Lyn Brown is MP for West Ham

What has Lyn Brown been up to today?

Lyn Brown is MP for West Ham and a member of the Labour party.

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More than one million people have had to wait over a month to see a GP.

This leads to higher A&E admissions at greater cost, greater inconvenience to patients and greater pressures on over-stretched emergency departments.

We need more GPs 👇🏻

Much like the ‘40 new hospitals’, which turned out not to be new, these ‘community diagnostics centres’ don’t appear to be located in communities.

This is despite the NHS calling for “one stop shops” away from hospitals on the high street or retail parks

With sky-high inflation, rocketing energy bills and the Bank of England warning of a lengthy recession, what are the Tory leadership hopefuls up to?

This is a genuine Leave campaign video from the 2016 referendum.

Notice how absolutely none of the claims it makes have since come true, and in fact they provide a useful shopping list of things that have been made worse by Brexit.

This guys stopped even pretending now

The New Statesman @NewStatesman

EXCLUSIVE: In a leaked video, Rishi Sunak boasted to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns.

@REWearmouth reports:

Just heard @British_Water on @BBCr4today . Have you built any new reservoirs ? Err , no . Have you addressed leakages ? Err , no . Have you been over-abstracting from UK rivers ? Err , yes . Have your shareholders made grotesque profits ? Err , yes . Shall we mention sewerage . .

Dustbowl UK

The drought and hosepipe bans - as Fat Cat privatised water companies in England lose billions of litres a day from leaks - is today’s @DailyMirror front page.

'She’s being styled as the Boris Johnson Continuity Candidate, as though carrying on the chaos induced by a disgraced, incompetent liar is somehow a plus'

Hull has thousands of children living in poverty, many living in working families. Health inequalities are stark. Poorer men and women are dying sooner than better off areas. Hull City Council budgets have suffered massive cuts under this Tory Government. #deprivedurbanareas

The New Statesman @NewStatesman

EXCLUSIVE : A video shared with the New Statesman showed Sunak boasting to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns.

Boris Johnson failed to declare a private meeting with a ‘former’ KGB spy currently sanctioned in Canada for being part of Putin’s inner circle. Keir Starmer was a bit late declaring a complimentary ticket to the British Kebab Awards. Peas in a pod.

PM and chancellor on holiday as Bank of England warns UK to be hit by recession

In my @timesredbox column this morning I set out a whole list of actions that can be taken to get a grip of the energy crisis. The key question is whether the Conservatives have the ideas, motivation and energy to do the job.

The Tories have taught us one thing since 2010 - the ABC of economic failure. They’re now making it worse. After Austerity, Brexit and Covid they’ve added Debt, Energy and, well, I’ll let you figure out where we’re heading as a country with F.

Sky-high inflation, rocketing energy bills & Bank of England warnings of recession on the horizon.

Whichever continuity candidate wins, their low-growth, low-wage plans won’t fix the damage caused by 12 years of Tory rule.

Only Labour can provide the fresh start Britain needs.

Liz Truss would cost the taxpayer billions in unfunded promises, whilst cutting pay for working people.

A Labour government would immediately prioritise boosting economic growth and fixing the Tory cost of living crisis.


My thanks go to the Labour members and affiliates for unanimously reselecting me as their candidate for Washington and Sunderland West. 🌹

I am so grateful for their continued support.

In this cost of living crisis, only Labour has the solutions we need.

And with our Climate Investment Pledge and plan to buy, make and sell more in Britain, a Labour government will build the strong, secure and fair economy we need. (4/4)

Labour would help households right now by removing the tax breaks that are subsidising oil and gas producers and using that money to help people now, including by cutting VAT on energy bills. (3/4)

As families and pensioners worry about how they’re going to pay their bills, the Tory leadership candidates are touring the country announcing unworkable policies that will do nothing to help people get through this crisis. (2/4)

BREAKING: Interest rates up 0.5%, inflation to hit 13%, and forecasts of a recession - further proof the Tories have lost control of the economy. (1/4)

💯 We’ve crunched the numbers.

@trussliz’s proposals to cut pay for public sector workers outside of the SE and London would have affected workers in our city to the tune of £90million!!!

3 August 1940 | A French Jewish girl, Raymonde Levy, was born in Finistère.

In October 1943 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber.

In just 15 months, BT made £1.7bn in profit. Yet I've heard from local BT workers who are struggling to afford food.

I've written to BT's CEO, asking him to meet with @CWUnews to agree a fair pay deal.

I've also written to @NadineDorries urging her Dept to step in.👇

The worst crisis in the NHS’s history.

The Government can’t even meet its own targets for eliminating TWO YEAR waits.

The longer the Conservatives are in power, the longer patients will wait.

Sunak’s attention-seeking gimmick that will do nothing to solve the worst crisis in NHS history.

This is a dangerous thin end of the wedge that will penalise the most vulnerable and would cost more in admin than it would raise.

NHS leaders agree 👇🏻

The state of Tory Britain.
You're not going to believe the answer Jacob Rees-Mogg gives to the question, "what's actually working in Britain today?"

Council has just agreed to confer the title of Honorary Alderwoman on former Councillor Ms Patricia
Holland who represented Custom House Ward for 20 years.

At least we all know what ⁦@trussliz⁩ really thinks about levelling up now…

Liz Truss' campaign says that any suggestion that she plans to cut the pay of public sector workers outside London is "wilful misrepresentation".

Here's what their own press release sent out to journalists yesterday said.

Stupid populist policy announcement from Truss, followed by screeching u-turn followed by egregious lies. What a grimly familiar cycle. Boris Johnson’s corruption of British politics will not be fixed by his removal from Downing Street.

We’ve seen today exactly what Liz Truss thinks of public sector workers.
It’s clear her priority would be to slash their pay packets and send local economies backwards.
12 years of the Tories and this is what we’re left with.

Britain deserves better.

Having spent 18 months shadowing Liz Truss, the idea of her not realising what she’s signed up to is not exactly novel: the freeports fiasco, the shipbuilding blunder, the list goes on. After all, this is the minister who writes TL;DR with dead eye emojis on policy submissions….

Liz Truss worked for Shell
& says a windfall tax on excess oil & gas profits “sends the wrong message”

Here’s a better message

Time to stop handing billions back to oil & gas companies

Time to help families & pensioners with energy bills

Time for a fresh start with @UKLabour

Britain is stuck thanks to a succession of Tory governments.

As leader of the Labour Party, I’m focused on getting us into power.

Only then can we deliver the change that trade unions and working people want and need.

Lubov Chernukhin has given the Conservative Party £2 million. Her husband is a close Putin associate.
In February, I asked Boris Johnson to give the money to Ukrainian humanitarian causes.
He refused.
Now she’s on his resignation honours list.
What does this say about Johnson?

Here's my official response to reports in The Telegraph tonight that the AG has banned govt lawyers from telling her if proposed govt actions are illegal
How much more can Suella Braverman debase the role of Attorney General?
And how much lower can this wretched government sink?

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