Mark Harper is MP for Forest of Dean

What has Mark Harper been up to today?

Mark Harper is MP for Forest of Dean and a member of the Conservative party.

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Stop blaming journalists (again) - reporting what you actually say isn’t ‘misinterpreted’.

2nd time in just 5 days. This kind of thing happened under the current PM & hugely damaged trust in us all.

So just what does “not giving out handouts” mean then?

Seems pretty clear…

Sky News @SkyNews

Liz Truss 'misinterpreted' over 'no handouts' remark, her supporters say

Liz’s NI tax cuts to help with fuel bills not credible. Pensioners typically won’t benefit. Workers on Living Wage gain under £60 a year. Millions of poorest will get nothing. Rishi’s right we need clear targeted support. Get this wrong and we lose next election. #Ready4Rishi

The MPs backing @RishiSunak ...
highest in every round ...
and from every part of the party, every part of Britain.
Colleagues are #Ready4Rishi for leadership through tough times, to win the GE and keep Labour out.

More MPs voted for @RishiSunak for PM because they know only he can win the next General Election.

He’s the only candidate who can tackle the economic challenges of today, and beat Labour tomorrow. #Ready4Rishi

🚨 DON’T MISS Esther McVey & Philip Davies’ exclusive interview with Rishi Sunak, tomorrow at 10am.

🗣 Hear what the man who wants to be PM has to say on illegal immigration, grooming gangs and his chances of reaching No.10.

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🌳 Enjoyed speaking to South Warwickshire @Conservatives members last night to make the case for @RishiSunak.

🇬🇧 Rishi’s plan to grip inflation is fundamentally Conservative & what Mrs Thatcher did when she came to office too.

👉 #Ready4Rishi

💷 Today’s news puts this leadership election in context. With the cost of Government borrowing due to increase, Rishi’s economic plan is looking more fit for purpose by the day.

✅ Grip inflation, grow the economy and then cut taxes.

👉 #Ready4Rishi

Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak

My response to today's Bank of England report👇

When I first started as Chancellor I put up a photo of Nigel Lawson in my office.

Now he's endorsing me to be Prime Minister and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Read his article here:

💬 “In 2016…I went with my heart and voted for Brexit. I did that because I believed that we could do things differently as a sovereign nation” - @RishiSunak

🇬🇧 Rishi believes in our country 🇬🇧

🗞 Great interview with @Daily_Express👇

Another great evening speaking to @Conservatives members last night in Ledbury.

@RishiSunak was on great form, showing our members how he can deal with the challenges ahead.

It’s time for some honesty, determination & grip. That’s why I’m #Ready4Rishi

💬 Free markets rest on strong institutions and credibility with the markets. That is why we must maintain fiscal discipline.

🗽 Great to write for the excellent @iealondon’s @FreeMarketForum & make the free market case for @RishiSunak.


.@RishiSunak was absolutely brilliant at the Exeter @Conservatives Party Leadership hustings tonight. It is clear that he has got what it takes to be a hugely successful Prime Minister. @Ready4Rishi #Ready4Rishi

Great to speak to @Conservatives from South Gloucestershire and Bristol this evening.

I set out why @RishiSunak has the plan we need to beat inflation & Labour

We are one Party, one family, one team. I set out Rishi’s arguments in the respectful way this contest deserves.

Today is #YorkshireDay.

I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of my Richmond constituency and, in particular, the backing of my friend, mentor and one of Yorkshire’s greatest statesmen.

Watch @WilliamJHague below 👇

As Conservatives, we all want taxes to be low.

But we need to cut taxes in a responsible way which doesn’t stoke inflation and put prices up even higher for families.

Read about my plan here:

🎥 A spine-tingling endorsement for @RishiSunak from one of our Party’s most distinguished statesmen, @WilliamJHague.

🇬🇧 Featuring some great, no nonsense North Yorkshire men and women explaining why they are #Ready4Rishi 👇

“Your success goes far beyond the trophy you have so deservedly earned.

“You have all set an example that will be an inspiration for girls and women today, and for future generations.”

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏆 The Queen has sent a message of congratulations to the @Lionesses:

Brilliant weekend speaking to @Conservatives members in the South West - from North Somerset & across Gloucestershire

@RishiSunak will restore trust and integrity to Government based on Conservative principles.

The more members Rishi speaks to, the more become #Ready4Rishi 🇬🇧

The race is on.

@RishiSunak is speaking to members across the country, fighting for every single vote in the way that he’ll fight for Conservative values in Government.

Encouraged by the undecided members each day who are becoming #Ready4Rishi after meeting with him.

Savanta ComRes @SavantaComRes


Poll of Conservative Cllrs ahead of the Conservative Leadership election.

Liz Truss 31%
Rishi Sunak 29%
Undecided 32%

511 Conservative Cllrs
27-29 July

👉Out & about in Coleford this morning delivering our local survey

🙋‍♂️Lots of good conversations with local residents

☕️ Finished up with coffee and toasties at Kaplan’s café

👉 We’re out campaigning all year round in the #ForestofDean

Good luck to the @Lionesses in the #WEURO2022 final on Sunday.

The England flag has been raised outside Parliament in support of the @England team. Come on England! We'll be cheering you all the way! @WEURO2022

If you want growth, if you want productivity, if you want better jobs and skills, we need businesses to invest more.


Join us to Rebuild Our Economy ->

I promise you, I’m going to fight for every single vote, I’m going to fight for the Conservative values that are core to who I am and what I stand for.


Join us to Beat Labour ->

Recent events mean us @Conservatives have some work to do in order to win back voters’ trust.

The polling is clear. @RishiSunak is best placed to win back the trust of swing voters who’ve left us since 2019

Yet another reason why I’m #Ready4Rishi


Strong start. @RishiSunak has a plan to tackle inflation, grip this country’s challenges and seize the opportunities of Brexit.


Due to the Covid aftershock, the biggest challenge facing the country is economic - Rishi has a 23% lead on being trusted to handle it

There are other huge challenges, like NHS post-Covid backlogs - Rishi’s 19% lead on competence is pretty important

#Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM

Rishi worked in his mum’s shop and waited tables at the restaurant down the road

His parents worked hard and gave him the best possible start they could

Sneering at hard work is deeply unConservative

@RishiSunak makes me proud to be a Conservative.

#Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM

Inflation is the enemy that’s putting everyone’s bills up.

@RishiSunak has an honest, serious plan to tackle inflation rapidly, because if we don’t do that, our bills will keep going up.

#Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM @Ready4Rishi

Our next Prime Minister will need the mettle to deal with some serious global and domestic challenges over the coming months and years.

Surely they can handle a chat with @afneil?

Looks like @RishiSunak can 👇

Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak

Just me then? 😉

"Only one of the Tory candidates has Thatcher’s ability to win elections and communicate policy to the public."

Thank you to Lord Peter Lilley, former Margaret Thatcher cabinet minister, for your support.

Read @TheSun:

Sign up:

“I was privileged to serve in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet.

She certainly did not believe in cutting taxes in an irresponsible way. Nor does Rishi, and he is absolutely right.”

Proud to have Michael Howard's support: #Ready4Rishi

👉Out & about in Coleford this morning with Cllr Carole Allaway Martin leading the team
🙋‍♂️Survey forms completed & lots of good conversations
👉We campaign all year round in the #ForestofDean

If elected, from day one I will move onto a crisis footing and focus relentlessly on five emergencies facing our country.

I want to start with our biggest public service emergency, the massive backlogs in the NHS.

Watch below and sign up at

💬“The ability and willingness to go into detail, to counter those arguing for a preventative lockdown, was what enabled Sunak to make his case.”

🗽Here’s how @RishiSunak fought the system to save peoples’ jobs last Christmas by stopping another lockdown

Here’s what @RishiSunak was up to last December

😷 Rishi flew back from a Govt trip to stop the Cabinet being bounced into a pointless Omicron lockdown

🗽 As Chair of the Covid Recovery Group, I know Rishi was on our side

👉 Proud to be #Ready4Rishi


Rishi Sunak tells LBC he did not register Ready for Rishi as a domain name back in December.

@AndrewMarr9 | @RishiSunak

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