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Mick Whitley is MP for Birkenhead and a member of the Labour party.

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Families across the country are facing a catastrophic rise in energy bills but the Tories are missing in action.

The government urgently needs to provide more support to help people cope this winter.


Great visit to the Birkenhead Job Centre this afternoon to learn about how their team are helping people get into employment

As BP report their biggest quarterly profits of £6.9bn in 14 years household energy bills are set to soar above £3600 in October. This is obscene and I repeat my call to - tax profits, control prices, and bring the energy sector back into public ownership. End fuel poverty now.

I welcome @MetroMayorSteve finding funding to keep the 30-minute frequency on the 492 and 495 services in my constituency however @arrivanorthwest still fall well short of what's acceptable I will be seeking a meeting to call for all bus cuts in Birkenhead to be stopped

Business is booming for @bp_uk whilst the planet burns and the rest of us suffer 📈 🤑

This can't go on. The only solution is public ownership of energy. It's that simple ⚡🌍

BP record profit - people can’t afford to fuel cars.

Energy record profits - people won’t be able to heat homes this winter

Royal Mail record profit - stamp price up

BT record profit - broadband up 23%

This isn’t a cost of living crisis. It’s a cost of voting Tory crisis.

I'm proud to stand with @CWUnews members on the first of their two days of national strike action.

Last year, BT made £1.3 billion in profits - even as some of its workforce were forced to use foodbanks to survive.

I will always stand with workers fighting for a fair wage.

.@MartinSLewis is right. We have a Zombie Government that is unable to make decisions when people urgently need certainty and financial support.

The Government needs to act now. This can’t wait till the election of a new Prime Minister.


Twelve million households could soon be plunged into fuel poverty. Meanwhile, energy companies and fossil fuel giants are recording bumper profits.

Enough is enough.

We need price controls, fair pay rises, and to bring energy back into public ownership.


I've joined mayors from across the North in calling on the Conservative leadership candidates to help deliver the railways we deserve.

The government's current plans foist a cheap and nasty solution on our region - but it's not too late to work with us to put it right.

I'm disappointed that @SamTarry has been removed from the frontbench.

As Shadow Minister, he championed the rights of transport workers and spoke with passion about the necessity of bringing rail back into public hands.

He was absolutely right to stand with strikers today.

This morning, I joined local @RMTunion members on their picket line outside Liverpool Lime Street.

Now, it's time for @grantshapps to get on with the job that taxpayers pay him to do, return to the negotiating table, and work to find a negotiated settlement.


If @grantshapps had his way we would all still be in the workhouse.
His intervention is just the latest in a growing list of political attacks on trade unions and the most fundamental rights held by working people. 1/6

"The Labour Party is a Socialist Party, and proud of it."

"There are basic industries ripe and over-ripe for public ownership and management in the direct service of the nation."

- Labour's Let Us Face the Future manifesto which won a landslide election on this day in 1945

I was proud to join @arrivanorthwest bus drivers on their picket lines this morning and to show my solidarity with @Unite_NorthWest and @gmbnwi.

It's in Arriva's power to end this dispute. They must return to the negotiating table with a pay offer that the drivers deserve.

Oh, I think we all know you can @RishiSunak: with the energy cap likely to rise to £3k this autumn, with inflation at 9.4% and no plans to address the cost of living crisis, how are you not going to make it worse? https://twitter.com/UKLabour/status/1551537757222105088

The Labour Party @UKLabour

.@RishiSunak's words, not ours.

Vote #Liverpool - Show the world what we’ve got! ⁦@Alison_McGovern⁩ ⁦@angelaeagle⁩ ⁦@MickWhitleyMP⁩ ⁦@MGreenwoodWW⁩ https://eurovisionworld.com/esc/eurovision-2023-if-in-the-united-kingdom-then-in-which-city

Sending legal letters to those asking questions about his financial affairs is not only a bad look, it suggests the Chancellor has something to hide.

Nadhim Zahawi could settle this now by coming clean with the British people. Why is he dodging scrutiny?

Summer can be an incredibly difficult time for families who are struggling to get by.

But from the first of August, the St James Centre is running a summer camp offering plenty of fun and activities and with kids eating for free all summer long.

No need to book. Just swing by!

BROUGHTON | It was 'super' to see our local political, community and union representatives coming together today to help bring production of the incredible #H175M as the natural replacement to the MoD's Super Puma fleet to North Wales 🚁

Today, we welcomed the H175M helicopter to Airbus Broughton.

Choosing the H175M as the UK's New Medium Helicopter would guarantee new work for the site - which employs many of my constituents - and new training opportunities for local young people.

It's an easy decision.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak think they're entitled to become this country's next leader without saying anything at all about how they'd tackle this out of control cost of living crisis.

@GordonBrown is right: we badly need an emergency budget.


'Hope value' is a big barrier to building the quality social homes we desperately need.

Watch our video on how this old, bizarre rule keeps the price of land high 👇

.@MickWhitleyMP said he was moved to speak in the debate as a result to the letters he received from students at @WirralMet, and said that "guaranteeing young people access to a wide range of educational opportunities is essential if they are to realise their full potential."

Last week, I had the very great privilege of welcoming four @MerseyPolice officers to Parliament, ahead of the National Police Bravery Awards for which they had been nominated for responding to an armed home invasion in Birkenhead.

Thank you very much for your service.

The Forde Report makes for incredibly distressing reading for all of us who fought to elect a transformative Labour government in 2017, and as a grim reminder of how much further we have to go in ridding our party of racism and misogyny.

Its findings must not be ignored.

This weekend the Govt will oversee some of the most severe bus cuts in decades, pulling the plug on funding from local authorities across the country.

Let's be clear, this will hurt communities and stop the levelling up agenda in its tracks.

The Government must explain itself.

“The case for a #HillsboroughLaw has never been stronger," said Mr Byrne. "We want to make sure that when the next tragedy strikes, the families don't have to go through the same treatment”



A cruel decade of Tory austerity has led to spending on early intervention for children falling by almost a half nationally and by as much as eighty percent in some local authorities.

This government has failed a generation of vulnerable young people.

We must do better.

Tory leadership rivals are running away from the UK's net zero pledge despite record breaking UK temperatures.

Labour would increase renewable and nuclear energy production and insulate 19 million homes.

The Government's plans to defund BTECs and replace them with untried and untested T-Levels risks doing enormous harm to the life chances of young working-class people in Birkenhead.

We must #ProtectStudentChoice.

Here's an extract of my contribution to Monday's debate:

Yesterday, I chaired @LiverpoolAPPG's session on energy resilience in our City Region, discussing vital questions for the years ahead - including how to tackle fuel poverty and lead the way to #netzero.

Thanks to @MetroMayorSteve, @suekjarvis, and everyone else who joined us.

Someone needs to remind @grantshapps that wages are not the cause of inflation
Escalating energy prices, profits and CEO bonuses are the cause of inflation
Nurses & care-workers will see straight through your divide & conquer strategy!
Our fight is their fight
#SupportRailWorkers https://twitter.com/LBC/status/1549288367170457600


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tells LBC he supports capping public sector pay rises at a low rate to stop inflation.


Royal Mail has made a record-breaking £758m in profit off the backs of their workers. Now, they're refusing to give our hardworking posties a proper pay rise.

@CWUnews have my total support in their fight for a fair wage.

I look forward to seeing you on the picket line.

Boris Johnson is spending his last ever #PMQs desperately attempting to defend his time in office.

But even his would-be successors recognise that his and the Conservatives' record is one of economic mismanagement and soaring inequality.

It's time for a general election.

All your bills going up and up and up.

Taxes rising to the highest level in 70 years.

The worst economic crisis for a generation.

Not our words.

The words of those running to be the next Tory leader.

See what else they think of 12 years of Tory failure:

While Britain boils, the Tories are distracted and their leadership candidates engage in fantasy climate denial that will lead to higher energy bills, damage our security, and leaves the burden of extreme weather events to future generations.


There's a desperate need for new affordable homes in our borough, but those can't come at the expense of our natural environment and local wildlife.

Please make sure to submit your objections to these proposals.

We must protect our precious greenbelt.


#MondayMotivation Mick Whitley MP fights for #CommunityEnergy in a Parliamentary debate on July 5th. Thank you to everyone who wrote to their MP about the debate and encouraged them to speak up in support of #CleanEnergy!

#CostofLiving #ClimateChange


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