Mark Jenkinson is MP for Workington

What has Mark Jenkinson been up to today?

Mark Jenkinson is MP for Workington and a member of the Conservative party.

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In less than 6 months, our 'Way to Work' scheme target has been smashed with over 500,000 people now in work.

The unemployment rate in the Workington Constituency is also lower than the national average - with employment rising monthly.

Brilliant news for the Workington area!

Earlier today I met with a group of people in Blackpool who have put themselves forward for a public appointment role.

They spoke to me about their experiences & their thoughts on how we open up @DCMS public appointments to people from every kind of background. (1/3)

We will post the whole debate later, but this is important: the opening speech from Miriam Cates MP, 33 minutes of blazing sunlight on the disturbing RSE materials being used in our schools #Safeguarding #edutwitter Westminster Hall debate today

⬆️NICs tax cut
⬆️1st Cost of Living payment

⬆️HMRC tax credit payment

⬆️£150 disability payment

⬆️£400 for all households
⬆️2nd Cost of Living payment

⬆️Winter fuel payment
⬆️Pensioner payment

⬇️ Watch below

#tbt to my question during the Migration and Economic Partnership with Rwanda debate.

It is reassuring to hear that the Government is working hard to regain British sovereignty from foreign bodies that undermine our legislation.

It's time to take back control.

💪🏻 Way to Go for Way to Work! I’m delighted we've smashed our ambition get half a million people into jobs in just five months.

It’s all part of our plan to grow the economy and ease the cost of living by helping people boost their pay, prospects and prosperity

Cheer Force Knights Maryport is a fantastic local cheerleading group who have been invited to compete in the prestigious Summit Championship in the USA. 🎉

They have done the people of the constituency proud - I am proud to support them. 🥳

Today I can confirm we are providing £19.5m as an interim compensation to members of the GLO – the 555 – who brought the first legal action against the Post Office over Horizon.

Sajid Javid will today begin the process of changing the law to allow @thecassreview researchers to study data on about 9,000 people, to find out if they suffered health problems as a result of hormone treatments as children at the Tavistock.

“I’m not prepared to see the British steel industry disappear through so called market forces”

Business Secretary @KwasiKwarteng tells @Peston imposing tariffs on steel imports is the correct policy decision to make in the interests of the British Steel industry.


Today I attended the Summer Reading Challenge event to show my support for this great initiative, encouraging children aged 4-11 to keep reading through the summer holidays. 📖

Reading is vital for our children - sign up here 👇


All it needs to kill this story is for Keir Starmer to pledge he won't replace the current voting system without a referendum. As we all know, a pledge from Keir is...oh.

It was a privilege to talk to the Year 6 children from Maryport Church of England Primary School in Parliament today.

The children quizzed me on my role as their MP and presented some brilliant mock campaign ideas - there are clearly some future politicians in Maryport!

Yesterday evening I appeared on ITV Border News to share my thoughts on recent rail strikes and proposed future strikes.

Any further strikes will only obstruct further investment, jobs, GPs, and dentists to our constituency.

Holiday homes attract valuable tourism for West Cumbria, however a balance is needed to protect local communities.

I welcome the Government review into how second-home ownership affects communities like ours and provide options on how to mitigate impact.

A reminder that it is ⁦@SadiqKhan⁩ as Mayor of London who is also the elected police and crime commissioner for London - and all he does in this article is pass the buck of responsibility.

No leadership, no humility & no apology to Londoners

Just met with sport governing bodies to discuss trans participation. This is a complex and emotionally charged issue - but it’s one that has been ducked for too long. We can’t pretend that sex doesn’t have a direct impact on a person’s athletic performance. (1/5)

When the UK voted for Brexit in 2016, we voted to take back control of our borders.

Our Borders Act is now in force, providing new powers to clamp down on illegal migrants and people smugglers, making sure those who have no right to be in the UK are swiftly removed. 🇬🇧

Measures of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act come into force today.

It will:
Keep our emergency workers safe 🚔
Give police more powers to make our streets safer 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
And protect women and girls 👭

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act comes into force today - delivering on our promises to crack down on crime, protect victims, and keep the public safe. 

This Government is committed to justice. ⚖️

To find out more, click 📰

Ah yes, the modern @UKLabour Party under Sir @Keir_Starmer & @MarkDrakeford >> banning under 16s from buying a cup of tea

Totally barking and counterproductive

Over the coming years, the UK will require a steady supply of critical minerals for a wide range of tech.

To protect our national security, it is vital we develop domestic supply chains and partner with like-minded allies.

Our upcoming Critical Minerals Strategy will say more.

Nus Ghani MP @Nus_Ghani

At @CommonsBEIS today, I asked @KwasiKwarteng about the government’s plans for accessing critical minerals 👇🏽

The Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Act comes into force today.

👉 Swipe through the carousel to find out the key sentencing measures that will protect victims & keep the public safe.

📰 Read the full press notice:

#PCSCBill #HarpersLaw #TonysLaw

YouGov: 69% of punters want free bets to continue + almost 1 in 3 punters said they would consider black market betting if ministers forced through a ban.

Btw can you imagine the outcry in Westminster if you tried to ban offers & promotions on booze…

“Asked whether a woman could be born with a penis, Johnson replied: “Not without being a man”.”

When somebody asked us to join the party we thought it was one with curry and beer. Apologies @UKLabour for the misunderstanding and we won’t be defecting afraid #RedWall

I recently visited Opera Bingo House in Workington in celebration of National Bingo Day, meeting staff, customers, and discussing the club's community work

It was also great to see the club's support for Ukraine -  helping raise £15,000 for @decappeal Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

So, it turns out Durham Police, far from not doing retrospective fines, have issued 100 of them

No wonder @Keir_Starmer took so long over his questionnaire & took expert legal advice about completing it

#Beergate #Starmer

I’m sure your voters in Brighton that travel into London are delighted. I’m also sure your green voters around the country are delighted to learn that you’re so keen to get commuters off of the railway and into their cars. Welcome to Green Party logic.

Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas

Just putting this here for anyone feeling in need of a new political home following the Lammy interview on #SundayMorning @TheGreenParty

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