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Imran Hussain is MP for Bradford East and a member of the Labour party.

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Nurses are told to put up with poverty wages to prevent inflation.

Bankers' bonuses are up 28% and the Tories want to give them ANOTHER inflation busting pay rise.

Read between the lines.

It's about class.

Incredible news from Wakefield as the Tory Party's dramatic implosion ensues and more and more voters flock to Labour.

Take a hint, Johnson.

Planning to use agency workers to break strikes is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the Government to pit working people against each other, just so that they can try and distract from the fact that it's Ministers who are the ones with the power to end this dispute.

When the head of the organisation representing the very agency workers who the Government plan to use to break strikes are coming out against the plan, you have to wonder whether Ministers actually thought this through at all.

The inspirational work Apsana has undertaken since her election is all the more impressive when you consider the appalling abuse she faced.

My full and unconditional solidarity comrade.

Apsana Begum MP @ApsanaBegumMP

A statement:

Finding an NHS dentist, let alone getting an appointment with one for even routine care, is impossible in Bradford, yet Ministers are still dragging their feet more than a decade after promising reform to dental contracts that simply just do not work.

When P&O used agency staff after sacking their crew, a ferry was left drifting dangerously in the Irish Sea afterwards.

Do we want this on our trains too & would anyone feel safe on a railway, where many things can go wrong, if it is run by agency staff?

Today is polling day in Wakefield, so make sure you get out and #VoteLabour 🌹 to give Wakefield a fresh start and send Boris Johnson a message that even he can't ignore!

Inflation has hit 11.7%

Pay-packets are stationary whilst bills, petrol and food prices are shooting up.

We don't need to stifle wages - we have to redistribute super-profits, squeeze bankers bonuses and make the 1% pay for this crisis.

Since the illegal revocation of Articles 370 and 35a, the Indian Government have accelerated their use of arbitrary detention of political and human rights activists, denying them any real due process.

Yet the UK Government still refuse to stand up to the right-wing Modi regime.

Today is Windrush Day.

At least 23 Windrush victims died without a penny in compensation.

Just one in four applicants to the Windrush compensation scheme have received payments.

Windrush should've signalled the end of the Hostile Environment.

Instead, they doubled down.

The fight over inflation is a class struggle.

When costs go up, different things can get squeezed: wages and prices, or corporate profits, dividends and executive salaries.

This is all contested, none of it is set in stone. It’s a question of power.

These strikes are the direct result of the Government's refusal to listen to the concerns of workers on our railways

Workers have an absolute right to fight to protect their jobs, pay and conditions, and I will always support this right ✊🏾

In Bradford, getting a GP appointment often feels like an impossible task, with one resident quipping “It would be easier ringing Buckingham Palace & asking to meet the Queen.”

I'm calling for an Urgent Treatment Centre to ease the burden on A&E and GPs.

Tory Ministers inflict real terms pay cuts on key workers to stop a "wage price spiral"

But price rises are driven by unconstrained corporate greed with 60% of inflation caused by rocketing profits.

So why is the Government squeezing people and protecting profits?

The Tories are in Government - they could get round the table with @RMTunion and stop these strikes.

They've been too busy cosplaying as Margaret Thatcher, living out their union bashing fantasies to get on with their jobs.

They'd rather find a scapegoat than a solution.

The Tories want you to believe we have a crisis on our hands as Britain becomes the No.1 destination for refugees.

The truth is our Home Office has a crisis of compassion.

Great to welcome the President of Azad Kashmir, Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry to Parliament to present a petition to 10 Downing Street on behalf of all Kashmiris.

The international community cannot ignore the grave human rights abuses facing those in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Great to be out in Wakefield on the #LabourDoorstep with a good reception from so many people fed up with the Tories and desperate for a Labour MP to stand up for them.

Research from @jon_trickett's team has revealed 95% of the constituencies with the most deprivation, including Bradford East - have received nothing in Levelling Up funding.

Nearly every Tory seat gained in 2019 was awarded funding though.

Reeks of corruption.

Tory MPs blaming @RMTunion key workers striking for troubling ordinary people.

The same Tories voted against meals for hungry kids, defund the NHS & squeeze workers to protect profits.

Government could stop the strikes if they wanted but prefer to waste time trashing unions.

Johnson broke the Ministerial code so he changed the code.

PM's Ethics Advisor driven to resignation by Downing Street's ethics void, so Johnson considers axing the role.

Allowing this charlatan to govern is like employing an arsonist as a firefighter.

Under this Tory Home Office, many of my constituents are having to wait months and even years for visas at an extortionate cost, separating families and causing misery for so many.

This inhumane system has to end.

Vile Tory attacks on workers opposing job losses.

Vile Tory attacks on migrants fleeing persecution.

It's all part of the same Boris Johnson playbook.

A desperate attempt to cling on to power by throwing red meat to rabid Tory right-wing MPs.

Six years ago, Jo Cox was murdered whilst on her way to a constituency surgery. Simply doing her job.

Today we recommit ourselves to a better world and remember Jo's inspiring words:

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

The Home Office were warned the Rwanda Plan was as illegal as it is immoral, but pushed ahead to stoke division & get Johnson out of hot water.

Only someone with the ethics of a snake would deport vulnerable people to a country we accept refugees from.

Plans to outlaw rail strikes show the @RMTunion have the Government running scared.

89% of RMT members on a massive 71% turnout took a democratic decision to withdraw THEIR OWN labour for better pay and conditions.

Attacks on trade unions are attacks on democracy.

The Prime Minister always has someone to blame for his own shortcomings.

Global forces, refugees, or Labour Governments from a decade ago.

Every country is at the whim of global forces, but only Britain has slower economic growth than Russia!


Following ECHR intervention zero refugees will be deported to Rwanda.

ECHR was part founded by Churchill's Tories & key to the Good Friday Agreement but it blocked their racism extravaganza so now the Tories want to ditch it.

The only other country that's done this is Russia!

For many of my constituents, getting a GP appointment is an impossible task, so today I urged the Health Secretary to fund a new Urgent Treatment Centre in Bradford for those with serious conditions who can't get to see their local GP, but who don’t necessarily need to go to A&E.

On this day five years ago, 72 people were killed in the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Five years later and bereaved families are no closer to justice.

We must overcome the dogma of corporate greed which dictates a race to the bottom for workers and caused this tragedy.

My solidarity to @DetentionAction @pcs_union @Care4Calais & @FreefromTorture for combatting the Rwanda Plan in the courts.

I outlined my view on this inhumane policy for @LabourOutlook

Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!

The Tories try and market themselves as the party of business.

But on their watch, almost 500,000 small businesses could go bust within weeks and 2,000,000 have just three months worth of cash left.

Families are getting clobbered by a cost-of-living emergency whilst Britain's hyper-wealthy see their riches soar.

Its the workers that create the wealth in our society, but their share of the pie is shrinking.

#DemandBetter in London - June 18th.

The PM - salary £164,080, warns of a "wage-price spiral" if workers make enough to feed their kids and pay the bills.

Johnson knows full well it isn't pay rises driving inflation.

Higher wages means smaller profits for the super-rich cabal running our country.

Its the Tories "Health Week" - so lets take a look at their NHS record 👇

❌12 hour A&E waits
❌Slow ambulance response putting lives at risk
❌13,000 hospital bed shortage
❌500 nurses & midwives quitting weekly
❌Real terms pay cut for key workers
❌Record cancer wait times.

The Home Office's grotesque Rwanda Plan must be opposed at every possible juncture.

Activists in the streets, anti-racists in Parliament and of course campaign groups in the courts.

Priti Patel, blinded by bigotry, is running roughshod over human rights & international law.

Johnsons latest distraction to get out of jail is set to fan the flames of the housing crisis.

Housing Associations have been decimated as housing stock is sold off and not replaced.

Selling the family silver for a headline.

The Governments own Social Mobility Tsar thinks ordinary kids should "aim lower" than an Oxbridge education.

Nobody can tell me Bullingdon toffs are half as bright as young, ambitious Bradfordians.

They think working class people should know their place.

Rabid Tory infighting and the spectacle of Johnson's floundering has underscored some truths about the Conservative Party:

❌Minister argued Tories left NHS unprepared for the pandemic.
❌Tory donors hold Government to ransom.
❌Johnson doesn't regret lockdown lawbreaking.

There's a hospital bed shortage of 13,000 and shocking 12 hour wait times for A&E.

When pressed on their NHS failure today at #PMQS the Tories response was staggering.

Sniggering, sneering and jeering like schoolkids as our Health Service collapses.

Staff vacancies of 110,000 have left the NHS in critical condition and with 500 nurses & midwives quitting weekly - this problem isn't going anywhere.

You can't retain key workers or provide quality healthcare on the cheap.

Give nurses an inflation proof pay rise.

Johnson has scraped through this no confidence vote by the skin of his teeth.

But working people need a Government dedicated to raising living standards - not one committed to the self-preservation of a lame duck PM.

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