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Roger Gale is MP for North Thanet and a member of the Conservative party.

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H.E President Khama, Former President of Botswana who as President banned wildlife hunting, controlled poaching & over a ten-year period saw an increase in the wildlife population and photo- tourism in his country- sadly reversed in an act of political vandalism by his successor

Spin them how you like the by- election results in Tiverton & Honiton and in Wakefield are another vote of no-confidence in a Prime Minister that ought to honourably this morning be re-considering his position. 1/2

“We must not allow into the UK product that has been produced under circumstances we would not permit here” - Our Patron @SirRogerGale speaking at the debate led by @Matt_VickersMP on ending cages for farmed animals #EndTheCageAge

I am honoured to have been reselected this evening as the Conservative party candidate to contest the North Thanet seat at the next General Election.

Our Patron ⁦@SirRogerGale⁩ Gale led a trailblazing debate on Sustainable food supply and cultured meat today in the House of Commons. Learn more about alternative proteins here ⁦@ivyfarm_tech⁩ #CultivatedMeat #ClimateAction #AnimalWelfare

As modelled beautifully by @SirRogerGale, boards at the @BreastCancerNow event in Parliament show @nhskmca is only area meeting 2 week wait targets, which is brilliant/should be celebrated, but as my board shows we're behind the curve on screening uptake...

The Northern Ireland Protocol Thread:

The published legislation seeks to unilaterally over-ride the Northern Ireland Protocol contained within the Withdrawal Agreement freely entered into and signed by the present Prime Minister. 1/3

I attended an event in Parliament to mark Carers Week and met with carers to hear about and better understand their experiences of caring during the pandemic, as well as the support they now need. #CarersWeek2022

Today marks 39 years of being the Member of Parliament for North Thanet. A job that brings reward and frustration everyday. A lot has changed during my time but I thrive on the challenge to adapt.

And there is more still to achieve for my constituents and the country.

Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War. The band of the Royal Marines Beating The Retreat with the Princess Royal  taking the salute  joined by Mr Speaker Hoyle and the Lords' Speaker on the saluting base in Speaker's Court - just outside my office window!

Today is #PowerOfYouthDay22, when we thank all the young people who bring about positive change in their communities & encourage even more to do so. I have committed to empowering youth voice by signing the #PowerOfYouth Charter.

I have read with great care the letter that the PM has sent to all colleagues pleading for support in the ballot box tonight. With sadness I hold the view that the PM is not the fit and proper person to remain, in the interest of our country, as Prime Minister of the UK.

Thanks to the chairman of Minster Parish Council John Quittenden, The Village Voices choir, the cornet player, the Pipe Major and the dozens of citizens who turned out in the historic capital of the Isle of Thanet to view the lighting of the beacon on the church tower!

In celebration of seventy years of extraordinary service to her country a great Platinum Jubilee weekend ahead. A time to look back with nostalgia and forward with optimism. God Save Our Queen.

Earlier this month I joined leading British cultivated meat start-up Ivy Farm Technologies and the Good Food Institute Europe to learn about the science and discuss the need for an enabling regulatory framework so Britain can establish itself as a ‘world-leader’ in the sector.

It’s #MelanomaAwarenessMonth & I met @FocusOnMelanoma to hear about their #KnowYourSkin campaign.

We have had melanoma in my family: don't let it happen to you this summer. Sunscreen is a lot cheaper than treatment for cancer.

I hold to my view that we need a change of what Ms Gray has described as ‘the senior political leadership at the centre’.

It must be left to my Conservative colleagues to listen to their constituents and form their own conclusions as to necessary future action.

A welcome for ‘Cost of living’ and fuel package to assist those on lowest incomes paid for through ‘excess profits’ levy on oil companies. This will not solve all of the globally generated problems but it will be a lifeline for those in greatest need.

Our Patron ⁦@SirRogerGale⁩
shows his support at @FourPawsUK @RSPCA_official @TAWCUK reception in Parliament this morning to urge the Government to protect animal welfare standards in UK trade policy

I believe that the PM has misled the HoC’s from the despatch box. That is a resignation issue. I have made my own position clear. It is now a matter for my Conservative parliamentary colleagues to decide whether or not to instigate a vote of no confidence.

With hindsight the ‘oven ready’ Withdrawal Agreement and NI Protocol that the Foreign Secretary and a majority of current Members of Parliament voted for in December 2019 needed a bit of ‘de-Frosting’ before it was cooked! 1/2

Confirmed that a ban on importing hunting trophies will go ahead and be tougher than the manifesto commitment. Not in the headline Queen’s Speech but the Secretary of State has told me personally that the bill will be introduced.

Where is the Government’s commitment to manifesto pledges on animal welfare in the legislative programme? I trust that ‘other measures will be laid before us’. It’s called ‘ keeping your word’ and we must do that.

The @ConservativeAWF, of which I am a Patron, and many other animal welfare organisations (including Compassion in World Farming, the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports and the Humane Society International) have written jointly to the Prime Minister. 1/4

Vernon (13) and Matthew Hill fundraising for Demelza House children’schospice. In addition to thier Viking Trail run this weekend Matthew (Dad) will be cycling over 1000 miles this yesr to raise £12,709 (just one day’s running costs) for Demelza

Johnson “Over my dead body will there be a border in the Irish Sea” signed & campaigned on a ‘great’ withdrawal agreement drawn up by (Lord) Frost that contained exactly that. Now the Union of the UK is at risk.

Are you prepared to take responsibility for this Prime Minister?

Thank you to Birchington Literary Festival for inviting me along for the weekend. It was a pleasure to help out and be able to be involved in the talks.

Thank you as well @annacookson, for hosting our event this afternoon!

What a fantastic weekend.

BirchLit Fest was brilliant. I am so proud to be one of the Directors of Birchington Together CIC.

Here’s to many more events!

The APPG for #Cyprus held its 2022 AGM yesterday. Longstanding friend of Cyprus @SirRogerGale was re-elected Chair and will serve alongside a strong cross-party team of parliamentarians. Clear support from the APPG for a #FreeUnitedCyprus

Read more:

On Sunday 1st May I will be taking part in Birchington’s first Literary Festival.

I will be talking about my time when I was a DJ on Radio Caroline to how I became an MP, hosted by @annacookson.

“From Pirate to Parliament”

FREE tickets available:

A Happy Orthodox Easter to all in Ukraine and Cyprus- two illegally occupied countries. To my friends in Cyprus my admiration for your sustained commitment to your just cause. 1/2

Great visit to SNAAP (Special Needs Advisory and Activities Project) in Herne Bay on Thursday. Met a great group of inquisitive young people.

We are facing the most serious international crisis since 1945. Now is absolutely not the moment to give the war criminal Putin the comfort of de-stabilising the Government of the country that, with the United States, is leading the coalition in support of Ukraine. 1/3

Is candidate Macron prepared to commit France wholeheartedly to the alliance against Putin’s war in Ukraine?

Or will a President Le Pen lend her support to her friends in the Kremlin?

That is the unattractive choice facing the French electorate in a fortnight on Sunday.

Today I am showing my support for the local Parkinson’s community on World Parkinson’s Day, 11 April. Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world and currently there is no cure.

Credit to Johnson for meeting President Zelensky in Kyiv. Symbolic, possibly, but a clear message to Putin.

The UK, the US and the EU now need to get defensive weaponry, including aircraft, to Ukraine immediately. 1/2

Home Office inhibitions on host families seeking to receive displaced people from Ukraine are absurd. Clearly designed to frustrate refugees from war entering Britain and making a mockery of the Prime Ministers professed good intentions. 1/2

Excellent to meet with @CRUK_Policy yesterday in Parliament to celebrate 20 years of @CR_UK & #LifesavingDiscoveries. I’m proud to be supporting the next 20 years of research.

Two of our Patrons Theresa Villiers MP and @SirRogerGale MP join us today for our #BeatricesBill reception where we are calling for an end to the suffering of millions of laying hens kept in tiny cages each year in the UK 👏 #HelpBeatrice

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