Daniel Zeichner is MP for Cambridge

What has Daniel Zeichner been up to today?

Daniel Zeichner is MP for Cambridge and a member of the Labour party.

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We’ve got one of the fastest growing regions in the country and the BBC are turning away from it. My message to the BBC: please reverse your planned cuts to regional broadcasting in Cambridge!

Today I questioned the Transport Secretary about the Government's commitment to vital rail improvements in the East of England.

His lukewarm response was not good enough.

The East of England has the fastest growing population in England and Wales.

And it is time the Government provided Cambridge with the resources we need to support our rising population.

I'm delighted to support the @readingagency in encouraging children in Cambridge to sign up to the 2022 #SummerReadingChallenge. 📖🔖

This week in Parliament I called on the government to help end the suffering of farmed animals by stopping the use of cages on our farms.

It's time we #EndTheCageAge

Every trip to the shops, prices up, while government does nothing.

They have no plan to help people through the toughest times in memory.



Thank you to @unisontheunion for organising this important event.

I’m proud to support their campaign to introduce mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting.

The rising price of UK chickens opens the door for more poultry produced to lower environmental and animal welfare standards to be imported from abroad.

It's time the Government got a grip!



Had a fantastic visit to the Cambridge sorting office to see their exciting new fleet of electric post vans! 📮⚡️🌲🌍

Yesterday, in the #QueensSpeech debate I stood up for British universities.

They need certainty on the future of collaborative funding with global partners.

Not pointless division to stoke up yet more harmful culture wars.

Today I called on Michael Gove to take action to help Cambridge leaseholders, who despite living in safe homes, are still being charged excessive insurance premiums.

He promised the situation will improve - I will be holding him to his word.

Great meeting with five @MarshallADG engineering and aerospace apprentices in Parliament this week.

The future of British aerospace is in some very capable hands ✈️

The legacy of the cladding crisis is still with us, with many leaseholders in Cambridge still facing staggering insurance premiums despite living in safe homes.

Leaseholders deserve answers!

It is deeply sad to learn of the passing of Bob Blizzard.

He campaigned tirelessly for the people of Waveney and will be sorely missed.

Privacy scandals as well as the use of algorithms in allocating exam grades have badly dented public trust in data.

But it is essential we rebuild that trust – because the prize is great.

✍️ @DanielZeichner and Eve Lugg in @timesredbox today


Great to meet with @guidedogs (and in particular Kelsey🦮🐾) to support their #AllThingsEqual campaign.

They are raising awareness of the challenges faced by children with visual impairments in the education system, to get them the support they need to succeed.

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister. He made the laws and then he broke them. He must do the honourable thing and resign.


Not only did the Prime Minister break his own laws, he then lied to Parliament about it.

Completely disgraceful.


The two most senior figures in Gov have such contempt for the British people & institutions that they think the rules don’t apply to them. Now an important test for the Con Party - either they believe in our country & laws, or they believe solely in their entitlement to rule.

The cost of the family food shop is rising week in, week out. It’s a real and pressing issue for millions of people in our country.

The Government’s welfare policies are a disgrace and should be a cause of shame.

Cambridge is a great City for Environmentally friendly movement. If you need to get around Cambridge my message is ‘if not by bike then certainly by bus’. I’ve been working hard to encourage bus travel by bringing users and providers together.

As I start another week in London I wanted to share with you some of the great things I get to see happening in Cambridge. It makes me think our City is quite possibly the best small city in the world! ✅ Tech and buses 🧬 DNA Sequencing 💵 Living Wage Employers 🚲

I spoke to @itvanglia about the Chancellor’s mini-Budget. He’s out of touch with the scale of the bills people are facing. We need real action not tinkering around the edges.

Fantastic to meet with the @BumblebeeTrust today.

I am pledging to #beethechange to help make Cambridge more bumblebee friendly🐝🌻

Bee The Change | Bumblebee Conservation Trust https://www.bumblebeeconservation.org/beethechange/#.YjmktGlQ01c.twitter

Today in Parliament, I called for comprehensive reforms to help improve the taxi and private hire sector for both drivers and customers 🚕🚦


I questioned a Transport Minister on whether the Government have any idea what impact the pandemic has had on taxi and private hire drivers.

Clearly they don't.


"I’m really concerned that the Government’s failing to deliver on its manifesto promises on a whole range of animal welfare issues."

Thank you to @DanielZeichner (Shadow Food and Farming Minister) for calling for legislation to improve farmed animal welfare.

A decade ago the Tory/Lib Dem coalition destroyed our regional structures. Yesterday I told @itvanglia now is the time to rebuild!

Today in Parliament, it was fantastic to meet with @UNISONEastern care workers, who are campaigning for better working conditions in the sector.

Fantastic to meet so many young researchers from Cambridge today at the STEM for Britain competition. Lots of impressive work covering everything from black holes to bees! 🌌🐝


Cambridge MP calls for ‘full force of sanctions’ against oligarchs at march for Ukraine https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/cambridge-mp-calls-for-full-force-of-sanctions-against-oli-9243276/

Today I signed Mr @CommonsSpeaker’s book of solidarity for Ukraine that will be sent to Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

I pledged to extend the hand of friendship in Ukraine’s hour of need, on behalf of all of us in Cambridge.


Today in Parliament, I expressed solidarity with people fleeing from the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

And asked the Home Secretary, with 1.7 million cases of anti-social behaviour reported this year, where have the Police Community Support Officers gone?

It is disappointing that an important opportunity to reset student and Higher Education funding has been missed. Under the Government proposals announced today, students will pay more, universities will get less, and social mobility will be capped. #Augar

The Prime Minister must bring this pantomime to an end. Sue Gray's report confirms that numerous Downing Street events are being investigated by the police. This is leaving Government paralysed at a time when people are about to face a cost-of-living-crisis - it's got to stop.

Today on Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember the millions of people who were murdered and persecuted by the Nazis.

We must learn from these dark days and stand united against antisemitism and hatred.

#HMD2022 #HolocaustMemorialDay

Today in Parliament I praised the brilliant job done by taxi drivers right across the country 🚖🚦.

A big thank you to the @TheLTDA for all the excellent work they do in the sector.

Today in a debate on the East of England, I raised the importance of local TV news in building regional identity – the Government’s attacks on the BBC are unacceptable and could be deeply damaging for the East.

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