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Chris Green is MP for Bolton West and a member of the Conservative party.

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Labour are so keen on strikes that their shadow ministers are joining in | The Independent

On Saturday our junior choir performed in a musical gala led by #ladybridgechoir. They had the pleasure of singing to @CGreenUK, @CllrZaman and #mayorofhorwich. £1885 was raised in aid of @boltonhospice.

On Armed Forces day I just want to say thank you to all the men and women serving the UK across the world and to all the veterans who served this country so well in the past. Your professionalism and dedication to duty is an inspiration.

Great to catch up with the team in Bolton for Armed Forces Day, see the displays and even have a go at 🎯 practice.

Come along to Victoria Square and show your support for our Armed Forces Communities on tomorrow (Saturday 25th June).

There will be a short service commencing at 10.40am followed by a fun day of free activities for all the family.


For too long the UK has focused too much on financial services to the detriment of manufacturing.

The cost of energy is a key challenge to the sector so we need to reduce these costs to become competitive.

Please watch the Prime Minister’s answer to my question at today’s PMQs.

V interesting nugget spotted by @ChristinaMcS — the Prime Minister suggesting there is no point importing coal when it available here, ‘especially metallurgical coal.’ Sounds like a heavy hint the govt might say yes to a new coal mine in Cumbria

Also v interesting Q from Bolton West @CGreenUK about the risks to British industry of offshoring carbon emissions “in the name of Net Zero”

PM: "It makes no sense to be importing coal when we have our own domestic resources..." What might that mean for a coal mine in Cumbria?

Support the strike… support the rail workers… support the commuters… support children going to school… support businesses recovering from lockdown… support not striking… support mutually exclusive demands because no one cares what Labour says including the RMT…!

“I don’t blame Starmer for reneging on any of this Left-wing nonsense” just as the most prominent agitator for a new leader, who is glossing himself in a façade of socialism, would do - The Mail

I wouldn’t condemn ppls choice on how they spend their own hard earned cash because I believe in free markets.

What I do condemn is that, in the name of Net Zero, we have sent British manufacturing overseas so we can claim low emission when we know we get others emit them for us

Bill McGuire @ProfBillMcGuire

The world's biggest ship docked in the UK yesterday, carrying 24 THOUSAND containers of consumer stuff

More than anything, this image encapsulates everything that is wrong with our society

About £16bn of taxpayers hard earned cash was spent supporting the railways and protecting railway workers jobs. It would have been the same whether public or private and many political leaders wanted more and harsher lockdowns for £bns more.

Sir Keir hasn’t left a vacancy yet.

Andy Burnham @AndyBurnhamGM

Perhaps we could pay rail workers a decent wage if billions hadn’t been shovelled into a bloated privatised railway during the pandemic.

Has the case for rail re-nationalisation ever been clearer?


@seanelliott007 @JimfromOldham It’s a dreadful statement, with no acknowledgement of the scale of the horror of what happened to teenage girls in the town - the tone is Oldham’s only like everywhere else. There’s no sense of shame, no apology. And two of the signatories are leading members of Starmer’s team.

And we’re still charging people extra tax on heating bills…

Taxing families when Germany, China and many more simply burn more coal is incoherent. We need to work together and not just reduce emissions at home.

Samuel Ramani @SamRamani2

BREAKING: Germany announces that it will restart coal-fired power plants in order to conserve natural gas

No compelling evidence to justify school closures yet gov scientists continued to recommend tough lockdown measures

For children, 'our pandemic response was a national disaster'

New book covering this by @lensiseethrough @thatsmanderley

Never again

Here's what @CGreenUK had to say in his column:

.@CGreenUK: "It was always clear, from the start, that this £3bn waste of money would contribute nothing of value"

This afternoon @Conservatives near the heart of Viking England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in Doncaster were united in talking about how we make that happen by lowering tax and boosting growth.

We have a great future built on the past that unites us and the industry and innovation that makes us great.

It's here!🎉🎉
This evening at 6:45pm the Alliance Learning Awards Evening takes place at @BoltonUni

We are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of our #apprentices and employers.👏

Thank you to our Guest Speaker, Gary Bradshaw and @byMBDA for sponsoring the event.


Britain’s Centrica has signed a major deal with Norway’s Equinor, boosting UK supply for the next 3 winters.

With ongoing uncertainty in Europe, securing extra supply is welcome as we maximise gas production in British waters and accelerate nuclear and renewables.

I’ve put in some real hard graft since being elected in December 2019. It’s feeling like it’s starting to pay off. I can’t wait to give the opening welcome speech on Friday to the NRG. #1Down4ToGo #Doncasterisgreat

⬆️🆙Only 2 days to go, until the NRG Conference gets underway in Doncaster.

It's going be a fantastic chance to discuss ideas that will help us Level Up the North and gives you the opportunity to shape our policy asks from Government.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!!

In May, I asked National Grid to explore keeping 3 coal power stations open this winter, if needed.

With uncertainty in Europe following the invasion, it's right we explore all options to bolster supply.

I'm pleased EDF has today confirmed West Burton will remain online.


Lockdown legacy: "Evidence suggests that nearly 1/3 of 5-year-olds in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 are not reaching a good level of development & deprived pupils are almost 5 mos. academically behind richer classmates by the time they start school. This gap widens to 18 mos. by 16"

Many are asking for my view of today's NI Protocol Bill.

It may be unfashionable, but I would like first to read both the Bill & the planned statement on the legal position; & to hear @trussliz statement this afternoon.

The Govt is right to act but must get the detail right.

Spoke to Vice President @MarosSefcovic to discuss the legislation we are announcing today to fix the problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol and restore political stability.

Our preference is a negotiated solution, but EU must be willing to change the Protocol itself.

Keeping schools and preschools open when other countries closed them was an extremely difficult decision. In March 2020 the criticism against me was harsh for not closing down schools and preschools, but I was - and still am - convinced that it was the right decision.

Harry A. Patrinos @hpatrinos

No learning loss in Sweden during the pandemic -evidence from primary school reading assessments

No closures, no losses!

#education #COVID19

I wonder if he’ll still be saying this in 2030: Xi Jinping says ‘persistence is victory’ as Covid restrictions return to Shanghai and Beijing

We need to focus on boosting growth not boosting taxes.

I just loved Richard Briers: 'The Good Life' was an inseparable part of my childhood. But he was so very much more. I fondly remember his mean Malvolio, and his epic Lear was like a fin de siècle. He was a beautiful spirit, and is greatly missed.🙇‍♂️

Archivetvmusings @archivetvmus71

On this day in 1978, a one-off episode of The Good Life - When I'm 65 - was performed in front of a specially invited audience which included the Queen and Prince Philip.

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