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What has Mick Whitley been up to today?

Mick Whitley is MP for Birkenhead and a member of the Labour party.

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One of the firms bidding for the contract for the new £1.5 billion Fleet Solid Support Ships is alleged to have failed to pay 100 of its workers.

We must ensure that these ships are built in British shipyards, supporting well-paid and unionised jobs.


"Targets don't mean anything unless we have a delivery programme", says Lord Deben at a joint reception with the #NetZero APPG and the @theCCCuk @alexsobel @Ed_Miliband Theresa May

Today's @theCCCuk report is a damning assessment of govt failure to act on the climate crisis.

❌"Major failures in delivery programmes"
❌”Shocking gap” on home insulation
❌”Current strategy will not deliver net zero”

This government is failing current and future generations.

Tory Ministers & MPs trying to silence women for pointing out their appalling record on convicting rapists, is as low as it gets.

The only people who should apologise for the failure to prosecute criminals and failure to give victims justice is this Government. #VAWG

I'm deeply concerned to hear of @arrivanorthwest's plans to reduce essential bus services to some of the most left-behind communities in Birkenhead.

Let Arriva know that Birkenhead deserves better using the consultation below:


Labour's @stellacreasy will table an amendment to the British bill of rights to include right to abortion

"What the US teaches us is that we cannot be complacent about entrenching those rights in law.”

Instead of trying to resolve the rail dispute the Tories are using it as another excuse to attack trade unions my piece for @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/breaking-strikes-using-agency-workers-is-recklessly-gambling-with-public-safety/

Under the Tories, your bills and taxes have risen to historic highs.

Labour has a plan to take on the Tory cost of living crisis and build a stronger economy.

📺"The Shared Prosperity Fund allocated the Liverpool City Region £10mn per year less than previously received from the EU"

@MickWhitleyMP, MP for Birkenhead, in this afternoon's #LevellingUp questions @LpoolCityRegion 👇

For years, Ministers promised to ensure that post-Brexit funding matched EU subsidies.

But Merseyside is set to lose over ten million pounds a year under the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Another broken Tory promise.

Anyone claiming wages are driving up inflation is lying to you.

It's booming company profits that's driving up prices.

Tax profits - and give workers the pay rise they deserve.

Years of cuts to legal aid have seriously undermined access to justice.

Solidarity with the barristers who are standing up today to say enough is enough.

This isn't just about pay. It's about defending the integrity of our justice system.


Congratulations to @simonlightwood on his resounding and historic victory in Wakefield.

I'm looking forward to him joining us on the green benches later this afternoon.

Under this Tory government, Britain’s growth has ground to a halt.

And they are too distracted by their own failings to deal with it.

Labour has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis and build a stronger, more secure economy.

So good to be with many friends at @great_together today - our @emilyspurrell speaking here. All the diverse Birkenhead community here saying we have #moreincommon

@MickWhitleyMP @J___Williamson @WirralDeen @SuePercy7

It was lovely to join so many of my constituents (and Rover the Dog!) for Birkenhead's Great Get Together today, honouring Jo Cox and her enduring message that we will always have #moreincommon.

Thanks as always to the Wirral Deen Centre for their continued generosity.

Today, people from all across Merseyside gathered at Liverpool Lime Street to send Grant Shapps and the rail operators an emphatic message: we stand in solidarity with the @RMTunion.

There is power in a union!

Incredible turn out at the @RMTunion picket at Lime St today. Proud to speak in solidarity with the fantastic strikers. Spirits are sky high with massive support from the public!

Victory to the RMT ✊

We are outside Birkenhead Library until 3pm at the @great_together Birkenhead!

Join us for cupcakes, soft drinks and to find out more about our group. 🎉

From its attacks on voting rights, to the Human Rights Act, to an independent judiciary and Electoral Commission, time and time again, this government takes inspiration from conservative extremists in the USA.

We must be prepared to fight for our most fundamental rights.

Earlier today, @grantshapps bragged about introducing new legislation to bring in agency workers to break strikes.
It seems pertinent, therefore, to share his words about our members during COVID when, far from being militant trade unionists, he described them as "true heroes".

My June newsletter is out now.

Read all about what I've been up to this month in Birkenhead and Westminster:


In exactly 1 week, the #KnifeAngel will be making its way to @BirkenheadPark1 where it will stand tall as a stark reminder of the tragedies of knife crime. Visit it from 1 - 31 July by the Grand Entrance.

Although hardly unexpected, I'm still devastated to learn of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

No woman should ever be denied the right to decide what happens to her body.

This is a dark day in the global fight for reproductive rights.

It looks like @nadhimzahawi needs a history lesson.

Twelve years of real-terms pay cuts, school budgets slashed to the bone, Covid left to run wild in our classrooms.

Fighting for fair pay isn't unforgivable.

This government's record on education is.


This morning, I joined @MikeKaneMP in Liverpool for the launch of @Mersey_Maritime's State of the Maritime Region report.

I'm delighted hear that our region's maritime sector continues to boom - and that it's now worth £5 billion annually.

Today, voters in Wakefield have the opportunity to send Boris Johnson a message he can't ignore.

Britain deserves better.

Vote @simonlightwood and deliver a fresh start for Wakefield.

Great to see members of our Branch joining @MickWhitleyMP, @IanByrneMP & others showing #Solidarity with @RMTunion strikers in #Liverpool today.✊🏾
Their fight is our fight. The Tories will not divide us.
@The_TUC @TUCNorthWest

Great to see Merseyside’s @UKLabour MPs supporting @RMTunion strikers this morning at Liverpool Lime Street Station - @IanByrneMP @MickWhitleyMP Solidarity to all @RMTunion members.

This is a Tory recipe for disaster⚠️

Not just undermining pay, rights and conditions, but risking public safety and ripping up ministers’ own words.

They’ve learned nothing from the P&O scandal, which led to safety failures and grounding of vessels.

I'm back on the picket lines to support our friends in the @RMTunion.

Throughout this dispute, Ministers have
obstructed negotiations and refused to get around the table.

They want to sow division amongst working people, but we won't let them.

Victory to the rail strikes.

I have written to @NadineDorries tonight with my colleagues asking for an urgent meeting on the events around Paris and for the British government to back our demands for a full apology and independent investigation by the French authorities and @UEFA

The @PoppyFactory support veterans with health conditions on their journey into employment, helping them overcome barriers! Register at: https://bit.ly/PoppyFactory-Register
#ArmedForcesWeek #ArmedForcesDay
@angelaeagle @Alison_McGovern @MickWhitleyMP
@MGreenwoodWW @justinmadders

We won’t be conned. Despite the pandemic, profits are up an incredible 73%.

Runaway profits, not workers’ wages, are pushing up inflation.

Cap profits, not pay.

Please watch and share.

Mote details here: https://www.unitetheunion.org/what-we-do/unite-investigates/

Dominic Raab is pressing ahead with plans to scrap the Human Rights Act.

This isn't about protecting our sovereignty.

It's all about tearing up our hard-won rights and placing this Government above the law.

And it must be defeated.


I really enjoyed my visit to @StPaulsRCWirral and seeing for myself the great work they are doing for our young people.

It's vital that the Council listen to parents and the local community and ensure that this school stays open.

While preaching the supposed importance of so-called "pay restraint" to hardworking people, Ministers are plotting to tear up the limits on the pay of their fat cat friends in the City of London.

It's the same old Tory hypocrisy.


I was proud to join the @RMTunion picket line today at Lime Street Station in Liverpool. My message is, victory to the rail strike. Solidarity with the rail workers who are standing up and fighting back #trainstrike @ElizabethLabour

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