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Gareth Bacon is MP for Orpington and a member of the Conservative party.

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There's no time for more navel-gazing -Conservative MPs must now unite behind Boris Johnson and get on with the job.

If we don't, then we risk handing a disastrous SNP-backed Labour government the keys to Number 10.

My article for @Daily_Express:

I’ll be backing Boris Johnson this evening.

As Prime Minister, he got Brexit done, delivered the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe, and quickly restored our freedoms.

Now, he’s standing up to Putin and helping families meet the cost of living.

Your friendly reminder that the Mayor put up your council tax by 8.8% this year - despite the majority of the London Assembly voting against it.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan @MayorofLondon

It’s simply not right that Londoners are struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet.

The UK Gov must do much more to help people through this cost of living crisis.

Work to provide step-free access at #PettsWood station will begin soon, thanks to a £10 million government investment.

In the meantime, the station will remain open, and there will be no impact to train services.

Find out more:

Congratulations to @bromleyfc for winning the FA Trophy yesterday at Wembley Stadium. It was a pleasure to cheer on the team with @neill_bob, @PeterTFortune, former Council Leader Stephen Carr & @MayorofBromley0. Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton was a good sport after the game.

Delighted to welcome @BorisJohnson to St Mary Cray Primary Academy today to meet Bohdan and Liza, who left Ukraine and sought refuge in Orpington. Like the PM, I believe Putin will be defeated so Ukrainian children can return home one day. #SlavaUkraini

We have until 𝟐𝟗 𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐲 to stop Sadiq Khan's plan to expand ULEZ across Greater London ⏰

Khan's tax will hit 135,000 people a day with a £12.50 driving bill.

Respond to TfL's consultation and sign my petition now to say no to ULEZ expansion ⏩

Just as the Conservatives aspire to be a true unionist national party with candidates standing in every corner of our country, so we should aim to win our capital.

It can and will be a blue city again — but only if we reform and fight back.


Congratulations to the 14 new and returning Conservative Councillors elected across the Orpington constituency. 💪

Our fantastic local campaign team kept all six existing Conservative Wards blue. 🔵

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for the Conservatives yesterday! 🇬🇧

⏰ Polls are now open!
🗳️ #VoteConservative today to:
🔵 Keep council tax low and stop Labour bankrupting the London Borough of Bromley.
📣 Send a message to the Sadiq Khan and say no to his ULEZ expansion plan.

The #NIProtocol is harming the economy, undermining the peace process and it threatens the integrity of our 🇬🇧Union.

Negotiations offer no prospect of progress or relief - so now is the time for action.

Let's have primary legislation in the #QueensSpeech.

At a handshake distance. @BorisJohnson and @ZelenskyyUa walked through the center of Kyiv and talked to ordinary Kyivans. This is what democracy looks like. This is what courage looks like. This is what true friendship between peoples and between nations looks like.

Sadiq Khan wants to expand the ULEZ charge across Greater London 🚨

It will hit people, small businesses and charities who can’t afford a new vehicle. It could cost you £4,500 a year if you drive everyday.

✍️ Sign this petition to stop the Mayor’s plan:

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is a tragic reminder that democracy is precious, freedom is fragile, and peace relies on the strength of arms.

Sadly, too many in the West have taken these things for granted.

We cannot let the West decay any longer.

Expanding ULEZ across Greater London is madness.

Outer boroughs do not have the same pollution or congestion problems as central London.

Khan's plan will do far more harm than good, hit families and businesses, and hurt our recovery.

🔴 The President of Ukraine @ZelenskyyUa is now addressing Members of Parliament in the House of Commons via video link

Watch live ⬇️

Last night, I voted for the Economic Crime Bill to help cripple Vladimir Putin's abhorrent regime.

These measures are crucial to quickly ruin those oligarchs and companies complicit in the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine.

#SlavaUkraini 🇺🇦

Sadiq Khan is planning to expand  ULEZ across Greater London, including #Orpington, next year 🚨

It will hit people who can't afford to buy a new vehicle with a daily £12.50 driving bill.

Sign the petition to stop Khan's new tax ⏩

Fantastic to speak to students at @NewsteadWood yesterday as the school launched its new Politics, Philosophy and Economics Faculty.

I was delighted to see so many young people interested and engaged in politics. Democracy is precious, and everyone should use their voice.

Newstead Wood School @NewsteadWood

Our #PPE faculty launch is in full swing today! Thank you to our visiting speakers @GarethBaconMP and @ScottPattenden! #WeAreNewstead @NewsteadWoodPPE

A big thank you to @GarethBaconMP for attending the opening event. He was joined by our Delivery Director, Antonia Buckland, and colleagues from @Se_Railway and @BAMNuttall.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is a despicable act of war.

Together with our allies, the United Kingdom will hold the Kremlin accountable for their unprovoked aggression and disregard for Ukraine's freedom and independence.

#StandWithUkraine 1/5

The integrity of the UK's single market is the bedrock of our economy and union.

We cannot allow trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland to be disrupted.

The PM is right; with goodwill and common sense we can fix this problem. If not, we must trigger Article 16.

Today marks 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne.

Her dedication to public duty and unwavering service to people across the UK and the Commonwealth over the years is awe-inspiring.

Thank you, Your Majesty!

Long may she reign over us. #PlatinumJubilee

I know today’s news that the energy price cap will rise by almost £700 in April will worry many people across the Orpington constituency.

Sadly, no government can control global gas prices, but we can help soften the blow and protect vulnerable households.

The Govt will cover the cost of coronavirus, but Sadiq Khan needs to come up with a plan to pay for London's public transport in the long term. Undoubtedly, his decision to freeze fares, which lost TfL at least £640m, has made this task far harder. 1/2

No Mayor who has ever visited Biggin Hill, an essentially rural village on the edge of the capital, would be stupid enough to propose city-centre driving measures across outer London.

Orpington would be one of the hardest hit places in Greater London if Sadiq Khan introduces a daily £2 charge for driving.

At a time when household bills are sharply rising, Khan’s war on motorists could push struggling families over the edge.

It's not Sadiq Khan's job to pick and choose which laws the police will enforce.

He must stop considering a trial that will effectively decriminalise cannabis in parts of London.

No London borough wants to be used as a guinea pig for Khan’s experiment.

Together with colleagues, I have written to the Mayor urging him to drop his scheme to effectively decriminalise cannabis in parts of London.

Khan's policing trial would send the wrong message to young Londoners. Cannabis is not harmless, and using it is not a victimless crime.

I want to hear your views on the proposed regeneration of the Walnuts Shopping Centre.

If approved, this development would change our town centre. It's vital we get the right plan for Orpington - and that's why I want to hear from you.

Have your say:

Merry Christmas and a Happy Knoll Year from the KRA committee (even the ones hiding at the back!). Best wishes to you and your family for 2022. @Orpington1st @OrpingtonComm @GarethBaconMP @MPSPettsWood @PeterTFortune @OrpingtonCivSoc @MPSOrpington @OrpingtonPriory @OrpingtonHist

In the face of a tidal wave of Omicron, the NHS needs time to give people their boosters. That's why I backed new time-limited measures.

I'm getting my booster vaccine today. I urge you to get yours as well. Strengthening our vaccine shield will help keep Orpington open.

I was able to support the Govt yesterday because it compromised by allowing people to show a negative lateral flow test result instead of their vaccine status. The Govt must use this time to get solid data on the risk posed by Omicron. Boosters are our way out, not restrictions.

Rail electrification UPDATE: 1,221 miles of track in GB electrified in the past 11 years under this Conservative government. This compares to just 63 miles in 13 years of the last Labour govt It's easy to see who believes in and invests in our railways! #GreatBritishRailways

I was pleased to support my friend @louie_french yesterday at his swearing in as the Member of Parliament for Old Bexley and Sidcup. He will make a fantastic MP and I look forward to working alongside him.

Pleased to see so many attendees at the inaugural reception of the APPG for London as a Global City yesterday. Thank you to all who attended and to our speakers @citylordmayor, @scullyp, @GarethBaconMP, and @RichardDABurge for their thoughtful and enthusiastic speeches.

Good to be at the inaugural #APPG for #London as a Global City with @GarethBaconMP.

The APPG will bring London's politicians and businesses together to discuss the challenges and opportunities our city faces, and find new ways to boost trade and investment. #TwoCities

We are lucky to have so many fantastic small businesses across the #Orpington constituency. They contribute so much to our community and create jobs locally. So today, on #SmallBusinessSaturday, go out and shop small and shop local. Let's support them in the run-up to Christmas.

📆 In the Budget, we promised to help low-income families keep more of what they earn.

📈 Today, we're delivering, with families better off on average by £1,000 per year

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