Dominic Raab is MP for Esher and Walton

What has Dominic Raab been up to today?

Dominic Raab is MP for Esher and Walton and a member of the Conservative party.

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If you think the economy is the most serious challenge we face, then this is the most important endorsement of either campaign so far.

Nigel backs Rishi.

Nigel Lawson says we must get inflation under control and not saddle our children with more debt. He says this approach is guided by the principles of Thatcherism.

That’s why he’s backing @RishiSunak who has a credible plan to get our economy back on track for growth.

More MPs voted for Rishi for PM, because they know he is best placed to beat Keir Starmer & win the next General Election.

He’s got the most credible economic plan, and he can unite the Conservatives to beat Labour. #Ready4Rishi

This is the most important question facing the country right now.

The lights on the economy are flashing red and inflation is the cause of the problem.

Only Rishi has a plan to grapple inflation.

#BattleForNo10 #Ready4Rishi

“It is absolutely right that we have control over our borders.”

Rishi sets out his vision for an immigration policy that will work for the United Kingdom.

#BattleForNo10 #Ready4Rishi

Rishi has a proven track record of steering the economy through tough times.

He designed the furlough scheme, which supported and saved 11.6 million jobs.

He will tackle inflation, grow our economy and cut taxes.


When I first started as Chancellor I put up a photo of Nigel Lawson in my office.

Now he's endorsing me to be Prime Minister and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Read his article here:

Maggie was right. So was Nigel Lawson (greatest tax cutter ever). Tens of billions in unfunded tax cuts fuelling inflation will cost us the next election. We CAN get taxes down but must be delivered responsibly. Time for ⁦@RishiSunak⁩ #Ready4Rishi

Rishi will put money back in the pockets of hard working families to reward work.

But he’ll do it in a Conservative way - ensuring tax cuts are funded and don't stoke inflation.

He has the most credible plan to rebuild the economy and win the next election.


Rishi Sunak took the difficult decision as Chancellor to make sure the NHS got the funding it needed to tackle the backlogs.

That's because the NHS is the UK's priority service.

Scrapping the levy would mean £17.4 billion less each year for the NHS.


Today, my local business ‘catch-up’ took in Hersham. Discussed Quadrant’s plans to redevelop the shopping centre & the need for local consultation, and what more we can do to boost our independent retailers, restaurants & cafes.

There is no more important duty for a prime minister than keeping our country and our people safe.

I will do whatever it takes to fulfil that duty.

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To win an historic fifth term in office and to continue to deliver a Conservative agenda, we need a truly exceptional candidate.

Polls consistently show Rishi is best placed to unite the country and beat Labour 👇


A pleasure to be in Claygate this morning, visiting independent shops and businesses on the high street. Always valuable to speak to local retailers and hear how we can help them boost their businesses.

We were all elected on a manifesto of levelling up. We politicians must deliver on our promises.

Rishi has shown not only the power of his convictions but consistency when it comes to delivery.

Read his levelling up plan here 👇

Great answers from @RishiSunak on his economic plan at this evening’s hustings:

⚖️ Tackling inflation
📉Controlling borrowing
🧱Rebuilding the economy
👝Targeting tax cuts to help small businesses
🚀 Driving growth

#Ready4Rishi 👉

Today is #YorkshireDay.

I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of my Richmond constituency and, in particular, the backing of my friend, mentor and one of Yorkshire’s greatest statesmen.

Watch @WilliamJHague below 👇

Millions of households could be £777 better off under Rishi's new plan 👇

Rishi has a clear vision to cut tax once we have gripped inflation & got borrowing under control.

That's how he'll rebuild the economy and unite the country #Ready4Rishi

Rishi is an exceptional colleague & MP and the best candidate to become our next Prime Minister.

Just ask William Hague and the people of Richmond👇


Today I announced my radical tax vision including the largest cut to income tax in thirty years.

⚫I will never cut taxes in a way that puts inflation up.
⚫I will never make promises I can’t pay for.
⚫I will be honest about the challenges we face.

We are delighted that ⁦@RishiSunak pledged his support for the Kept Animals Bill and Action Plan For Animal Welfare in response to our co founder’s question on this, at a Q & A event chaired by ⁦⁦@DominicRaab⁩ in Surrey on 30th July

Great reception from a packed Claygate Village Hall for Rishi yesterday - strong support for his authentic Conservative values, clear and credible plan to tackle inflation and his ability to unite the party to beat Labour. #ReadyforRishi

More than 15 million appointments at GP surgeries are wasted each year due to patients failing to show up.

I would introduce a temporary £10 charge for patients who fail to attend an NHS appointment without providing notice.


I was deeply saddened to hear of Sir Christopher’s @SirSocks passing. He was a formidable diplomat, who strengthened the UK/US special relationship, and a man of great acumen, wit and wisdom. My thoughts are with Catherine & his loved ones.

Rishi’s values are true Conservative values - patriotism, family, service, aspiration and hard work.

His story is a Conservative story. He wants to be PM so he can put those values into action.

#ready4rishi #ConservativeLeadershipRace

Reoffending rates have fallen to record lows & 35% more offenders are in jobs after release compared to last year. Our efforts to rehabilitate prisoners are working.

It's why we're increasing investment to £200m a year to get more of them off drugs, off the streets & into work.

Rishi appeals most to swing voters - who will be crucial to winning the next election.

He is best placed to unite the country and beat Labour

#ready4rishi 👉

Rishi has pledged to protect the green belt, preserving our most loved landscapes and making sure the countryside is there for families to enjoy


Read more 👉

Rishi is the best placed candidate to restore trust, unite the country and beat Labour at the next election

#ready4rishi 👉

Valuable tour of independent retailers in Walton today, discussing footfall, business rates & local ambition to improve the High St and its links with the Heart Shopping Centre.

Under this government terrorists face longer behind bars, stricter supervision and increased use of separation centres to keep the public safe.

The new sentencing guidelines released today will ensure punishments fit the severity of the crime.

Rishi knows the NHS is the UK's number one priority service.

He has set out a 5 point plan to put our NHS on a war-footing and tackle the Covid backlogs. Scrapping the levy would mean £17.4 billion less each year for the NHS.


Both candidates for PM agree the economy is the main issue.

But one candidate - @RishiSunak - is way ahead when it comes to who is trusted to manage the economy.

#Ready4Rishi @Ready4Rishi

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