Barbara Keeley is MP for Worsley and Eccles South

What has Barbara Keeley been up to today?

Barbara Keeley is MP for Worsley and Eccles South and a member of the Labour party.

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This is by far the best commentary on the Government's new Bill of Rights that I've seen anywhere. It's clear, calm and cuts straight to the heart of the issues. Not for the first time, we are all indebted to @ProfMarkElliott.

When will a Tory mouthpiece realise that they cannot best Mick Lynch on the subject of railways

Here’s Robert Jenrick complaining about public money being wasted, the same Jenrick that allegedly charged public purse Β£100K for a third home

The Prime Minister’s answer to my question could not have been clearer. Much like his answers on #PartyGate. And PPE contracts. And proroguing Parliament. Watch this space πŸ‘€ #PMQs

The theme of this #LearningDisabilityWeek is Living Life with a Learning Disability.

But thousands of people with learning disabilities and autistic people are not being given the support they need to leave inappropriate inpatient care.

This scandal must end.

Lovely to join my friend and colleague @kimleadbeater yesterday to support the @great_together to spread the message of Jo Cox that we have #moreincommon than that which divides us

Hope there are some Great Get Together events near you this weekend see

The Govt’s ill-thought out & dangerous #BillOfRights is the first law in a 1000 years that TAKES AWAY rights you have

Good people made enormous sacrifices, even lost their lives, for these rights

That’s a legacy worth fighting for

Last week I had the total honour of watching my buddy Professor Sara Ryan (I will never tire of using that title) giving her inaugural lecture @HPaC_MMU

The recording is available here and this thread is some cherry picked highlights


GeorgeJulian @GeorgeJulian

This is it, the sole tweet from Professor @sarasiobhan’s inaugural lecture from me; can’t live tweet this one, just going to sit back and enjoy #JusticeforLB

A V&A trustee who is also a Tory co-chair spoke at a Tory fundraising event which used his charity's resources to raise cash explicitly to fight marginal seats

V&A continue to insist there isn't even a risk that this could represent a conflict of interests

Report from Mirror

🚨Scoop🚨 More pressure on the V&A - experts question the board's efforts to manage links between trustees and the Conservative Party, on the day the charity hosts a Tory fundraiser

V&A says event is a normal commercial deal

How well Brits think the govt is handling… (net)

Inflation -64
Immigration -62
Economy -54*
NHS -51
Housing -49
Tax -47
Transport -36*
Benefits -36
Crime -35
Brexit -33
Environment -21
Education -16
Unemployment -5
Defence +13
Terrorism +29

*Lowest since tracker began Jun 2019

No pay restraint from rich Tory donors last night at a V&A auction to fund Johnson’s party:

Β£30,000 wine tasting
Β£37,000 shooting weekend
Β£65,000 safari
Β£120,000 dinner with Cameron/May/Johnson

In other news, rail pay strikes start as Johnson slashes workers’ living standards.

The Government plans to allow agency staff to replace experienced workers who are striking, putting the safety of the public and the workforce at risk.

Rather than resolving the conflict, Boris Johnson and Grant Shapps want to prolong it.

Ukrainian musicians due to perform in the UK are facing prohibitive visa costs & delays

After writing to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to ask that they expedite their applications and waive the fees - I am glad the Minister has now agreed to meet me to discuss this πŸ‘‡

Headlines like this are unhelpful πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

Ridiculing construction workers for talking about their feelings only serves to further stigmatise mental health and self-care in an industry where people are three times more likely to take their own lives. (1/4)

I asked why the Transport Secretary is busy making TikTok videos instead of negotiating with workers to avoid the #RailStrikes & making contingency plans to help school pupils

In Labour-run Wales, train staff are not on strike, with all sides working together to manage changeπŸš…

Ukrainian musicians due to perform in the UK are facing prohibitive visa costs & delays

After writing to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to ask that they expedite their applications and waive the fees - I am glad the Minister has now agreed to meet me to discuss this πŸ‘‡

✊ VICTORY ✊ for residents at Astley Court πŸ‘
Councillors, @salfordmayor & I stood with the community of #IrlamandCadishead & ensured:
🏠 Home security for residents at Astley Court, incl vulnerable people
βš•οΈ Job security for Care staff who work hard to look after residents

SalfordMayor @salford_mayor

We are pleased to now announce that Astley Court and Monica Court extra care schemes will continue to operate in the future, taking new tenants and ending uncertainty for residents.

Under the Conservatives:

- 350,000 children are on NHS waiting lists
- 12,000 of them waiting more than a year
- Almost 500 for two years!

Rising child poverty has seen the return of Victorian diseases and massive health inequalities.

Read more πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Join us today (Monday) for Salford’s Armed Forces flag raising ceremony at 10.30am on the front steps of Swinton Town Hall. Read more in the link πŸ‘‡
#ArmedForcesDay #SaluteOurForces

Our launch/fundraising event on Saturday in support of Black kidney patients with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) and Kidney Research UK was well attended and lit. Not bad for the first Black kidney charity in the UK. Official pictures coming soon but here are some highlights.

Three months after calling on the public to boycott P&O, the Government want to change the law to allow striking workers to be replaced by agency staff.Β 
They are willing to risk the safety of millions rather than get round the negotiating table.Β 

🚨 Time is running out for the Tories to avert the rail strike.

The Government has just 24 hours to stop the grandstanding and fix the mess it has created.

Add your name to tell the Tories to avoid the strike. ✍️

Two members of the East Essex Hunt will appear in court on 22 June, charged with Hunting Act and animal cruelty offences. Footage, filmed on 4 December 2021, caught the two carrying out the most horrific animal cruelty, using both a dog and a pitchfork to murder a fox.

Great programme charting the evolution of @glastonbury This year will be my 20th Glastonbury (I’ve worked out), first going in 1993. It’s certainly evolved a lot in that time, as have I, and my experience of it!

Can’t wait for this year πŸ˜‰

Glastonbury Festival @glastonbury

πŸ“Ί Starting shortly on @BBCTwo! Glastonbury: 50 Years and Counting

Any sensible government would be trying to get world leaders round the table to deal with the impending economic crisis and creating a plan for growth.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK, and tradesmen and male labourers are 2-3 more likely to take their own life.

There’s nothing embarrassing or woke about guys talking about their mental health. It literally saves lives. Ditch the stigma and toxic headlines

Another Boris Johnson allegation of β€œget a job for Carrie” after β€œfavours for Arcuri” & countless others
This time whilst his then wife was undergoing treatment for cancer & Carrie was his β€œmistress”
Curiously, @thetimes appear to have since β€˜disappeared’ the story
I wonder why?

Britain is facing the biggest rail strike in a generation but @GrantShapps hasn’t spent a single second in talks to avert it since March.

Time is running out. The Tories must get round the table and sort this out.

Huge waits for passports and driving licences.

Huge queues at airports.

Huge waiting lists for healthcare and court dates.

Welcome to Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain.

Bus fares across the whole of Greater Manchester are being capped to offset the rising cost of living. The Mayor wants passengers to pay no more than Β£2 a journey or Β£5 a day. Children's fares will be no more than Β£1.
Andy Burnham says it's part of his bus reforms.

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