Craig Tracey is MP for North Warwickshire

What has Craig Tracey been up to today?

Craig Tracey is MP for North Warwickshire and a member of the Conservative party.

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Great to hear yesterday about the conversations
@trussliz has actually had with businesses to hear what they need to help them succeed in the in the & years ahead👍 #Liz4Leader

What a week! It was a pleasure to organise the Warwickshire, Coventry & Solihull rally today for @trussliz. Thank you to the 337 people who attended. We must now get Liz into Downing Street and deliver for the country.

Great to join @trussliz in Midlands today with
@julianknight15 to confirm why I am backing her to be
@Conservative next leader!

Great turnout and a really positive vision from Liz as she set out what she will do as our next PM👍


Coleshill SNT were on foot patrol this afternoon in Kingsbury and came across a stolen Moped being ridden in an anti social manner. Two suspects on board. The vehicle refused to stop and was promptly disabled by Police. Suspects made off.

One suspect left his shoe at the scene as he ran. Poor fellow.

If this is your shoe, please call the number in the photo and we will arrange a visit to Custody...after our forensic Officers have a look at it.

Police patrols will continue in the area.

PC 2129

I'm in Birmingham where the excitement is building towards the opening ceremony of the @birminghamcg22 Commonwealth Games.

Here with one of the commemorative @RoyalMail stamps at the Victoria Square Festival Site.

Tory MPs totally lost the plot.Putting 2 candidates through to the membership whom members like least?
If you insult your customers they stop buying.
Already heard from members planning to abstain or spoil ballot paper.

As a ‘22 Officer I needed to stay publicly neutral but can proudly say I supported @PennyMordaunt throughout - she had the vision, determination and grit to be a fantastic Prime Minister.


Exclusive: Simon Case launches inquiry into ‘leaks to damage Penny Mordaunt’

Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, has launched an inquiry into alleged leaks from the Civil Service to sink Penny Mordaunt’s Tory leadership campaign. 1/4


Delighted to have signed another US state level MOU this morning with North Carolina. This will unlock growth opportunities from life sciences to clean tech. Thank you to everyone who got us here. @tradegovuk #DITStateSide #BrexitDividend

Only one candidate in this election has consistently:

🏆been 1st or 2nd

🏆led the polls as favourite amongst *swing voters*

🏆led the polls as favourite amongst *Conservative members*

🏆been No1 for MPs with marginal seats

It’s @PennyMordaunt #PM4PM👇


Had an awesome week taking career development workshops to schools in Birmingham @ParkHallAcademy we were talking about building the right skills for the future @craig4nwarks

Anyone interested in Conservative Party leadership election should read this and question the motives of those in the competition who are briefing otherwise

Working with @PennyMordaunt is amazing - love being part of a positive campaign

Susan Williams @SusanBaroness

Glad truth allowed to prevail - pretty disappointing that opponent candidates sink this low against members of their own party but obviously power more important to them than reality.

Proud to be backing @PennyMordaunt who is genuine, honest & above all this nonsense #PM4PM

Adam Boulton @adamboultonTABB

Ministerial colleague backs ⁦@PennyMordaunt⁩ in Self ID flip flop row .

I'm very aware that while my party chooses a new leader, you are watching us pick your next Prime Minister. At some point, you will all have a vote. Contact your local MP to ask for their support for me and I will focus on making our nation all it can be.

Always find it a bit odd when people question former Secretary of State for DFID & first female Defence Secretary of State, @PennyMordaunt experience.

If want a reminder of some of the reasons why she’d make a great leader of our party, here you go #C4LeaderDebate

Seems to me that a lot of people are tweeting fed lines rather than watching #C4LeaderDebate

Next time let’s cut out the middleman & tweet for an hour and a half about our favourite 😉

At least someone has a credible plans to create the jobs of the future, back businesses and get our economy moving #PM4PM #C4LeaderDebate

Poll after poll shows that @PennyMordaunt is the most popular choice to be next Leader of the Conservative Party #Pm4PM #C4LeaderDebate

Another great voice to have on board. Kate Griffiths is backing @PennyMordaunt to be next Conservative Party leader #PM4PM

I would be proud to serve any of the leadership contenders and they are all excellent. But for me, @PennyMordaunt ticks every box. A proven leader, Brexiteer, pro-Union, low tax, no-nonsense, fresh, fun, dynamic & full of integrity, I will be supporting her campaign #PM4PM

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