Zarah Sultana is MP for Coventry South

What has Zarah Sultana been up to today?

Zarah Sultana is MP for Coventry South and a member of the Labour party.

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@ApsanaBegumMP has been a staunch ally of @fbunational during her time in Parliament. Appalled to hear that she has faced a misogynistic campaign in her trigger ballot process. We call on @Keir_Starmer and @UKLabour to intervene & put an end to this abuse. Solidarity Apsana.

Polling shows that 58% of the public back the rail and tube strikes.

There's a simple reason for that: by striking for fair wages, @RMTunion members are fighting for all working people against greedy profiteers.

I am very concerned about the allegations of threatening behaviour, harassment and misogyny in the reselection of @ApsanaBegumMP

Whether it's on a picket line or in Parliament, Apsana has always stood up for working people and the trade union movement. She has my full support.

Rail workers are striking for the pay they deserve and a better transport system for all of us – it’s time the Labour Party got off the fence and supported them, writes @AndyMcDonaldMP .

Great to join striking @RMTunion members at Victoria Station this morning alongside Socialist Campaign Group comrades ✊🏽

Railway workers have faced years of pay freezes and now are threatened with thousands of job losses. Solidarity with @RMTunion.

Solidarity with @ApsanaBegumMP. All parties need to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse are not exposed to further harrassment in their roles, and understand the impact that ongoing abuse can have. Violence against women must always be taken seriously.

The climate crisis is displacing people across the globe and even more will be forced to move if it's allowed to get worse.

That's why climate justice is migrant justice and it's why I joined @GNDRising as they prepared to demonstrate against the hostile environment in Coventry.

Grant Shapps is playing classic divide-and-rule in Parliament:

Pitting workers against each other – as if train cleaners are the enemy of nurses & teachers.

The problem isn't workers standing-up for themselves. The problem is this Tory government & their big business backers.

If we're worried about inflation, instead of squeezing workers' wages, let's squeeze corporate profits, CEO pay, and landlords' rents.

I had a great time attending the grand opening of the Coventry Beekeepers' apiary this weekend! It was a very sweet event (...sorry!) and I am excited to try some of the honey soon! 😊🍯

Fantastic news from Colombia: Gustavo Petro is elected President alongside Francia Marquez as Vice President!

The first socialist to lead the country, Petro campaigned to build peace, tackle rampant inequality, and fight for social justice 🇨🇴


For #FathersDay,

Olivia Colman, Carey Mulligan, @MarkRuffalo, Emily Watson, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Spector, Richard Ratcliffe, and @KhalidAbdalla read from "Half an Hour with Khaled," by Alaa.


Part 1/2

“It’s important that Labour MPs are here today alongside the Trade Unions that founded the Party”

Great to have @zarahsultana marching in the CWU block yesterday at the #DemandBetter demo 🙌

As we've said repeatedly, the Church of England’s opposition to deporting asylum seekers without any kind of assessment or care is not because the destination is Rwanda.

We would oppose such heartless treatment wherever people were sent.

1/3 🧵

Amazing atmosphere with 100+ young people in Coventry, determined to fight for a Green New Deal and put people and planet before profit.

Let's go @GNDRising 🙌🏽

Today I was proud to march alongside trade unionists from across the country to send a message to the Tory government:

Squeeze the profits of the super-rich, not the livelihoods of the people #DemandBetter


Our movement has landed in the city for our first Mass Canvass Weekender.

It’s all part of our big & bold plan to win a #GreenNewDeal.

⬇️🧵Here’s how:

SO EXCITED to be here in Coventry with @GNDRising for mass canvassing! 😍

Thank you @zarahsultana for hyping us up and for everything you do - you are an inspiration. You have our back and we have yours! ✊

To tackle the cost-of-living crisis, let's have a big boost to the National Minimum Wage – bringing it to £15-an-hour by 2024 – and end poverty pay for good 💪🏽

I'm marching with the trade union movement in London tomorrow to tell this Tory government:

Enough is enough – put our need before their greed. See you there!

The Tories are scapegoating railway workers to divide and distract: so we don’t talk about how the super-rich are lining their pockets while the cost-of-living crisis gets worse.

Solidarity @RMTunion ✊🏽

Priti Patel's decision to allow Julian Assange to be extradited to the US is disgusting.

He's being targeted for exposing US war crimes in the Middle East and beyond.

This is an attack on press freedom, which the British government is aiding and abetting. Utterly shameful.

Apsana is trailblazer: The first hijabi MP, she's a courageous advocate for the oppressed.

But she's faced a vile campaign of misogynistic abuse & now reports of appalling behaviour in her trigger ballot.

Labour must show it won't tolerate Muslim women being treated like that.

10 million people in Britain face food insecurity.

That's a scandal in one of the richest countries in the world – and it's set to get worse.

That is why I was so pleased to visit The Pantry last week, which provides assistance and affordable food for Coventrians in need 🤍

This week we're at European Parliament sharing knowledge on #DECONFBU with our firefighting comrades across Europe 🇪🇺

@RiccardoLaT0rre gives a quick overview of why we're there and how we're working to prevent cancer and protect firefighters 👇

Priti Patel said it was a “slur” when I told her she lacked compassion, and called for me withdraw it.

I didn't and I won't: I was already being too polite.

In Parliament, I just told Priti Patel that if she had an ounce of compassion, she would abandon her disgraceful plan to deport refugees to Rwanda.

She asked me to withdraw this "slur" against her.

Let me say again @PritiPatel: This policy again shows you lack basic compassion.

Tonight I joined the silent walk for Grenfell, remembering the 72 working class people murdered by corporate greed and institutional neglect 5 years ago.

I had the honour of walking alongside the Fire Brigades Union, whose members heroically responded to the fire that night 💚

Migrants don't rob the public purse of billions of pounds.

That's tax dodgers.

Migrants don't drive down wages and exploit workers.

That's greedy bosses.

And migrants don't underfund our schools and hospitals.

That's a Tory government working for the 1%, not the 99%.

The Tories' refusal to ban trans conversion therapy is a cruel, cowardly and cynical tactic to stoke division and distract us from their failings. It must be banned in full.


5 years ago today.

Corporate greed and institutional neglect claimed the lives of 72 people. It was social murder, yet still no-one has been held to account. Still there are unsafe buildings.

We still demand #Justice4Grenfell

"Deporting people to Rwanda is utterly cruel, and a distraction from the cost of living crisis.”

@zarahsultana says the government is playing politics with refugees' lives.

Deporting refugees to Rwanda has *nothing* to do with tackling people-trafficking and *everything* to do with whipping-up hate and stoking division.

Ahead of the flight scheduled for tomorrow, I joined campaigners outside the Home Office demanding this inhumane policy is binned.

That feeling when you're phonebanking for the Green New Deal 😊💞

Join @GNDRising's Coventry Mass Canvass *this* weekend! Details and sign-up:

Remarkable allegations about the 2017 general election:

A senior pollster has today said YouGov suppressed a poll showing a significant victory to Corbyn in a debate "because it was too positive about Labour" and that senior Tories put pressure on the company in the campaign 1/2

Incredible allegations from @chriscurtis94 about polling conducted by @YouGov during the 2017 General Election, including being banned from releasing a story too positive about Labour after the debate which showed a huge victory for @jeremycorbyn. 🧵

This cost-of-living crisis is unprecedented. Wages aren't keeping up with soaring prices and poverty pay is rife.

We need the minimum wage to be a real living wage: That's £15 an hour by 2024, as research from @PEF_online shows.

I had the privilege of being in Paris for the Champions League Final, attending a fanzone which was later tear-gassed by the French police.

In Parliament, I demanded the French authorities retract and apologise for their grotesque smears against Liverpool fans.

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