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Jon Cruddas is MP for Dagenham and Rainham and a member of the Labour party.

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EXC: @RishiSunak told Tories in Tunbridge Wells that as Chancellor he tried to reverse Treasury formulas "that shoved all the funding into deprived urban areas" so areas like theirs could benefit
@NewStatesman story:

This is really good from @OwenJones84 via @guardian

Solidarity with the @AmazonUK Tilbury warehouse workers who have withdrawn their labour this morning. As inflation soars to 9.4% a 35p per hour pay rise is a disgrace. I understand @GMBLondonRegion are on hand in case of disciplinary action. @DandR_CLP

Labour must make a “much bigger argument about the character of the economy". My exclusive interview with the outgoing Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham Jon Cruddas on his decision to stand down at the next election, the future of the party and more:

This afternoon @dagenhamwin collected a donation from Gill Ansell who did a ‘bake-off’, selling the cakes to @CWUnews @cwuglc252 members and other staff at Dagenham Delivery Office to raise funds for families who lost their homes in the #Dagenham & #Wennington fires. 👏👏

Today our councillors donated £600 split between the #Dagenham & #Wennington Fire Support Funds.

The money is from our CLP campaign provision. Many local people have lost everything. Donate via links. 👇



Thank you to @UniteLondonEast who have pulled out all the stops to support my constituents in the wake of last weeks devastating fires.

Great to see @DandR_CLP Secretary @dagenhamwin championing the link between the trade unions and our community across #Dagenham & #Rainham. 👇

Margaret Mullane @dagenhamwin

Thanking Unite on behalf of Dagenham and Rainham Labour Party. #community #strength from trade union movement.

This morning Peter Kavanagh & @JPKellyUnite along w/ Paul Travers, Vince Passfield & @seanconnolly001 met w/ @dagenhamwin to donate £5000 from @UniteLondonEast and a further £1k from LE/7511E for families who lost everything in the #Dagenham and #Wennington fires. 🙌

Just been to #Romford TE showing our support for @CWUnews BT and Openreach members. #Solidarity with all working people fighting for better pay, T&Cs, and living standards in a #CostOfLivingCrisis. @DaveWardGS 🌹✊

Solidarity with all those on strike across BT and Openreach today, particularly the @cwuglc252 members from my constituency on strike in #Romford and #Hornchurch. @DandR_CLP will be visiting the pickets this morning in support.

The CWU @CWUnews

So here we are. 40,000 CWU members in BT and Openreach strike for the first time in 35 years today.

Let’s do this.

I was recently contacted by Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust in regard to life-saving lung checks coming to Barking and Dagenham. You can find out more information on my website below 👇

Trudy from Dunelm has been in touch at Romford. They have set up when you buy your shopping. To donate a voucher for all the people who lost their homes in the Dagenham and Wennington fire. When you pop in to shop it would be great if you help. #community

I recently wrote to Dagenham @asda stores community champion, Gemma Gray. Gemma is one of many members of my constituency who had demonstrated hard-work, compassion and outstanding community spirit following the recent fires in my constituency of #Dagenham and #Rainham.

I was recently contacted by the North East London Health Partnership in regards to an upcoming consultation on Community Diagnostic Centres in The Borough. You can have your say on the consultation by visiting my website below #NELFT #BHRUT 👇

Fantastic support for local residents across both #Dagenham and #Wennington in the aftermath of last weeks devastating fires from @unitetheunion LE0001, who have kindly donated £5000 to help get people back on their feet. @seanconnolly001

I was contacted by the Vicar of Dagenham Parish Church. Following the recent fires there will be a prayer vigil held in the church on Sunday 24th July at 6:00PM. I hope many residents from the #Dagenham and #Rainham community will be there.

A big thank you to @asda in Dagenham for the donations they sent to my office via the Dagenham United Charity. The donations will be delivered to London East today to support the victims of Tuesday’s fires. #Community #Dagenham #Rainham

Councillor Lee Waker, very pleased to hear from B and Q at Roneo Corner who are offering help to those affected by the Dagenham fire. 07999964311 and ask for Sarah. Thanks B and Q ❤️❤️Dagenham # community @JonCruddas_1 @lbbdcouncil @DandR_CLP @AndyAchilleos @LabourFay

You can also show support for the families in Wennington who have been affected by the fires by donating here 👉 Fundraiser by Natalie De Lucia : The residents of Wennington ( @MattyThePadMan @mckeever_trevor @DandR_CLP @Fay_Hough @LBofHavering

The Community support and response in The Borough following yesterday’s fires has been amazing. You can show further support by donating to the crowdfunding page for families in Dagenham that have been affected: @dagenhamwin @AndyAchilleos @CllrDRodwell

On my way to #Wennington then #Dagenham with @dagenhamwin. Thankful no lives were lost in the fires, which is testament to the fantastic work of our emergency services.

A special thank you to the local community, who rallied round to support those families who lost everything.

My office have now spoken to @CllrDRodwell following reports of multiple fires in #Dagenham. Having liaised with emergency services I know that they are on site and tackling the blazes. My team are working across the constituency to see what support local people need. #StaySafe

I have just contacted @LBofHavering Chief Exec and @LFBHavering to find out the situation in Wennington Village. My office are now working with local people coordinating support for those that have lost their homes due to the fires. @RomfordRecorder @mckeever_trevor @dagenhamwin

What a day! The Mayor opened the celebration 50 years of Dagenham Bowls Club. Amazing barbie, music and coaching, yes I had a go ! None too shabby ! #dagenham

On 1 August I am meeting @LBofHavering @LFBHavering and the landowner of Arnold's Field. #Rainham has been blighted by the recurring landfill fires for too long, a concrete plan must be put in place to address the issue immediately, and in the long term.

Thousands of people in #Dagenham & #Rainham are waiting longer than ever before for care, often in pain and distress. The #Tories don't plan to address #NHS wait times until 2024... our local NHS is crying out for a @UKLabour govt. 🌹🏥

Full details here:

Proud to sign EDM 93 @AsbestosForum @LASAG_UK as part of the #CapeMustPay campaign. The Cape #Asbestos factory left a legacy of #mesothelioma and asbestosis in my constituency and local families deserve justice and support. @DandR_CLP @dagenhamwin

After years of positive talks with @Clarion_Group as they have sought to rectify issues at Orchard Village, it is great to finally see a timeline in place to make homes safe and address the #CladdingScandal. @RomfordRecorder @HaveringDaily @Time1075_fm

I stand with @CWUnews members who have just voted overwhelmingly for the 1st national call centre strike in British history. @DaveWardGS

As a @UKLabour MP I have a duty to support working people fighting to defend their living standards in the middle of a #CostOfLivingCrisis 🌹

A powerful message from Regional Secretary Pete Kavanagh at the Pentonville 5 fifty year celebrations: we must learn from the past and prepare for the future by building a stronger, broader and more diverse trade union movement.

"Tonight is not a time for nostalgia – because history is repeating itself in today's struggles to defend living standards."

@JonCruddas_1's speech to mark the 50th anniversary of the Pentonville five:

"We are witnessing a historic contraction in family incomes. The rail strikes are arguably the canary down the coal mine. You cannot dodge this. Put simply: Labour must be supportive of those seeking to defend their living standards," @JonCruddas_1 writes:

Bus drivers were hailed as heroes a few months ago, now they are facing job cuts because the #Tory govt refuses to fund @TfL.

Lack of govt funding is eating into worker’s wages and driving a race to the bottom in T&Cs. #NoBusCuts #SaveOurBusses

My letter to @MayorofLondon 🚌👇

I have raised many concerns about the fires at Arnold's Field over the years, and @LBofHavering are still yet to act.

The fires pose a significant health risk. Today I have requested a meeting with senior Council Officers, the landowner, and the LFB Station Commander. 👇

Pentonville 5 - Join the 50 year celebration of a great working class victory when mass union action forced the release of five dockers’ shops stewards jailed by the Tory government.

📆 Friday, 1 July, from 6pm, East Ham Town Hall, Barking Rd, E6 2RP.

"Labour must support those fighting to defend their living standards when, in effect, they face pay cuts nearing 10% – if it doesn’t, you wonder what the purpose of the party is," @JonCruddas_1 writes:

#Labour must support rail workers in their pay dispute and all those seeking to defend their living standards. @ObserverUK

I have received a weekend service update from @c2c_Rail for constituents in #Dagenham & #Rainham who are planning essential travel. Info on my website. @BDPost @RomfordRecorder @Time1075_fm @HaveringDaily

Tomorrow is #ArmedForcesDay and I want to put on record my great appreciation for the work of our servicemen and women during the pandemic, and their continued dedication to keep Britain safe.

This is an important and welcome development in the #JusticeForJack campaign. A testament to the tireless and inspirational effort of all the victims’ families. Now we need a public enquiry… @DonnaTa22175490

Improving #AirQuality is something I have campaigned for in #Dagenham & #Rainham, but today I have raised concerns about the #ULEZ expansion.

My submission to @TfL @MayorofLondon outlines a number of key issues which must be addressed. More here:

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