Ian Lavery is MP for Wansbeck

What has Ian Lavery been up to today?

Ian Lavery is MP for Wansbeck and a member of the Labour party.

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When you just scratch the surface of these companies you quickly discover there’s plenty of profit to pay decent wages and pensions etc & also money left for bumper payouts to shareholders.

Greedy shareholders are in essence robbing from the workers.
@RMTunion @CWUnews

While key workers facing poverty are being told to accept wage cuts, Downing Street is lifting pay caps for bankers. There’s class war alright – but it’s being waged by the elite.


We have mapped over 5⃣0⃣0⃣ strikes in >2 years.

⛱️The summer of discontent has meant our map is struggling with the amount of action and visitors.

🆘We need your help to save strike map🆘

Donate now to save our map here>>https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/save-strike-map-uk/

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There's only one answer to the staff shortages causing chaos in our airports and that's for employers like @British_Airways to pay their staff properly.

GMB's Nadine Houghton spoke to BBC News ahead of the result of our strike ballot, due at 2pm today.

No-one wants to take strike action. But what’s unforgivable @nadhimzahawi is attacking hard working staff that kept education going during COVID but have lost 1/5 of their pay in real terms since 2010. #ValueEducators #ValueEducation

Proud to support @unitetheunion @UnitePolitics at the picket line in Wakefield once again standing up for what should be basic rights in the workplace

Ministers planning to boost City bosses pay whilst workers struggle to cope with the worst cost of living crisis in history.

@BorisJohnson had no answer to my Q instead attacking me for standing up for workers.

Tories are on side of bankers not people who are suffering. #PMQs

Today we’ve written to @nadhimzahawi. If teachers don’t receive the above inflation pay increase they deserve, we will be balloting for industrial action.

It's time to #ValueEducation and #ValueEducators

The @UKLabour was formed by the trade union movement to give working people a political voice

Workers face a cost of living crisis. Rail workers @rmtunion are fighting cuts to pay, job, pensions & conditions

Come what may, I will be on a picket line supporting workers tomorrow https://twitter.com/siennamarla/status/1538939029315624961

Sienna Rodgers @siennamarla

EXCLUSIVE: Labour front benchers have been told by the party leadership that they are banned from picket lines this week amid rail strikes: https://www.politicshome.com/news/article/labour-front-benchers-banned-from-picket-lines-amid-rail-strikes

In Parliament, I just called out the Government's disgusting smear campaign against railway cleaners, rail ticket office staff and the maintenance workers who keep our railways safe.

The Government's cynical role in this dispute is appalling.

"They don't call it the struggle for nothing..."

Great to march with @IanLaveryMP as the Labour movement descended on Parliament Square yesterday to demand better than the Tories.

Solidarity ✊

In 1984 Thatcher vehemently denied political interference in the strike.

She’s a proven liar she did.

Shapps is vehemently denying political interference in the @RMTunion dispute.

He’s a liar and it will be proven.

Solidarity with the @RMTunion ✊️✊️✊️

Today trade unionists descended on London demanding better from our government. 38 years since the events at Orgreave as we fight for our future we should remember our history. Let’s have an inquiry into the policing of the Miners Strike that criminalised ordinary people

Great night at the @tynesidecinema with @Daniel_Draper_ & @SOTL_Films. #Manifesto is a tribute & thank you to the superb activists of Walton - but has echoes that can be heard across the movement. And a proper discussion after, as you’d expect with @LauraPidcock & @IanLaveryMP.

We did it - very emotional watching the Miners Pardons Bill being unanimously passed in the Scottish Parliament - I’m proud to have played my part in this campaign - we now need a UK wide inquiry and compensation scheme and an inquiry in Orgreave

Serious concerns raised about the trigger ballot process in Apsana Begum’s constituency, including allegations of harassment & threatening behaviour, involving sexism & misogyny, to undermine Apsana’s position. I’ve urged the party to intervene. Nobody should have to endure this.

After the Grenfell Tower fifth anniversary debate today myself and colleagues from the Labour benches caught up with Emma Dent Coad, who was the MP in Kensington at the time of the disaster in 2017.

There’s still yet to be proper #JusticeForGrenfell but the fight continues. 💚

Nearly time for the March on Saturday.

We need you there! This is a chance to show that there is another side. A side prepared to fight for better for ordinary people in the UK.

It’s the @RMTunion being attacked today. Could be your job tomorrow. Be on the right side of this

"I received support from the @RMTunion at the 2019 election. Anbody reading the right wing press would have thought this was something to be ashamed of. I want to tell everyone in this house that I'm not ashamed of it. I'm extremely proud of it". Well said, @IanLaveryMP ✊🏽

"This isn't rhetoric, it's a fact - whilst the rich get obscenely richer, we're seeing people at the lower end of the income scale suffering so much". @IanLaveryMP in parliament today.

Treating vulnerable and insecure people as commodities & “ value for money “ is immoral in itself.

It’s a shocking disregard for human life!.

Isn’t it !!
Isn’t it !!

Two 6 week old pups been stolen this afternoon from a licensed trainer in the Hartlepool area one dog and one bitch. Both are black
They have just been micro chipped.
If anyone has any info could they message on either the GBGB welfare line on 020 7822 0917 or DM on here.Thanks

I hold a very simple view on this.

Secure employment.
Inflation proof wages.
Decent pensions.

All of which have been hard fought for over generations are basic human rights.

I support the @RMTunion 💯

A gentle reminder to those that think the forthcoming #RailStrikes are just about train drivers pay that @RMTunion represents all these grades and more.
Thanks to @laurencec123 for the use of the graphic👏

🎉We've passed 300 strikes on our map🪧

✊Help us reach the next 300 strikes by supporting our map here>>http://bit.ly/supportstrikemap


Patriotism isn't waving Union Jack flags or uncritically backing everything Boris Johnson does.

It's working to make your country a better place for everyone - wherever they live in the country and whatever their race, class, gender, or disability.

Incredible allegations from @chriscurtis94 about polling conducted by @YouGov during the 2017 General Election, including being banned from releasing a story too positive about Labour after the debate which showed a huge victory for @jeremycorbyn. 🧵

Utterly astonishing to witness the ramping jocularity laughing and screaming at #PMQs from the Tory benches.

This isn’t a bloody game. People are at their wits end out there struggling to feed themselves.

We're proud to have the support of @IanLaveryMP behind our + @HCSANews' new joint report's recommendations.

Thanks so much @IanLaveryMP for visiting our drop-in event + standing up for NHS staff today 💙

Who else other than @BorisJohnson himself and his pay role disciples would claim tonight’s result as a great victory ?.

The cabinet need to grow some and get rid.

Solidarity with the @RMTunion members today. Always fighting for fairer wages terms and conditions.

NOT FORGETTING the safety & health of all of us using the UG network.✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️

Fantastic to open the Cambois Gala this morning and March onto the field with the fantastic Cambois banner alongside Ashington Colliery Band. Lots of stalls and lots to do. Open till 5 pop along!

Well done and thank you to everyone who has helped put this together.

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