Danny Kruger is MP for Devizes

What has Danny Kruger been up to today?

Danny Kruger is MP for Devizes and a member of the Conservative party.

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Innovation, like science, requires collaboration.

If we continue to be blocked by the EU from Horizon, other international programs, like #Eureka, become even more key.

To Lisbon @ukinportugal for today’s #Eureka #GlobalInnovationSummit of 47 nations to deepen UK collaboration

Fantastic news from the #restoringyourrailway Fund https://www.dannykruger.org.uk/news/devizes-gateway-station-moves-step-closer-more-government-funding-announced-18-june-2022

Important story about overprescription here. As @APPGPDD reported last year millions of people are hooked on antidepressants they shouldn’t be on. But unless we invest in withdrawal services, just cutting prescriptions will increase the suffering. 1/2


Inspiring meeting with wonderful Wiltshire hosts and their Ukrainian guests. Some official processes still need improvement, but I'm v proud of our community, the council and the government for making this scheme so successful https://www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/news/20210886.danny-kruger-mp-hosts-meeting-nearly-100-ukrainian-refugees/?ref=twtrec

There are better & worse ways of processing asylum seekers off-shore though ofc. Not all forms of off-shore processing are created equally. The EU’s way of doing (in effect) off-shore processing is undoubtedly one of the worst ways you could do it however. https://twitter.com/post_liberal/status/1484581420781744129

Pete 🇬🇧 @post_liberal


Sovereignty does not mean total independence of action, any more than personal freedom means no obligations to others. But something is wrong when foreign courts can tell us how to control our own borders; or how to regulate trade within the UK itself. 1/

A growing number of dissidents within conservatism view legacy institutions like the Federalist Society as ultimately hostile to core commitments that ought to inform the right, say @SohrabAhmari, @PatrickDeneen and @ccpecknold. https://nyti.ms/3xo8gzH

'It’s time for my generation to grow up, and be the adults.' Vg from @HadleyFreeman  @UnHerd https://unherd.com/2022/06/are-the-kids-alright/?=frlh

Rainscombe Country Show - near Marlborough today and tomorrow - do go! https://www.steamheritage.co.uk/steam-rallies-and-events/event/rainscombe-country-show

Rainscombe Country Show - near Marlborough today and tomorrow - do go! https://www.steamheritage.co.uk/steam-rallies-and-events/event/rainscombe-country-show

Across the UK young people contribute to their communities through social action, in & beyond the @iwill_movement. Today I thank them for working to shape the world around them, and I pledge to help even more young people to do the same. #PowerOfYouthDay22 https://bit.ly/3qfIBak

The Prime Minister stands for the great realignment that the referendum of 2016 and the general election of 2019 introduced to our politics: a turning-back to the values and interests of the ordinary people of our country.

Breaking: based on ICM poll:
- 16,750,000 participated in ‘Jubilee celebrations in their community’. 1 in 4 of the UK population.
- As part of these overall figures: 8,710,000 attended a #ThankYouDay event
- This makes the weekend the biggest community event in UK history

Great to hear from @DefraGovUK that we've launched the #PlatinumJubilee Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund and pledged £3 million to restore village halls, essential for bringing people together, supporting communities and tackling issues like loneliness.

Brilliant piece by my friend @JamesACMumford that hits the source of our discontent as a civilisation: our decision that 'there are no moral facts, that good and evil are not part of the fabric of the world.' https://www.thenewatlantis.com/publications/therapy-beyond-good-and-evil?fbclid=IwAR2pryArSGx-d5l0qrwARVRrAdzpaLG0ub-R37EyDPjbZ58rYKL-1HARaw0

This is very good news https://www.gloucester.anglican.org/2022/church-of-england-unveils-plan-to-become-major-provider-of-social-housing-nationally/

Huge congratulations to Helen Hurford who has been selected as the @Conservatives candidate for the #TivertonHoniton byelection!

Born in T&H, raised there, taught as a Headteacher there and now runs a small business in the area- she will be a strong local voice.

Parliamentary debates cannot be for sale to the highest bidder.

In the House of Commons, APPG Chairman, @danny_kruger, raised reports that @dignityindying were attempting to buy a parliamentary debate and called for such a debate to be blocked.


Great to interview @SteveBakerHW with @JSMilbank & @imogenasinclair for new @SocialCovenant @TheCriticMag podcast - out soon

Our next APPG webinar meeting is Monday 23rd May at 5pm.

We will be looking at lessons from Canada: Evidence from Palliative Care, Psychiatry and Law with our fantastic line up of speakers @LeonieHerx, @HMChochinov, @Psych_MD & @yuanyi_z

Sign up here:


"Wine was revered in ancient times as the work of a god. Its subsequent place at the heart of our civilisation justifies that attitude. Wine has been, for us, a glowing threshold through which we pass from work to play, from business to friendship, and from means to ends"

Great piece by @Will_Tanner on one of the most important things in the queens speech https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/empowering-local-people-is-the-key-to-levelling-up-nhnvx0x9n

These dreary people would reduce us to some besuited no-mark president reading the speech in a glorified office block, like one of those drably utilitarian modern parliament buildings. Why is the modern left-wing mind so dismal and grey? https://twitter.com/Kevin_Maguire/status/1523975972218974210

Kevin Maguire @Kevin_Maguire

Hereditary prince in a ridiculous Ruritanian uniform on a golden throne in Parliament’s unelected chamber reading out a Government’s annual plan.

Welcome to modern Britain.

This Wiltshire village is raising money to commemorate a minesweeper which sank with 12 lives lost in 1976. Do support! https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/hmsfittleton-appeal

Excellent article @ZeynabAlKhero of @notdeadyetuk

"People diagnosed with a terminal illness or born with a terminal illness need to feel protected, cared for and supported..." 1/


Here it is - the utilitarian economic case for assisted suicide, already practised in the liberal paradise Canada. It will save the health service millions of pounds if we kill off the elderly frail expensive people

@danny__kruger @CNKAlliance Even more problematic is the use of a paralytic as part of the Canadian MAiD cocktail. Now death will outwardly appear peaceful. Those that perform MAiD know this and still describe MAiD as "beautiful."

Appalling. This is where the cult of autonomy leads https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/why-is-canada-euthanising-the-poor-

A disabled woman asks the state to kill her because it won’t pay for the support she needs. And the state (knowing it will save money) says Yes. This is Canada today, could be UK tomorrow if the ‘dignity’ brigade get their way https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/woman-with-disabilities-nears-medically-assisted-death-after-futile-bid-for-affordable-housing-1.5882202

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