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Nicholas Fletcher is MP for Don Valley and a member of the Conservative party.

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Cuckoo Lane in #Hatfield.

More fly tipping. I have written to @MyDoncaster seeking a barrier to be erected at the start of the unadopted part of the road.

I have asked them to inspect the adopted road as I believe it needs to be resurfaced. #Doncasterisgreat #1Down4ToGo

Working families (including the self-employed) could get up to £2,000 of childcare support per child with our tax-free childcare scheme.

Find out more and see what other cost of living support you could be eligible for: #Doncasterisgreat #1Down4ToGo

£150 rebate not been fully paid out.

34,138 households in Doncaster had not yet been paid £5m by 10 June.

I will be speaking with the Chief Executive of @MyDoncaster to see how we can expedite these payments.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Great to speak as Chair @EnvironmentAPPG on how to build support for the energy transition, industrial decarbonisation and #NetZero at the Climate Innovation Forum 2022 today as part of @london_climate week @Climate_Action_

Online Safety Bill

The Committee has reached the end of the Bill which now embarks on the next level of scrutiny that every Bill goes through before becoming law.

It’s a long process but quick law can turn out to be bad law. It is important to get this right


We have an award winning airport in @DSA_Airport so I have a keen interest in anything to do with the air industry. I attended the event held by @Airbus in Parliament yesterday as you never know what you may find that could help Doncaster.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Brexit has been good for UK exporters.

New figures from the ⁦@ONS⁩ show British exports to the EU have reached their highest level on record since 1997.

UK exports to the EU reached £16.4 billion in April 2022.
#1Down4ToGo #doncasterisgreat


I’m live on Facebook this Friday at 7 pm. If you have any questions or issues for me please put them in the comments below.

If you want to email me with any issues you have then I can give you a personal answer

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Another early start. It’s going to be another busy day on the Online Safety bill. Went back to the hotel last night from Parliament at 10.30 pm. It’s all go!

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Been a struggle to get to Westminster today but I’m finally on board a train down. Stolen cable has closed down part of the east coast main line so I’m travelling from Sheffield. Zoom meetings while I go!

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

@NickFletcherMP @syptweet @MyDoncaster Sincere and heartfelt message here for everyone to take stock of. Thank you Nick 🙏. We, on our own are like a drop of water, but together we can make an ocean 💙

Pleased to see my article as Chair of @APPGMenBoys with Dr Edwards published in today’s @thetimes. We need a National Men’s Health Strategy. Why should men die early? Why is there a #GenderAgeGap. So many issues to resolve. We do need a Minister for Men.

Only 19% of responses to the @DHSCgovuk mental health plan consultation have come from men and boys -- let's change that!

The DHSC has asked MBC to help ensure men and boys' voices are heard.

Please do make a submission and RT, deadline 11:45pm, July 7:

The only way we win this war on drugs is together, so to the @syptweet do all you can, to @MyDoncaster really help me with the youth clubs, to parents be the best you can be and to my constituents in #Doncasterisgreat if you can give a few hours a week, please do.1/2 🧵

Pothole Pro

I posted earlier about @MyDoncaster giving a trial to a machine called Pothole Pro which has been designed by @JCBmachines.

This is a link to a short 3 minute video showing what it can do via @YouTube

Junction with Stripe Road - #Tickhill Spital. Accident yesterday.

I am looking into this and will update you once I’ve been able to establish the full facts. I attach some photos of the junction which were taken for me this Sunday morning.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Victoria Avenue, #Hatfield. Motorcyclists with no helmets and wearing balaclavas to hide their faces are racing down this road and Cuckoo Lane. They get there through this ginnel. A gate would see an end to this noisy antisocial and illegal behaviour.

Presently @MyDoncaster are repairing potholes when they are reported to them but the repairs don’t last. The repairs are not being sealed and are temporary and so they don’t last long.

If you want to report a pothole then use this weblink:

Out and about in #Hatfield today. Knocking on doors is so important to get to understand the issues that people have. I can’t solve global inflation but I can tackle local issues. If you ever need my help then email me. #Doncasterisgreat #1Down4ToGo


Out and about in #Tickhill today. Pleased that the pothole on Sunderland Street which we reported to @MyDoncaster has now been mended.

If you’ve any potholes on your road that need repairing, let us know.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Back in #Edlington again.

Fantastic to meet up with Steve Heeley MD of @PolypipeTrade to discuss all things Edlington and my #RoleModels programme which shows our children that they can aim high and achieve.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

🚃How we can deliver and scale up Net Zero transport in the context of an energy and cost of living crisis?✈️

Sign up for for our next session on 6th July 👇

My thanks to @BWPMountP for going to @trinitythorne this week to show students the career options and opportunities that exist in the hotel industry.

This is part of my Role Models project which I will be showing to @nadhimzahawi when he comes to @MyDoncaster later #1Down4ToGo

Three great measures which will strengthen our nation and make the streets of @MyDoncaster safer.

They have my full support and I shall be voting for them when placed before Parliament.

#doncasterisgreat #1down4togo

Our geographically small country has always been at the cutting edge. Thanks to 1) Moderna’s abilities and 2) this Government and @BorisJohnson ‘s foresight and courage in funding their Covid research, vaccines were created and lives saved.

Conservatives @Conservatives

✅ Deal done

🔬 Moderna's Research Centre means world-leading vaccines are researched and manufactured here in the UK - turning jabs into jobs.

Pleased to see my call to @MayorRos to open up our City Centre being featured in the @DonnyFreePress this week.

I hope we all agree new & different action needs to be taken. Because one thing is for sure whatever the initiative is at present, it sadly isn’t working.


In Parliament today I raised the issue of the cost of heating within our Churches in #Tickhill,#Rossington,#Bawtry and #Thorne.

St Mary’s Church in Tickhill for example dates back to the 12thC & was obviously not then designed to be eco-friendly.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo

Innovation, like science, requires collaboration.

If we continue to be blocked by the EU from Horizon, other international programs, like #Eureka, become even more key.

To Lisbon @ukinportugal for today’s #Eureka #GlobalInnovationSummit of 47 nations to deepen UK collaboration

Met with Richard Earley from @facebook to discuss safety on line. Lots of tips coming your way on how to keep safe. #Doncasterisgreat #1Down4ToGo


I was pleased to be reassured today in Parliament by @BrandonLewis that this Government is taking the necessary steps to protect the Union and Northern Ireland.

We are so much stronger together.

#doncasterisgreat. #1down4togo.

Good to meet with the Health Minister @mariacaulfield and my namesake Mark Fletcher MP to support @great_together. As Jo Cox said in her maiden speech as MPs “We have far more in common than that which divides us”. #doncasterisgreat

👋 Thank you @mariacaulfield and @NickFletcherMP for your support! #MoreInCommon

Join the Great Get Together this weekend ⬇️

At our Breakfast meeting today, we discussed the support for veterans that exists today in Doncaster. The feelings were very mixed, but not overwhelmingly positive. If you respect and support Veterans in Doncaster, can you please consider following us and retweeting this post.

Walked around the lake at Lakeside in Doncaster near the Eco-Power Stadium (fmrly Keepmoat). It was beautiful. A lady was handfeeding a swam lol she started laughing when she saw me watching.

Walked through the Yorkshire Wildlife Park 🖤 should definitely check it out.

It started as a farm with a few rescues, then began expanding and is an educational zoo/park that promotes rehabilitation and conservation. Look into them. It's amazing.

Yesterday was a long day. Parliament sat until 11 pm at night. It does give me the chance though to meet with other MPs and discuss issues such as the rail strike. This picture of @Bren4Bassetlaw and myself was taken last night on the terrace. #Doncasterisgreat #1Down4ToGo

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