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Bill Esterson is MP for Sefton Central and a member of the Labour party.

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Providing yet more proof that Ministers are making the wrong choices for our economy these figures underline both the absence of a serious plan to accelerate exports & just how poor a deal ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ negotiated with the EU; our key trade partner

The Conservatives are soft on rape, soft on rapists and they don’t like to face the fact that they’re letting sex offenders off and letting survivors down. No-one is going to stop me from standing up for victims.

I’m honoured to receive the Politician of the Year at this year’s Civility in Politics Awards. The award comes with a £1500 donation to my choice of charity which will be Mabon Trust.

Attended my first #PMQs today with @AngelaRayner wiping the floor with a winking Deputy Prime Minister, who once said people using food banks are not in poverty but have “a cash flow problem” He's spent over a million pounds on private jet flights in 9 months!

Enough is enough.

My thoughts are with Marie McCourt & her family.

They haven't been able to lay Helen to rest. They should never have had to see her killer released.

Even now, if anyone has information that could help locate Helen's remains, please come forward.

Today I have written to the French Sports Minister to ask her to present evidence of her repeated claim that up to 40K fans with fake tickets tried to enter the Stade de France at the UEFA Champions League final in May or retract her comments and issue a full apology to fans.

People being threatened with arrest for protesting noisily against this government outside Parliament. Tory MPs screaming at @AngelaRayner inside Parliament. Chipping away at freedom of speech and undermining of democracy on display for all to see. #PMQs

Another example of government doing nothing to help with the cost of living crisis and expecting everyone else to solve the problem. This government has failed the country for 12 years and it will continue to fail the country.

The reply from @UEFAcom to my letter about what happened to my constituents at @ChampionsLeague final. There must never ever be a repeat of what happened in Paris on 28 May 2022.
UEFA say "we care about football".
Time to prove they care about football fans.

Come on @O2 I was promised a call back on Saturday and yesterday to help me get online access to my account. I was promised a call back today to help with billing. Come on, it can't be that difficult can it? Please?

Huge waits for passports and driving licences, long queues at airports and massive waiting lists for healthcare and court dates.

Sign our petition if you’ve had enough of Boris Johnson’s backlog Britain. 📝

Brandon Lewis talks to Trevor Phillips about helping with the cost of living by cutting National Insurance. So why has his government just put National Insurance up?

I am an oncologist. I have had patients that needed to get an abortion to allow safe treatment of their cancer. Abortion absolutely is a part of healthcare.

Thanks to Spin Monkey Maghull for hosting today’s craft market. Brilliant work from Hayley Brennan from Betty’s Coffee for organising. Lovely to meet everyone and for the fab products which you all make!

🧵I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for putting your trust in me to be your Member of Parliament.

This has been a historic result for Wakefield and for Labour, with a swing not seen for Labour since we were last in Government.

The new chair of the tory party "Elliot is the co-founder of Quintessentially Group...The company has boasted about how it serves wealthy Russian clients.... After Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the company deleted its webpage that boasted about serving Russian elite clients"

Under the Tories, the UK is the only G7 country hiking taxes in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

Labour would scrap the national insurance hike and cut taxes for small businesses now.

This is a devastating step backwards for women's rights in the United States.

Every woman who needs one should have the right to a safe and legal abortion.

Solidarity with every woman affected by this cruel decision.

As polls close in a few minutes can I as both Ward Chair and Councillor for #WakefieldNorth day a massive thank you to everyone in the @UKLabour family who has come to #Wakefield over the past few weeks to make sure @simonlightwood wins.
Your help will not be forgotten 🌹

New realities of life of Ukrainians in 2022

Video from #Dergachi, #Kharkiv region. The enemy missile break through the ceiling and the corner of the table, but the owner stay positive. Strong #Ukrainian people.

Amazing response out on the #LabourDoorstep in the #Wakefield by-election.

Plenty of support for @UKLabour and @SimonLightwood!

Polls close at 10pm if you haven't voted already! 🗳️🌹

Just six weeks ago Ministers feigned outrage at the illegal and unsafe decision to replace P&O workers with agency staff.

Now they’re adopting their playbook.

This senseless plan is a recipe for disaster.

This is a Tory recipe for disaster⚠️

Not just undermining pay, rights and conditions, but risking public safety and ripping up ministers’ own words.

They’ve learned nothing from the P&O scandal, which led to safety failures and grounding of vessels.

Once again your reminder. Johnson and Shapps refuse to meet the unions. They refuse to lift a finger to help stop the strike. They want the travelling public to lose out and are fanning the flames of division.

Thousands of holiday flights cancelled.
People unable to renew their passports.
Biggest rail strike in a generation.

The Tories simply aren’t doing their job.


On #WindrushDay, we celebrate the Windrush generation, who helped rebuild Britain.

But the Tories’ hostile environment left many homeless, jobless and without healthcare - and victims are still waiting for compensation.

@DavidLammy shares their story.

“Pay rises for City bankers. Pay cuts for district nurses. I didn’t see that in leaflets on Wakefield.” @Keir_Starmer #PMQs

Who’s right? Boris Johnson’s treasury minister who says every worker needs a pay cut or his chief of staff who says bankers need a pay rise? #PMQs

The cost of living crisis is being made worse by ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ‘s poor trade deal with the EU new research from ⁦@resfoundation⁩ finds today with workers on av £470 a year worse off & long term damage to Britain’s openness and competitiveness

Six years ago our friend and colleague Jo Cox was tragically murdered. As Jo said in her maiden speech in 2016 “we have far more in common than that which divides us.” That's why I'm supporting Jo's sister @kimleadbeater and the Great Get Together.

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