Justin Madders is MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston

What has Justin Madders been up to today?

Justin Madders is MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston and a member of the Labour party.

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Dad in 'nightmare battle' over lease extension feels let down by solicitors as he faces £12,000 bill

Another innocent Leaseholder SCAMMED !!!

When is this racket going to end ??? @LKPleasehold @CMAgovUK
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Gordon Brown today calls for "immediate action" to ensure families can afford to live through the cost of living crisis


The Conservative government has lost control of the economy, with skyrocketing inflation, falling wages and rising mortgage rates.

Only Labour has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis. 👇

Much like the ‘40 new hospitals’, which turned out not to be new, these ‘community diagnostics centres’ don’t appear to be located in communities.

This is despite the NHS calling for “one stop shops” away from hospitals on the high street or retail parks

Neston Town Council 2022 – 2025
It’s time to “Have Your Say!” https://neston.org.uk/neston-town-council-2022-2025its-time-to-have-your-say/

From November 2020 setting out just how distorted Government funding decisions have been which has now been confirmed by Rishi Sunak

I wrote to Dominic Raab to ask him to apologise & correct the record after he called my question to him about Boris Johnson’s meeting with an exKGB Agent “nonsense” I didn’t expect much of a reply, but he hasn’t even bothered to respond himself, let alone apologise. Pathetic.

To be fair there is a reasonable chance the other Liz Truss she mentioned would do a better job https://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2022-08-03/tory-mp-backs-woman-with-99-twitter-followers-for-pm

BT handed its CEO a 32% pay rise. Its workers are facing a cost of living crisis. Yet the CEO is flat refusing to meet them to discuss pay.

BT must get around the table with @CWUnews to agree a fair pay deal, and Tory Ministers should step in if he won’t.

BP and Shell report bumper profits as families are hit by rising energy bills.

What does former Shell employee Liz Truss want to do about it? Nothing.

Time we stopped handing back billions to oil and gas giants and used the money to help people instead.

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The worst crisis in the NHS’s history.

The Government can’t even meet its own targets for eliminating TWO YEAR waits.

The longer the Conservatives are in power, the longer patients will wait.


North West Labour Party representatives have written to the Secretary of State for Transport to place on record their collective support for Crewe’s bid to become the new home of the Great British Railway HQ. Crewe station is the gateway to the North of England. #DestinationGBR

BP and Shell are reporting bumper profits while families struggle with rising energy bills.

What does former Shell employee Liz Truss want to do about it? Nothing.

It’s time we stopped handing back billions to oil and gas giants and used that money to help families instead.

We support Crewe's bid to be the new home of Great British Railways so the town can be back at the heart of the rail network which has kept this country moving for almost two centuries 🚂

Have your say, please vote for Crewe at https://is.gd/zhQJJb #DestinationGBR 🗳

BP record profit - people can’t afford to fuel cars.

Energy record profits - people won’t be able to heat homes this winter

Royal Mail record profit - stamp price up

BT record profit - broadband up 23%

This isn’t a cost of living crisis. It’s a cost of voting Tory crisis.

Both candidates talk about increasing UK food security in this article but it is just talk- their Government are allowing 300 jobs to go at CF Fertilisers which will also increase our reliance on imported fertiliser and one foreign owned domestic plant https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/truss-and-sunak-tell-rural-tory-voters-they-will-champion-their-way-of-life/ar-AA106Dar?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Truss+and+Sunak+tell+rural+Tory+voters+they+will++champion++their+way+of+life&utm_campaign=Morning+Briefing+01%2F08

Liz Truss has spent the entire leadership campaign saying she wants to do more on the cost of living so to cut public sector pay could only be an ideological move

Raffle tickets, only £3 per strip, now available from @chesterhealth , @Bluebird0309 or go fund me, or DM us...
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This Govt continues to pick and choose who gets devolved powers/funding, when they get it & the structures they must have to receive it- that isn’t genuine devolution & is a drop in the ocean compared to the resources that have been taken away by austerity https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/aug/01/york-and-north-yorkshire-to-get-mayor-under-540m-devolution-deal

Why this job but why second jobs at all? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jul/31/tory-mp-mark-pritchard-linden-energy-climate-fossil-fuel-firm

Please @justinmadders help leaseholders to increase the signatories on this important petition........."The distinction between new leases and old leases puts current owners at a competitive disadvantage". Link https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/608589

The transformation of much-loved #WhitbyHall is a big moment of change for us as an arts organisation and we are excited to tell you that we have changed our name to Theatre Porto! #TheatrePorto #WhitbyHall #WhitbyPark #EllesmerePort #CommunityArt

With the CEO of BT giving himself a 32% pay rise but with BT staff getting no pay rise at all last year and an offer well below inflation this, it is little wonder @CWUnews have decided to go on strike- such a disparity in treatment cannot go unchallenged

Our hub is open this morning til 12, please pop down if you need anything...

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A real pleasure to meet constituent Heidi @walk4alzheimers this afternoon where she told me about how she has raised over £16k for Alzheimer’s research- what a fantastic achievement and she tells me there is more fundraising to come!

Today marks one year since the National Disability Strategy was launched.

Disabled People were promised a transformative strategy by this government – they didn't get it.

Instead, this government has let down disabled people up and down the country.

A thread. (1/10) 🧵

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