Nadia Whittome is MP for Nottingham East

What has Nadia Whittome been up to today?

Nadia Whittome is MP for Nottingham East and a member of the Labour party.

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If you do one thing this week, watch Sherwood by Notts’ own @mrJamesGraham.

It exposes the ongoing injustice of spycops and long-term damage inflicted on communities when governments try to divide us for their own short-term gain.

Best TV I’ve ever seen.

"Zara believed that a woman should be able to walk home."

The words of Zara Aleena's family, who was murdered walking home.

In the streets, in our homes, at 2am, in broad daylight, around strangers, our partners, our families or the police, safety is our minimum right.

We cannot congratulate ourselves on our comparative international record on LGBTQ+ rights when our own asylum system is complicit in the trauma LGBTQ+ people flee to be here

This #PrideMonth we must fight the Tories immoral treatment of refugees @PinkNews

Opinium polling for @GMB showed how support for the rail strikes increased over the course of the week.

The latest poll shows:
Support 45%
Oppose 37%
Don't know 18%

When asked about working people being pushed into poverty by this government, Dominic Raab responds by moaning about the rail strikes.

The truth is, @RMTunion is doing more to help working people put food on the table than the Tories ever have.


This is what I was talking about when I said that we must also be vigilant here in the UK in the wake of Roe v Wade.

The right is waging war on women.

We cannot allow anti-choice politicians to strip us of our hard-won reproductive rights.

The Stonewall riots' anniversary reminds us that Pride was a protest, not:

▪️ the Home Office flying Pride flags yet rejecting LGBTQ refugees

▪️ companies selling rainbow merch yet underpaying LGBTQ workers

▪️ politicians saying "love is love" yet voting to harm LGBTQ people.

Today marks the 53rd anniversary of the #StonewallRiots - a crucial turning point for the LGBTQ+ rights movement that has inspired decades more progress.

It's also the moment from which we're proud to take our name 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Wages can rise without causing further inflation - you can just cut company profits instead.

And don't just take my word for it.
The deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund has even said it.

📢 Calling Labour members who care about migrants' rights 📢

Join me at @labfreemvmt's conference on 16th July!

We'll be discussing how to resist the latest round of attacks and build a socialist immigration policy.

Tickets here:

“I don’t think I’m alone in worrying that Labour is not being vocal or ambitious enough with its policy offering”

@NadiaWhittomeMP on the importance of the PEF conference and need for an alternative to the orthodox economic consensus

Via the PEF blog ✍️

Barristers didn't cause a backlog of 58,000 crown court cases. They have continued to work while being paid less than minimum wage.

Today they are standing up for themselves and in defence of the legal aid system which so many rely on for justice.

Full solidarity to the strike.

We have mapped over 5⃣0⃣0⃣ strikes in >2 years.

⛱️The summer of discontent has meant our map is struggling with the amount of action and visitors.

🆘We need your help to save strike map🆘

Donate now to save our map here>>

#strikemapuk #savestrikemap

Storming speech Nadia!
“Grant Shapps is lying Boris Johnson is lying The Tories are lying
They’re telling lies on behalf of a tiny elite of super rich liars who want us2believe that we’re better off begging on our knees than if we bargain on our feet..”
.@RMTunion #RMTstrikes

rachel #AllRefugeesWelcome (all views mine) @lovebillybragg

An MP with integrity, compassion & love for us the ordinary people
Fabulous speech in support of the .@RMTunion strikers #RMTStrikes here in #Nottingham #solidarity

1. Many rail workers are low paid + have to use food banks (shameful in the world’s 6th richest country).

2. Since I became an MP, I’ve taken home £35k + donated the rest of my salary to local causes, including £11k to orgs running food banks. Here’s why:

@MilitaryHistoryChap 🇺🇦 🇮🇱 🇬🇧 @labourloyalist

@NadiaWhittomeMP @RMTunion Bloody Hell, these are not poor people. If you're going to give up your salary, why not give it to people who have to go to food banks

When I was elected I pledged to share my MP's salary with my community.

So in solidarity with @RMTunion members in the East Mids, I've donated £2,000 to their strike fund.

These rail workers are leading the way for all workers. They're the ones who need a pay rise, not MPs.

It was a privilege to speak with Roma students at @djanoglyacademy to mark Roma History Month.

Roma people still face persecution, institutional racism, and scapegoating by politicians and in the media.

Solidarity to Roma communities in Nottingham East, this month and always 🌹

Solidarity with those whose lives are endangered by the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

This was driven by a long campaign of right-wing misogyny.

We must now be vigilant in the UK too - anti-choice fundamentalists will work across borders to rollback rights.

Thank you @NadiaWhittomeMP for tabling this Early Day Motion in @UKParliament to recognise #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek!

Cervical screening saves lives, but isn't easy for everyone. We're always here with info, support and tips 💖

Wakefield has a Labour MP once again! Congratulations @simonlightwood 🌹

People are fed up with a Tory party that has no integrity left and is failing to tackle the cost of living crisis.

The message from these by-elections is that this government has to go.

The Labour Party @UKLabour

Congratulations to @simonlightwood!

The new Labour MP for Wakefield. 🌹

🚨Saturday the 25th @ 12 Midday 🚨

🚂@RMTunion Strike Rally🚂

📣Speakers include;
and importantly, RMT Strikers!

"We issue this call to Keir Starmer and his team: don’t go down the same old dead-end path."

@labfreemvmt's @AnaOpp and @IrateBen write following reports that the Labour leader is preparing to rule out bringing back freedom of movement:

Out in Wakefield today getting out the vote for @simonlightwood 🌹

You have 1 HOUR 30 MINS to vote Labour!

Remember, you don’t need your polling card and you can find your polling station here:

Great to visit @MojatuF’s Art and Music Extravaganza as part of Nottingham Refugee Week.

This week celebrates the hopes, cultures and contributions of refugees in our city.

It also renews our resistance - to the government's attacks on asylum, and to hatred and division.

Proud to join the @RMTunion picket line in Nottingham this morning, with so many supporters from our community.

Our railways are nothing without the workers who run them. People are fed up of private companies hiking fares and depressing wages.

We stand with the @RMTunion! @NadiaWhittomeMP, Labour Cllrs and friends across the trade union movement support our rail workers in #Nottingham #RMTstrikes #SolidarityRMT #RMT

❌ Leaving millions to suffer in their cost of living crisis
❌ Attacking rail workers' livelihoods
❌ Authoritarian power grabs & inhumane deportations

The Tories are pedalling an agenda of hatred & division. Today voters in Wakefield can reject it 🌹


Abusers use institutions to perpetuate their abuse, whether the courts or even political parties.

The Labour Party must not be complicit.

As @womensaid urged, Apsana must be protected from further harm, and the process must be immediately suspended and allegations investigated.

Apsana Begum MP @ApsanaBegumMP

A statement:

This is a call to action to everyone campaigning for action on the climate crisis and a just transition:

Join a @RMTunion picket line tomorrow if you can. This is our fight and your solidarity is needed. #RailStrikes

Wages are falling at the fastest rate in 20 years.

The Tories are telling low paid workers to accept pay cuts, while trying to change the law so their banker mates can take even bigger bonuses.

This will always be a government for the super-rich, not working class people. #PMQs

Four years since the Windrush scandal, the Home Office is still failing its victims.

75% of applicants to the Windrush Compensation Scheme haven’t received payments. People have died without seeing justice.

The government must right this wrong now.


The @AfricaAPPG is in #Rwanda for @CHOGM2022 so we paid a visit to Hope Hostel where refugees seeking asylum in the UK and deemed illegal by the UK Govt may be transported. 🧵

The government is whipping up a culture war by excluding trans people from the conversion therapy ban.

From migrants, to people of colour, to gay men under Thatcher, we've seen these cynical tactics used to demonise people before.

It is our duty to stand with trans people now.

"People are scared of losing what little they have, and persuading them to punch down is helpful if your aim is for nothing to really change." - @NadiaWhittomeMP

This morning I joined the @RMTunion picket line at Victoria.

Workers told me that many are paid £21K or less, some are on Universal Credit and some have to work 18 Sundays a year for free.

All workers deserve decent pay and conditions. Support the strikes.

Solidarity with @ApsanaBegumMP. All parties need to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse are not exposed to further harrassment in their roles, and understand the impact that ongoing abuse can have. Violence against women must always be taken seriously.

Boris Johnson is a Thatcher tribute act: scapegoating unions as "threatening" economic growth.

Don't fall for it. It's this government's cost of living crisis that's creating a recession, not striking workers.

We need industrial action to raise wages + protect living standards.

For those in Nottingham, @RMTunion picket lines will be at Nottingham Railway Station from 06:30 - 18:30.

I will be attending in the mornings & evenings alongside others from @EastMidsYL & @ng_labour!

Solidarity with RMT members! ✊🏼

Congratulations to the @PactoCol coalition in the Colombian elections.

The people of Colombia made history today, electing a socialist President + Vice-President for the first time ever, as well as the first Black Vice-President.

Felicidades @petrogustavo + @FranciaMarquezM ✊🏽

🖋 Our petition calling on @BorisJohnson to bring back free covid testing now has over 400,000 signatures.

We will be handing the petition into Downing Street later today alongside MPs.

📝 Please add your name if you haven't already

Today’s @The_TUC demo was the beginning of a mass movement around the cost of living crisis.

We need public ownership of energy, a £15 minimum wage + to scrap all anti-union laws.

When the @RMTunion strike this week, they're fighting for us all. Get to your local picket line ✊🏽

It’s fantastic that @unisontheunion has voted in favour of Proportional Representation at its #undc22 Conference. ✊

It adds its voice to growing calls for electoral reform from right across the labour movement. 🌹

@Politics4Many #Labour4PR

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