Simon Hoare is MP for North Dorset

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Simon Hoare is MP for North Dorset and a member of the Conservative party.

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Stop blaming journalists (again) - reporting what you actually say isn’t ‘misinterpreted’.

2nd time in just 5 days. This kind of thing happened under the current PM & hugely damaged trust in us all.

So just what does “not giving out handouts” mean then?

Seems pretty clear…

Sky News @SkyNews

Liz Truss 'misinterpreted' over 'no handouts' remark, her supporters say

So, 2 “misinterpretations” in a few days!! The country needs a serious PM who doesn’t make it up as it goes along. We need @RishiSunak as PM. Real people will be looking to HMG for help & support. Laissez faire ideology doesn’t deliver help when it’s needed. A plan; not a theory

Sky News @SkyNews

Liz Truss 'misinterpreted' over 'no handouts' remark, her supporters say

Liz’s NI tax cuts to help with fuel bills not credible. Pensioners typically won’t benefit. Workers on Living Wage gain under £60 a year. Millions of poorest will get nothing. Rishi’s right we need clear targeted support. Get this wrong and we lose next election. #Ready4Rishi

High inflation is the enemy that makes all of us poorer.

We need to grip it first.

I've just voted for @RishiSunak to be our next leader and PM.


British children must get the education they need to succeed - that means studying Maths and English for longer.

Strong policy from ⁦@RishiSunak⁩ 👇

A good education is the closest thing we have to a silver bullet when it comes to making people’s lives better.

Read my plans to radically reform education to put British kids ahead👇

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After a great morning listening to @RishiSunak with members across Surrey in Dorking earlier today it’s time to do the important bit.

Proud to be backing Rishi’s plan to restore trust, rebuild our economy and reunite our country.


The #Shaftesbury Refugee Group is appealing to locals who can spend time helping Ukrainian people improve their English language skills. Stuart Twiss says helpers usually spend time with the refugees cooking,walking or shopping. CLICK TO LISTEN:

The Chairman of the #Shaftesbury Hospital Friends says he's grateful to the Shaston Club and local band The Sturminstrels for presenting a cheque to the good cause this week. LISTEN:

Completely love this interview!

If you are not #Ready4Rishi after reading this then we need to chat!

Incredibly open, funny and honest.

Rishi won the support of more MPs than any other candidate. He is the only one who can tackle the economic challenges of today, and beat Labour tomorrow #Ready4Rishi

More MPs voted for Rishi to be the leader of our party and the next PM as they know he has the determination to deal with inflation and be up front with the British people

The MPs backing @RishiSunak ...
highest in every round ...
and from every part of the party, every part of Britain.
Colleagues are #Ready4Rishi for leadership through tough times, to win the GE and keep Labour out.

Anyone receiving ballots to vote in this leadership contest right now, I hope you vote to back @RishiSunak who has shown himself throughout this contest ready and more than able to be our next PM.

I want to take on Nicola Sturgeon and I want to win the argument. We have to hold the SNP to account for its record.

As PM I would care about citizens everywhere and make sure that people in Scotland get the schools, the health service that they deserve.

Proud to vote for @RishiSunak today. He's the candidate to overcome inflation, tackle illegal immigration, defend Ukraine and beat Keir Starmer. He can unite our party, restore trust and integrity and deliver for every part of Britain.

More MPs voted for @RishiSunak for PM because they know only he can win the next General Election.

He’s the only candidate who can tackle the economic challenges of today, and beat Labour tomorrow. #Ready4Rishi

The most important thing is that we don't put fuel on the fire, and we don't repeat past mistakes.


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Great to head over to Eastbourne for the South East region #Conservative leadership hustings last night with @ClaireCoutinho. Like the vast majority of Surrey MPs we're #Ready4Rishi. We know he can grip inflation and win the next General Election in 2024.

Proud to be with this group of colleagues.

We are backing Rishi Sunak to be our next Leader and Prime Minister.

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𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑𝟎 𝐌𝐏𝐬 backed Rishi for PM.

They know only Rishi can deal with the issues that face our country with grip, urgency and competence.

Vote Rishi today to beat Labour tomorrow 🥀


More MPs voted for @RishiSunak for PM because they know he is the best candidate for the position. His experience, character and ability means he will tackle the economic challenges facing the country and beat Labour at the next election. #Ready4Rishi @Ready4Rishi

Rishi believes that Levelling Up should include rural communities, small towns, and coastal communities across the country.


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I’m fighting for something I really believe in.

That's why I'm taking my ideas around the country and meeting as many members as possible because I passionately believe I have the right plan for the United Kingdom.

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More MPs voted for Rishi for PM, because they know he is best placed to beat Keir Starmer & win the next General Election.

He’s got the most credible economic plan, and he can unite the Conservatives to beat Labour. #Ready4Rishi

Now that’s what I call Parliamentary support! I truly believe that not only can Rishi unite the Party but will do the same in the Country. He is rebuilding the broadchurch Tory Party. Only he can steady the economy and beat Lab and Lib Dems

📈 Managing the economy has never been more important for our next PM:

👉 Unfunded tax cuts will exacerbate inflation and prolong economic pain.

👉 Find out what this means for you:

#BeatInflation #Ready4Rishi

🌳 Enjoyed speaking to South Warwickshire @Conservatives members last night to make the case for @RishiSunak.

🇬🇧 Rishi’s plan to grip inflation is fundamentally Conservative & what Mrs Thatcher did when she came to office too.

👉 #Ready4Rishi

“I’m fighting for something I really believe in.”

Rishi sets out why he will continue to fight for every vote in this election.

#BattleForNo10 #Ready4Rishi

No one watching this could come to any other conclusion that Rishi Sunak would be the better prime minister. He’s a far superior communicator and has a diligent mastery of policy detail and consistency of principle. He would beat Keir Starmer in any debate.

“Honesty means telling you the truth, even when that’s not easy.”

Rishi will always be honest about the challenges we face as a country and what’s required to fix them.

#BattleForNo10 #Ready4Rishi

@Simon4NDorset Glad someone of influence is prepared to risk the wrath of DUP and give me what I and my wife voted for in May, a working Assembly, regardless of who is Speaker, First and Deputy First Minister. A crisis, along with cost of living, that can only get worse.

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