Lloyd Russell-Moyle is MP for Brighton, Kemptown

What has Lloyd Russell-Moyle been up to today?

Lloyd Russell-Moyle is MP for Brighton, Kemptown and a member of the Labour party.

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When the policing bill was being debated I said their noise requirements were all about getting rid of @snb19692

They denied it in the House of Commons then but today the snowflakes in the Tory party are openly celebrating doing just that!

Instead of trying to resolve the rail dispute the Tories are using it as another excuse to attack trade unions my piece for @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/breaking-strikes-using-agency-workers-is-recklessly-gambling-with-public-safety/

Ten years ago I chatted with Terry’s friends and @THTorguk about making a doc - one year ago joined Wall to Wall project about AIDS - Friday night I finished in online. Tomorrow night this series goes out. Huge thanks to everyone involved. AIDS: The Unheard Tapes BBC2 27.6.22

During the pandemic @British_Airways cut ground staff pay by 10% in an immoral fire & rehire. Now demand is back, workers are asking for restoration of pay.

Why are BA risking a summer of holiday disruption to line their pockets?

I stand with @unitetheunion & @GMB_union.

The Education Secretary is treating children’s learning as a political battlefield.

No-one wants strikes and no-one wants more disruption to our children’s education.

A short thread 🧵

Today is Polling day in Wakefield. You have till 10pm to vote @simonlightwood and send a message to Johnson that his lies are not acceptable. #Labour

Today is your chance to boot Boris out of Downing Street and deliver a fresh start.

Don’t miss it.

Polls are open until 10pm. You can find your polling station here: https://iwillvote.org.uk.

On Thursday, we have an opportunity send a strong message to Boris Johnson that enough is enough - and deliver a fresh start for Wakefield.

Every vote is going to count.

Join our campaign over the next five days and help us win back Wakefield.

BREAKING: The moment we feared is here. Tonight the Government has announced scrapping the Human Rights Act & introducing a Bill of Rights. Here's what you need to know about this regressive & scary step...🧵https://twitter.com/guardiannews/status/1539352640236437504

Guardian news @guardiannews

Guardian front page, Wednesday 22 June 2022: Tory bill accused of ‘fatally weakening human rights’

We should be training more doctors than we need, not less. The fact that we have qualified young people waiting to become doctors by some arbitrary cap from governing bodies and government is putting health care at risk. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2022/jun/22/2022-hardest-year-in-living-memory-to-enter-uk-medical-school?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Solidarity with those on the picket lines.

This is a crisis entirely of the Government’s making.

The workers don’t want strikes. The unions don’t want strikes. The public don’t want strikes.

They demand better.

This treacherous government has underfunded & mismanaged our public transport network for more than a decade.

As a proud trade unionist, I stand with all workers on our railway network who are taking industrial action to fight for their jobs & keep passengers safe #RailStrikes

Britain is facing the biggest rail strike in a generation but @GrantShapps hasn’t spent a single second in talks to avert it since March.

Time is running out. The Tories must get round the table and sort this out.

This really is disgusting. We know what an issue men not talking about their mental health enough is and what horrendous consequences it can leads to - yet this dangerous newspaper now wants to make it happen less. Just appalling.

It’s incredibly close in the Colombian elections. If Petro of the left wins it could be a new dawn of peace & economic justice, but the path is not yet curtain and will not be easy.

Report from my 2020 visit with @JusticeforColom can be seen here https://justiceforcolombia.org/news/new-jfc-peace-monitor-report-on-colombia-peace-process/

America Elects @AmericaElige

Colombia, presidential election runoff, preliminary results:

19.6% counted

Petro (PH, left to centre): 49.7%
Hernández (LGAC, *): 48.1%

#Colombia #EleccionesColombia
#ColombiaDecide #ColombiaVota2022

Why is @grantshapps refusing to meet with Unions. Staff are campaign to stop cuts to maintenance, safety, cleaning, station and other facilities staff. Not just wages but jobs and our railways safety.
This strike could be ended if the government got around the table & negotiated

Allie Hodgkins-Brown @AllieHBNews

Monday’s GUARDIAN: “Anger as ministers refuse to join last-ditch effort to halt rail strikes” #TomorrowsPapersToday

My friend @ApsanaBegumMP has been an inspirational MP. Survivor of domestic abuse, @TowerHamletsNow tried to victimise her, with relatives of her abuser using positions in @TH_Labour to get council to prosecute her.

She was found innocent and it was accepted she was the victim.

Six years ago our colleague and friend, Jo Cox, was murdered.

In Jo’s memory we continue to look ahead with a belief that the world she believed in so passionately remains within our grasp.

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

"Labour will stop this policy. We will campaign to stop it now"

Shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock says Rwanda asylum plan is "unworkable, it is profoundly wrong and it is extortionately expensive"


Renters Reform White Paper, which will set out government plans to abolish unfair Section 21 evictions, to be published this week!

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has just confirmed at the Levelling Up Committee #RentersAreWaiting

After 12 years of failure, the Tories have no plan to fix the housing crisis.

Labour would prioritise first time buyers, empower leaseholders and build genuinely affordable homes.

Hi @HighwaysSEAST, I've informed you *three* times that I wasn't the owner nor driver of either of these cars at the time of this offence

Yet not only haven't you listened to me, you're charging me 2000% of the cost of the toll, and threatening me with bailiffs if I don't pay..

BREAKING: The Progressive International lands in Hewlêr/Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan as Turkey wages a NATO-backed war on the Kurdish people and other ethnic and religious communities. Read the statement now:

The choice is clearer than ever before:

Divided Tories propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues you are facing.

Or a united Labour Party with a plan to fix the cost of living crisis and restore trust in politics.

Labour will get Britain back on track.

Was lovely to pop into the @crewclub today for the start of the Jubilee celebrations, if you are a royalist or not, it’s a moment to look back at our history, consider our future and celebrate community with a bit of cake.

"This bill could transform the lives of millions, giving them more security and dignity in their homes – but it won’t be done without a fight."

@lloyd_rm on the renters' reform bill: https://labourlist.org/2022/06/done-right-the-renters-reform-bill-could-transform-the-lives-of-millions-of-tenants/

Done right, the renters’ reform bill could transform the lives of millions of tenants – via @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/done-right-the-renters-reform-bill-could-transform-the-lives-of-millions-of-tenants/

Delighted to pop into the 2022 @BTTCOfficial photo and sing song. Brighton Table Tennis Club reaches out to all parts of our community. 🏓👏

I love (USof) America, but I hate it’s corporate gun lobby infected politics which mean it fails to protect its own citizens. The largest killer for young people in the USA is the gun!

I think I’m the only MP to have worked in children’s television and so let me say the decision to end broadcasting of CBBC on TV is awful. It’s a truly inclusive, vital and brilliant channel. It’s a terrible legacy for the Tories to have squeezed out kids TV imho.

Instead of half-baked rebates months too late the Government must now start to consider price controls and serious interventions into a free market gone mad

Every 6 hours in Scotland, someone dies of a preventable drug related death. We have the worst drug death rate in Europe & without action it will only get worse.

That's why I have launched my Bill consultation in @ScotParl to establish Overdose Prevention Centres.

Watch 👇👇

It’s disgraceful ⁦@ofgem⁩ is thinking of rising the energy cap again. They have shown themselves to be a toothless tiger not fit for purpose in protecting public from price gouging of energy producers. The government must act to have a 0% increase. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/may/24/energy-bills-likely-to-rise-by-800-in-october-says-ofgem-chief?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

I wasn’t able to attend the debate on non-binary people today but I wanted to set out clearly: trans men are men, trans women are women and being non-binary is valid. It’s time non-binary people had their rights respected. And it’s not a debate. They exist, let’s be kind.

Great for @SezaiTemelli and @Feleknasuca of @HDPgenelmerkezi to meet with @lloyd_rm, chair of the UK's @KurdistanAPPG, to discuss Turkish politics, the peace process, and the state of democracy.

Plus time for a chat with Baroness Christine Blower in the House of Lords!

We're told the #PublicOrderBill gives us so-called freedom from protest. But, freedom for who and freedom against who?

This is freedom for big business and this Govt, freedom from being subjected to the public's right and ability to hold them to account for climate destruction.

This morning at the @ScotParl talking about constitution and devolution.

Arrived on the night train and heading back this afternoon on fast train back to London tonight.

Great afternoon supporting @AustralianLabor at Australia House

Apparently the Australian High Commission in London is largest polling station in their election.

Good luck for Saturday @AlboMP !

Watch tonight's Last Word now - @JamesMacCleary @carolinenokes and @lloyd_rm on inflation, housebuilding, MPs' behaviour, and gay footballers @itvmeridian https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2022-05-19/the-last-word-may-2022

I’ve signed the ⁦@LivingWageUK⁩ pledge. 17% of jobs in Brighton Kemptown pay below the real living wage leaving many people in poverty and denying spending power for our local economy. ⁦@BHLivingWage⁩

Big win tonight at the Peacehaven West By-election, the previously held and safe Tory ward at Lewes District council goes Labour.

Congratulations Cllr @Ciz41 Ciarron Clarkson.

Labour GAIN 🌹🌹

Labour 641, Con 467, Green 32, LibDem 32.

Today I raised that the @ukhomeoffice is granting all but one visa to many Ukrainian families then claiming they are not taking up the visas offered when families refuse to leave one family member behind. The disaster is presided over by @pritipatel and her poor management.

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