Simon Jupp is MP for East Devon

What has Simon Jupp been up to today?

Simon Jupp is MP for East Devon and a member of the Conservative party.

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Liz’s NI tax cuts to help with fuel bills not credible. Pensioners typically won’t benefit. Workers on Living Wage gain under £60 a year. Millions of poorest will get nothing. Rishi’s right we need clear targeted support. Get this wrong and we lose next election. #Ready4Rishi


A stunning win for @OfficialECFC today against Port Vale. Absolutely brilliant atmosphere at St James Park!

#ECFC #OneGrecianGoal

Due to the reduced number of patients with COVID-19 across NHS Royal Devon, we’ve eased visitor restrictions across our Eastern services, with no restrictions across Northern services.

Please continue to wear a mask. 😷


Great to get out on the water patrolling the #ExeEstuary with Nic from the @ExPortAuthority.

The harbour team in #Exmouth work incredibly hard to keep people safe at sea and help to protect our stunning coastline.

𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟎 𝐌𝐏𝐬 backed Rishi for PM.

They know only Rishi can deal with the issues that face our country with grip, urgency and competence.

Vote Rishi today to beat Labour tomorrow 🥀


The National Citizen Service is a great way to help young people achieve their potential.

I met with a group from #EastDevon today ahead of their walk from #Exmouth to #Topsham. As part of their experience, they are fundraising for @ExmouthRNLI

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Maggie was right. So was Nigel Lawson (greatest tax cutter ever). Tens of billions in unfunded tax cuts fuelling inflation will cost us the next election. We CAN get taxes down but must be delivered responsibly. Time for ⁦@RishiSunak⁩ #Ready4Rishi

Weekly column: Long summer recess for Parliament, not your MP

Fantastic to welcome @RishiSunak to @CrealyResort in #EastDevon today.

He spoke passionately about his plans to restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunite the country.

I am proud to back @Ready4Rishi and I’m really looking forward to the hustings in #Exeter tonight.

🎥 A spine-tingling endorsement for @RishiSunak from one of our Party’s most distinguished statesmen, @WilliamJHague.

🇬🇧 Featuring some great, no nonsense North Yorkshire men and women explaining why they are #Ready4Rishi 👇

Today I announced my radical tax vision including the largest cut to income tax in thirty years.

⚫I will never cut taxes in a way that puts inflation up.
⚫I will never make promises I can’t pay for.
⚫I will be honest about the challenges we face.

My constituency is home to hundreds of beef and lamb farmers and I am committed to supporting the fantastic industry they represent.

People’s food choices are their own. I would lead a government that champions our livestock farmers at home and abroad.

Authorities often turn a blind eye to sexual violence which occurs in marginalised communities.

We can and we must do better.

I met with Mike Watson from @StagecoachSW today to raise my concerns about cuts to the Number 9 bus service. He’s taking the concerns from the community seriously and agreed to explore possible options at my request. I’m hopeful a solution for Sid Valley services can be found.

We must have a system of control for our borders.

Immigration should be legal, it should be orderly, it should be controlled, and that’s what I’ll deliver.


I promise you, I’m going to fight for every single vote, I’m going to fight for the Conservative values that are core to who I am and what I stand for.


Join us to Beat Labour ->

Green belt land is extremely precious in the UK.

We’ve seen too many examples of local councils circumventing the views of residents by taking land out of the green belt for development, but I will put a stop to it.

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Weekly column: Do you need a passport this summer?

We must make union barons think twice before wielding the strike weapon – and complete Margaret Thatcher’s unfinished business.

My prescription for an end to strike chaos.

It has more than 700 signatures so far 👇

🚅Tomorrow we will be publishing our report on the Integrated Rail Plan.

Catch up on our inquiry here:

I'm proud to back @RishiSunak for Prime Minister.

Honesty, integrity, experience.

We don't need fairytales; we need fiscal responsibility - for our future's sake.

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“They worked day and night, saved and sacrificed to provide a better future for their children.”

Rishi Sunak tells #BBCOurNextPM how his parents are and will always be an inspiration to him.


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“I’m standing here because of the sacrifice and love of my parents.”

Rishi Sunak tells #BBCOurNextPM how he will champion hard work and aspiration as PM.

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Inflation is the enemy that’s putting everyone’s bills up.

@RishiSunak has an honest, serious plan to tackle inflation rapidly, because if we don’t do that, our bills will keep going up.

#Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM @Ready4Rishi

It is neither Conservative nor responsible to dump today's debt onto our children’s credit cards.

Debt is debt, simple as that.

The answer to borrowing cannot be more borrowing. It simply isn't fair for the future of our nation.

#BBCOurNextPM #Ready4Rishi

“I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s responsible, and it’s certainly not Conservative.”

@RishiSunak tells #BBCOurNextPM that Liz Truss’s £40 billion of unfunded and irresponsible tax cuts would leave the country worse off.

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📣We’re recruiting📣
Looking for your career to take off in 2022? Exeter Airport currently has a range of vacancies available including:

Aircraft Dispatcher
Aircraft Refueller
Air Traffic Control Officer
IT Support Engineer
Cleaning Operative


👏 Fantastic new service by Exmouth Town Council.

Officially opening for the Summer, Exmouth Beach Wheelchair Service are launching their online booking system, FREE of charge! It provides disabled residents and visitors of #Exmouth access to the two-mile long sandy beach.

Our next Prime Minister will need the mettle to deal with some serious global and domestic challenges over the coming months and years.

Surely they can handle a chat with @afneil?

Looks like @RishiSunak can 👇

Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak

Just me then? 😉

Every year thousands and thousands of people come into the UK illegally.

Often we don’t know who they are, where they’re from and why they are here.

These are not bad people, but it makes a mockery of our system and it must stop.

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Rishi Sunak has what it takes to succeed in No 10.
The former chancellor’s reputation in Yorkshire shows he is an effective leader who can win hearts and get the job done. Read my latest @thetimes column here:

Excellent piece from former @Conservatives leader Lord Howard in @Telegraph “I was privileged to serve in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet. She certainly did not believe in cutting taxes in an irresponsible way. Nor does @RishiSunak and he is absolutely right”👇

If elected, from day one I will move onto a crisis footing and focus relentlessly on five emergencies facing our country.

I want to start with our biggest public service emergency, the massive backlogs in the NHS.

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💬“The ability and willingness to go into detail, to counter those arguing for a preventative lockdown, was what enabled Sunak to make his case.”

🗽Here’s how @RishiSunak fought the system to save peoples’ jobs last Christmas by stopping another lockdown

The Met Office has issued a thunderstorm weather alert for tomorrow. Here's a throwback to a previous lightning storm over #Topsham, Devon... 😳⚡

Here’s what @RishiSunak was up to last December

😷 Rishi flew back from a Govt trip to stop the Cabinet being bounced into a pointless Omicron lockdown

🗽 As Chair of the Covid Recovery Group, I know Rishi was on our side

👉 Proud to be #Ready4Rishi


Rishi Sunak tells LBC he did not register Ready for Rishi as a domain name back in December.

@AndrewMarr9 | @RishiSunak

Wonderful to welcome @StPetersExeter to Parliament today. I wasn't given the opportunity to visit when I was a student and now I always encourage schools in #EastDevon and #Exeter to come for a tour and Q&A. It is so important to learn about the home and history of our democracy.

My article in @timesredbox today on why I’m backing @RishiSunak to be the new PM 👇.

“There is no doubt in my mind that inflation is our number one enemy”

Rishi has a clear plan of investment, innovation and education to create a country of opportunity.

Weekly column: MPs must work together for the South West

🇬🇧Energy self-sufficient by 2045
🌊Massive expansion in offshore wind
🚫Scrap plans to relax the ban on onshore wind

Read the #Ready4Rishi energy strategy below and sign up

We’ve spoken to several independent archaeology and history experts. Hear why they support our plans, and how our scheme presents opportunities for the World Heritage Site and for solving the traffic problem that's blighted the landscape for decades.

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