urging him to bring forward his announcements on how he intends to support energy bill payers as soon as possible. There is no reason for delay.

The Conservatives are economically incompetent. Energy bills up to £2,800 a year by October. Inflation raging. Ministers say they want to help bill payers but they’re split on a windfall tax and don’t know how to pay for it. The answer? Wait for economic growth…

Energy regulator bosses have just told my Committee that they expect energy bills to go up a further £830 to £2,800 a year this October. It could be higher. ⁦@ofgem⁩ is writing to the Chancellor today - the Government must act now to help customers. https://news.sky.com/story/cost-of-living-energy-price-cap-expected-to-rise-by-830-to-2-800-in-october-says-ofgem-chief-12620359

#BREAKING: The Labor party has defeated Scott Morrison's Coalition government and Anthony Albanese will become the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

Full story: https://newscomau.org/AlboWins

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