Emma Hardy is MP for Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle

What has Emma Hardy been up to today?

Emma Hardy is MP for Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle and a member of the Labour party.

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We had a great opportunity this evening to meet up with @EmmaHardyMP to discuss some of the work we are doing and hopefully some work we can get involved in the future #youthparliament

A very senior, married Cabinet Minister being pleasured in his parliamentary office by a much younger lover for whom he is actively seeking a lucrative position within his department. Not newsworthy? The scale & the speed at which Johnson debases everything he touches is amazing. https://twitter.com/lbc/status/1542457782376472576


James O'Brien was at his most baffled by reports that an MP walked in on Carrie Johnson performing a sex act on Boris Johnson, as he sought to get her a top Foreign Office job.


Thank you @EmmaHardyMP for securing a debate around waiting times for #gynaecology Some of our members are waiting more than 4 yrs for #mesh removal, 3yrs for assessment, others having surgeries cancelled on the day

NEW: We’re now seeing the longest decline of UK incomes ever.

It’s sapping household spending and leaving us exposed.

The Tories are failing working people.

All they offer are stagnant wages, low growth and higher taxes.

We need a stronger economy.

The Conservatives are soft on rape, soft on rapists and they don’t like to face the fact that they’re letting sex offenders off and letting survivors down. No-one is going to stop me from standing up for victims. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jun/30/minister-complains-speaker-labour-remarks-convictions?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Family with new baby have no electricity or gas, can’t heat water, can’t heat food. Teachers take urns with hot water from school to help. Self disconnection is a growing problem among low income households.

UK government to scrap European law protecting special habitats https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jun/30/uk-government-scrap-european-law-protecting-special-habitats?CMP=share_btn_tw

Card fraud 2021: £524 million.
Victims protected by law and over 98% refunded in full. 7% down year on year
Authorised payment fraud (individuals) £505 million. Victims protected by a Code. Banks only refund 49% leaving victims to suffer losses of a £259m.
46% up year on year

Incredible 1st day back off holiday delivering my #eatingdisorders awareness talks to 3 brilliant year groups at the fab @StPetersYork Thank YOU for giving your young people a chance 🙏 early intervention & awareness is key. Your young people matter 🌱

The power of words is 🗝

But if you're an academically able student in an area where partly thanks to the cost of living crisis you can't do the boarding school leave home thing, once your local new university has withdrawn all the humanities because of "outcomes", you're stuffed.

Dominic Raab won’t approve but I did indeed go the opera last week (it cost me £62).

Tom Eisner, a working-class lad from Buxton near where I grew up kindly invited me. He’s been playing violin at Glyndebourne for 36 years.

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. 🎻

Rayner responds to Raab:

“My advice to the deputy prime minister is to cut out the snobbery & brush up on his opera. The Marriage of Figaro is the story of a working-class woman who gets the better of a privileged but dim-witted villain.”

We are delighted that
@EmmaHardyMP will be co-hosting our event at Westminster on 5 July 2022.

Please write to your MP and ask them to join: https://bit.ly/3xzDLXH

#MoreThanAScore #Westminster

Such an important discussion to be had. Waiting lists in gynaecology grew faster than any other specialty during the pandemic, and action has to be taken to address this. https://twitter.com/EmmaHardyMP/status/1542099621538848769

Emma Hardy MP @EmmaHardyMP

Delighted to have secured a debate next week on the waiting lists for gynaecology services. @RCObsGyn

HMRC published their Tax Gap estimates today, and led with the headline that the Tax Gap remains steady at 5.1% of total tax revenues.

Our analysis shows that this isn't quite what it seems.

🧵 A thread.


Later today we will be launching our radical basic income pilot.

Simply put – this scheme gives care leavers a guaranteed monthly income to help set them on a path to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

We'll explain in more detail in today’s press conference.

"We don't have to agree with each other... but we have a basic human right, the right to protest"

Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray has his amplifiers removed by police as Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act comes into effect


Today I called for the Chancellor to pay at least the real living wage for all those who work for government - including contractors.

He refused.

The Tories are choosing to trap people in poverty pay as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Working people deserve so much better.

Nicola Sturgeon is using the ‘thank you’ she was given, and the promise she made to lead us through the recovery, to instead pit Scot against Scot and focus on her priority, her obsession, her purpose.

Scotland deserves better.

Thank you @UKParlEducation for supporting me in becoming a teacher ambassador. The program will have a huge impact on our learning family @allsaintsfed .
What an honour to ask questions to Sir Lindsay Hoyle @CommonsSpeaker

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case confirms a 'full disciplinary process is underway' in relation to misleading comments made by the Number 10 press office over the Partygate scandal

Our country urgently needs a change in direction.

Great to sit down with @REWearmouth today to discuss Labour’s serious plan to turn it around.

Thriving industries. World class public services. Strong communities.

Labour will re-energise Britain.

closing down Bray is not what @pritipatel said her new law was intended to do. Will libertarian Tories stand up for Bray’s right to be annoying outside Parliament and Downing St?

The DWP received 3x more funding than HMRC to deal with fraud. But, while every £1 spent on fraud by DWP recovers £6, HMRC recover £18. Surely, resources should be prioritised to gain more for the public purse. Is this economic illiteracy or a government soft on tax dodgers?

📣 On Wednesday, we’re holding a pre-commencement hearing with Dr Swati Dhingra, in advance of her appointment to the @bankofengland Monetary Policy Committee.

📺 Watch the session live from 2.15pm 👇

While Conservative Ministers hound civil servants back to the office, my research shows that they’re letting thousands of offenders "work from home". Yet again they're letting criminals off and letting victims down.


Instead of trying to resolve the rail dispute the Tories are using it as another excuse to attack trade unions my piece for @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/breaking-strikes-using-agency-workers-is-recklessly-gambling-with-public-safety/

Huge waits for passports and driving licences, long queues at airports and massive waiting lists for healthcare and court dates.

Sign our petition if you’ve had enough of Boris Johnson’s backlog Britain. 📝

A huge thank you to @debrakidd and the team @NRocks2022 for supporting us - we have adventure day on 25th august & have 65 limb different children & families attending- life changing for them to meet other children - volunteers welcome! #nrocks2022

Months of waiting for a passport or driving licence.

Travel plans disrupted.

Hospital appointment and court dates delayed.

This is Backlog Britain - and it's the result of 12 years of Tory mismanagement of our economy.

Britain deserves better.

If this Government genuinely believed it was on target to end roughsleeping by 2024, why is Michael Gove attempting to bring back the Vagrancy Act of 1824 to re-criminalise it?

Hull blood donors urgently needed, NHS says


Britain is running into the biggest headwinds it’s faced since the 1970s, heaping pain on an economy still reeling from Brexit and the pandemic https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-27/britain-s-battered-economy-is-sliding-toward-a-breaking-point via @markets

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