Duncan Charles Baker is MP for North Norfolk

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Duncan Charles Baker is MP for North Norfolk and a member of the Conservative party.

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⚽ Hundreds of people turned up in North Walsham today to welcome home #Lioness @lauren__hemp.

A corner from Lauren led to England's winning goal in the #Euros on Sunday.

Read what her former clubmates have to say about her: https://bbc.in/3zWCEnc

It's time to unite.
21 current and former colleagues who have sat around the Cabinet table have come together to back Liz.
She will unite our Party, beat Keir Starmer, and is trusted to deliver for Britain 👇

👏Unbelievable scenes in North Walsham this lunchtime. As National hero @lauren__hemp is awarded the Freedom of the town!

❤️She is incredibly deserving of this award, not only because of the historic win on Sunday. But also being an inspiration for so many young people.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Even more personal to us in North Norfolk is the Lionesses with Lauren Hemp from North Walsham being utterly outstanding throughout the tournament.

👏 Like so many others today I’ll see her bestowed with the Freedom of North Walsham at midday today in her home town!

Read my article in ⁦@thetimes⁩ about why I believe ⁦@trussliz⁩ #LizForLeader is the best choice for the UK’s global status as a great place to invest. We need Liz’s vision, optimism & determination to give our great country its mojo back.


Fantastic time getting in the spirit for Sheringham Carnival week and supporting the crowning of Emma Louise Glover! Many congratulations to all the hard work of the volunteers who have got this event back up and running after 2 years of the pandemic.

Great to catch up with new local businesses. Allie Wharf and @JamieAthill who are very close to starting their Norfolk seaweed business off our coast.

💪🏻 This farm would be 3 miles North off Blakeney Point providing high quality science based jobs. Amazing for North Norfolk.

As ballot papers begin to land there are some significant polls for @trussliz leadership.

I backed her not for maintaining the status quo, but because she has the drive, determination and ambition to inject growth and energy into our country and economy. Vision is what we need!

🇺🇦 London Marathon 2022.

💪🏻 9.3 miles this evening with 2 months to go. Got my training partner Sviatik in tow!

❤️ Making steady progress trying to raise £30,000 for 26 North Norfolk charities.

💬 If we work hard, if we are prepared to be bold, and if we have someone with ideas, who leads with determination and passion, then I do believe the future will be brighter for our children and grandchildren.

My words in @Telegraph 👇

☀️ Day 4 - Out in Cromer today back on my Summer Tour.

👍 Fantastic day talking to constituents and having some amazing feedback. Even better to be joined by the amazing Hilary Cox MBE - an absolute community legend and known all over Cromer for her tireless community work.

And now with @PennyMordaunt publicly backing @trussliz tonight it is completely clear that she has the policies, vision and leadership that is winning senior figures from across the Party. It will be these qualities that elect her as our next Prime Minister.

It’s come home! Congratulations @Lionesses, brilliant game, amazing atmosphere.

You have made everyone incredibly proud. 🦁🦁🦁 https://twitter.com/Lionesses/status/1553810898745282560

Lionesses @Lionesses


Slightly more hilly than North Norfolk! A much, pandemic delayed bday weekend in Corrour in the Scottish highlands on the edge of Rannoch Moor. Stunning!

Back to full steam ahead on the Summer Tour from Tuesday onwards visiting Cromer, Sheringham, Mundesley and North Walsham.

I am backing @trussliz to be the next leader of our Party and our new Prime Minister. When she says she is going to do something, she delivers. She will govern based on true Conservative values that can unite our Party, and the whole of the United Kingdom.

Why I’m backing @trussliz for the leadership to be PM. 🇬🇧👇

Only Liz has the vision and the experience both domestically and internationally to take us forward.

She will deliver not just for the the economy but put the family at the centre of policy.


Day 4 and 5 of volunteering with the @EastEnglandAmb service.

My final blog from a week spent with our paramedics👇

My sincere thanks to every person who gave me so much of their time and patience to further my understanding of this life saving team.

👍 Opening the refurbished Walsham Grange Care home garden.

👏 These guys and ladies are complete heroes. Ray Winder and his team at the North Walsham Men's Shed have spent 3 months tidying up and refurbishing the garden so residents have a much nicer environment to be in.

🇺🇦 Fantastic event this evening in Norwich with so many Ukrainians meeting up and getting to know one another.

👍 Fantastically organised by Mark and Nataliya.

❤️ Incredible people with so much help and resources on offer to support hundreds of refugees settling into our home

Day 3 of volunteering with the ambulance service and seeing first hand the issues they face day in day out. Tomorrow I'm with the co response fire and rescue team and the cycle response teams in Wells. Absolutely invaluable to see first hand the issues.

An invaluable and amazing insight on day 1. A huge thank you to everyone @EastEnglandAmb. Looking forward to a full day on response tomorrow 👍

Day 1 of Volunteering with the East of England Ambulance Service | Duncan Baker https://www.duncanbaker.org.uk/news/day-1-volunteering-east-england-ambulance-service

🌳🌲NEW INQUIRY: Today we launch a new inquiry examining sustainable timber in the UK and the UK’s contribution to global #deforestation.

🔍For more information visit https://committees.parliament.uk/work/6880/sustainable-timber-and-deforestation/news/172336/what-impact-will-increased-timber-use-in-the-future-have-on-global-deforestation/

✍ Please send your written submissions by midday on Thursday 8 September

I said I would spend each of my periods when I am back in the constituency, volunteering for a cause I am passionate about in Parliament.

Next week I’m volunteering with the amazing paramedic heroes on our ambulances. You can read all about it here 👇👇


☀️ 3 days into my 3rd Annual Summer Tour and we've done, Erpingham, Catfield, Sutton and Stalham.

👍 Hundreds of conversations with people. It’s been great fun and an amazing reaction on the doorsteps.

Hugely positive and overwhelmingly supportive. I can’t thank people enough

These strikes and the ones RMT plan next Weds/Thurs which will stop services from King’s Lynn simply cause huge disruption for people trying to go about their lives using public transport. Hope he was encouraging them to get back to negotiating 🤔 https://twitter.com/itvanglia/status/1550862871743053824

ITV News Anglia @itvanglia

Norwich MP @labourlewis joins rail strike picket line amid ongoing pay dispute


🇺🇦 Bit of help tonight posting the first batch of sponsorship letters for @LondonMarathon 2022. £25,000 for local charities and on mile 26, £5,000 for refugee families unable to go home yet and living in Norfolk. If you can help it would be amazing. 🙏👇


Our fire service have been absolutely phenomenal this week with the most difficult and challenging situations to deal with for a long time.
I want to pay a testament to every single firefighter and all the support teams behind the scenes in North Norfolk for what you have done.

Over 2 million more women are in work than in 2010 according to data from the @ONS

That's 2 million more women making a difference to the economy and the lives of everyone in the country

We’re providing #JobHelp to those looking for work https://jobhelp.campaign.gov.uk/

🎾 Fantastic evening down at @CROMERTENNIS to mark County week. Great to catch up with players and volunteers who make this such a wonderful, family friendly club. A huge thank you to the inspirational Chairman Kelvin van Hasselt and to all the team for such a warm welcome. 🙏

Tomorrow marks the start of my annual summer tour of beautiful North Norfolk, where I will be visiting 30 of our towns and villages over the next 7 weeks.

I’ll be in Erpingham tomorrow morning at 10am with my team of volunteer helpers. (1/2)

This morning I launched the All Party Parliamentary Group for Young Carers.

To all the young carers out there, you are amazing and I will continue to campaign on your behalf in Westminster.

Read the full story on my website.



Fantastic to see so many people on the payroll - the highest ever - work unemployment rate at a near record low
That's more families with a pay packet and more money in their pocket #Jobs #Conservatives

Only one candidate in this election has consistently:

🏆been 1st or 2nd

🏆led the polls as favourite amongst *swing voters*

🏆led the polls as favourite amongst *Conservative members*

🏆been No1 for MPs with marginal seats

It’s @PennyMordaunt #PM4PM👇


🏔 Proud to support the campaign for National Parks at an event in Parliament.

Supporting our protected landscapes is crucial as we work towards promoting biodiversity and net zero.

Protected Landscapes including National Parks cover a quarter of land in England and Wales.

The Conservative Parliamentary Party clearly wants @RishiSunak in the final contest.
The electorate equally clearly wants @PennyMordaunt, as the remaining candidate offering a fresh start, on the ballot paper.
I believe that we have a duty to deliver the option that people want.

Militant unions are attempting to cripple our public services and are treating the worst off like bargaining chips. Penny Mordaunt has the guts to stand up and defend the public, serving their interests rather than the interests of the Union barons. https://capx.co/pm-penny-will-drag-the-unions-back-to-reality/

I want to pay tribute to my friend @KemiBadenoch who electrified the leadership contest with her fresh thinking and bold policies. She and I both know that the old way of government isn’t working as it should.

Penny Mordaunt clear favourite among Express readers for next PM

(And young Tory members; and mothers and families; and Londoners…)

#PM4PM | ⁦@PennyMordaunt⁩ | #ConservativeLeadershipRace https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1642335/next-prime-minister-penny-mordaunt-tory-leadership-race-poll-results-spt

The big fight now is between Liz Truss and Kemi Badenoch for second place | ITV News https://www.itv.com/news/2022-07-18/the-big-fight-now-is-between-truss-and-badenoch-for-second-place

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