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George Freeman is MP for Mid Norfolk and a member of the Conservative party.

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🚨Job Opportunity🚨

Interested in a Policy Advisor role on the frontline of UK Science, Research + Innovation?

I’m recruiting a Policy Adviser to work with me in @BEIS as Minister for Science & Innovation👇

1/ What’s the value of space science, tech & business to the UK?

The UK space & satellite 🛰 sector:
🛰 employs c47,000 people across the whole of the UK
🛰 is key to climate science
🛰 is essential for digital communications from #Satnav to every mobile phone & satellite TV.

Live in Norfolk? Don’t miss this years @norfolkshow 🐓🐖🐂🏆

Wonderful afternoon at the @theshowground celebrating & showcasing the best of Norfolk’s rural & agricultural economy & way of life.

Thanks & congrats to RNAA & all participants & @EDP24, @BBCNorfolk, @BBCLookEast

It’s SHOW time in #Norfolk

En route & looking forward to joining @BBCNorfolk at @RoyalNorfolk Show - our county’s annual showcase of the best of Norfolk’s food, farming & rural way of life to discuss Norfolk leadership in Agritech & Innovation past present & future ….

BBC Radio Norfolk @BBCNorfolk

Here's what our stand looked like at our @norfolkshow debut back in 1980. Were you there that year too? When did you first go?

2. V proud to announce a further £9.8 million to expand our Researchers at Risk scheme to help fund Fellowships for Ukrainian Researchers to continue their research careers in the UK 🇬🇧

Thanks to the Academies & 80 UK Universities @UUKIntl who have opened their doors 🇬🇧🤝

Having led the way on sanctions & defence support for Ukraine 🇺🇦 we are also leading on support for reconstruction:

Our Research Support Package👇for Ukraine’s best scientists and tech entrepreneurs announced by @BorisJohnson ⁦@10DowningStreet:

The Life Scientific: Sir Martin Landray on saving over 1m lives:

Thank you ⁦@BBCRadio4⁩ for an inspiring episode of #TheLifeScientific with Sir @MartinLandray on how the Recovery trial showed science as a force for global good.

Science should be a force for good in the world.

V proud as UK Science Minister that we have led in:

✖️sanctions against Putin’s criminal kleptocracy in Russia🇷🇺

🇺🇦led the way in military support for

🇬🇧funding for Ukraine Researchers 👇


Vertical farming #agritech is coming of age.

Across the UK a wave of large-scale hydroponic & disease-free controlled indoor farms are coming on stream with huge benefits in reducing carbon intensive in-field use of:



BBC Look East @BBCLookEast

New Bedford vertical farm to help food security - minister

Without regulation & standards, space is becoming a Wild West of satellites + debris.

Thats why I’ve announced our UK #SustainableSpace Plan to use our leadership in


to make UK global hub of space finance:

So pleased to have @GeorgeFreemanMP as our #KeynoteSpeaker at our #hodgesreview event in #London today

Minister Freeman is the Minister for #Science, #Research & #Innovation

Join us at our Underrepresented Audiences Teacher Network Conference on 4 July to hear about the Science Capital teaching approach. We'll explain how it supports teachers to help students find more meaning and relevance in science.

Register here free:

The global challenges we face demand stronger R+D 🌍collaboration.

That’s why I’ve been making clear at @G7 @EUREKA_NETWORK @HorizonEU:

✔️UK🇬🇧commitment to global Science🔬

✔️UK🇬🇧continuing ask to join Horizon🇪🇺

🌍If we continue to be blocked we will launch a Global PlanB👇

BBC Look East @BBCLookEast

Brexit: Government plans £15bn science fund amid EU-UK science row

1. While I understand the concern, articles like these really don’t tell the whole picture when it comes to the Government’s focus on improving the UK’s global leadership in science, research, technology & innovation.

Look forward to joining @BBCPolitics East with @andrewpolitics @ameliareynolds0 @ab4scambs @LadyBasildon to discuss:

🇪🇺the continued EU block on our membership of Horizon, Copernicus & Euratom (signed 18months ago)

🌏my commitment to use the Ringfenced £15bn for global science

BBC Look East @BBCLookEast

Brexit: Government plans £15bn science fund amid EU-UK science row

US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade.

An appalling and retrograde step for women’s rights and for personal liberty.

A reminder of why an independent judiciary is a key pillar of our liberal democratic freedoms.

Come and be a part of my team!


Applications for Chief of Staff close 9am Monday.

Applications for Parliamentary Intern are open.

Details here:

For the UK to become a genuine #ScienceSuperpower we need to:

🔬Continue to do world class science
🌏Better harness it for global good
👷🏽Embed innovation in UK economy
🏙Connect UK SciTech to the City

Me in @thetimes :

Without proper regulation & standards, space is becoming a Wild West of satellites + debris.

So I’ve announced our UK #SustainableSpace Plan to use our leadership in


to make UK global hub of space finance:

Great to be back in UK #MidNorfolk for a busy #ConstituencyFriday:

🦷 Meeting with @NHSuk Improvement re local dental services

👨‍🌾 Meeting local pork+poultry farmers & companies re crisis of labour & input costs

🧠Following up w @DHSC Ministers on #MND & #braintumour R+D

Wonderful to see such an overwhelming response to my announcement today at #SWFSummit22.

The UK is going to use its leadership in #SpaceSustainability to pioneer a global project to regulate space & satellite for a sustainable space economy.

Hear that noise?

That’s the sound of school children being excited & inspired by science.

And specifically by #spacescience 🌌

Brilliant exhibitions on space 🛰🌏science & tech by @sciencemuseum London.

@dallascampbell @astro_timpeake @spacegovuk @royalsociety @RAEngNews

The pace of commercial satellite🛰 launch in the next 10yrs will fuel a crisis of space debris. Unless we regulate sensibly.

That’s why I’m delighted to be launching a new UK Plan & working with HRH Prince of Wales @ClarenceHouse on UK🇬🇧 leadership in #cleanspace🌏


Astroscale @astroscale_HQ

We are here at the Summit for #SpaceSustainability.

We look forward to discussing space sustainability solutions with global leaders and our partners.

#SWFSummit22 🛰️

Delighted that we have been able to secure this massive investment👇in UK #mRNA🧬 research & manufacturing by ⁦@moderna_tx⁩

A vital platform for next generation:
💊Drug discovery
🧬Cell & Gene therapies


Innovation, like science, requires collaboration.

If we continue to be blocked by the EU from Horizon, other international programs, like #Eureka, become even more key.

To Lisbon @ukinportugal for today’s #Eureka #GlobalInnovationSummit of 47 nations to deepen UK collaboration

Another boost for new nuclear, with @RollsRoyce Small Modular Reactors announcing new HQ in #Manchester.

They're on track to create 850 jobs this year.

Backed by £210m government funding, they're helping us turbocharge plans for more clean, affordable, homegrown energy 🇬🇧💪

Medicines Manufacturing is becoming increasingly sophisticated & high tech: from genetherapy🧬to digital drug release devices.

And a KEY strength of the UK #LifeScience sector.

That’s why we’ve announced major investment.

Grt to join online #MMIP2022 Summit w @BIA_UK @KTNUK


Pharmaceutical manufacturing exports contribute to the UK economy. We're discussing next steps for the sector at our online conference today @BIA_UK @KTNUK #MMIP2022 💉🧬💊🖥️

End of a long day: always a thrill to remember the privilege of working here as an MP representing #MidNorfolk, and representing my country as a Minister of the Crown🇬🇧
#Democracy #Parliament

Fusion offers the potential for unlimited safe, cheap, green energy.

The UK is home to the world’s most advanced #Fusion lab ⁦@UKAEAofficial⁩ ⁦@CulhamSC⁩

We are now funding & regulating for industrial #STEP roll-out👇


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