Anne-Marie Trevelyan is MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed

What has Anne-Marie Trevelyan been up to today?

Anne-Marie Trevelyan is MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed and a member of the Conservative party.

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Great week meeting fantastic @Conservatives members who trust my vision for our economy. Over the coming weeks I hope to see as many of you as possible, to hear your ideas for the future of our great party and country.

Together we can deliver for Britain 🇬🇧


I am proud that ⁦@tradegovuk⁩ is leading right now our UK-Ukraine Reconstruction Taskforce on Kyiv Region projects, with UK companies on bridges & homes ⁦@sophgaston⁩ ⁦@VPrystaiko⁩ ⁦@UKEF⁩ ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ⁦@trussliz⁩

✅ The Sunday @Telegraph backs #LizForLeader

💬 She understands the direction the country needs to move in, and would be the first truly philosophy-driven leader since Mrs Thatcher

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This week Amnesty International, in a report of mind-blowing arrogance accused the Ukrainian military of breaking international law.

Pinstripedline rebuttal to this utter nonsense is now live.

#AmnestyUkraine #amnesteyinternational

I am supporting #LizForLeader because she will bring a laser focus to helping businesses generate growth by stripping away unecessary burdens. ⁦@trussliz⁩ ⁦@KwasiKwarteng⁩ ⁦@nadhimzahawi⁩ ⁦@Jacob_Rees_Mogg⁩

NEW 🇬🇧🇦🇺 Encouraged by the signing of the UK-Australia trade agreement, @synergygrill secure their second large export shipment to Oz 🥩

The deal will:
🌏 support our exporters to reach new markets
👩‍🍳 boost jobs
📈 help level up the country

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🇬🇧🗣️ It's a pleasure to be in Birmingham to celebrate the fantastic depth and breadth of Esports talent from across the Commonwealth.

🌎👨‍💻 I'm delighted to see so many competitors, creators and innovators from our great global family of nations.

#GlobalTrade #GlobalBritain

It's time to unite.
21 current and former colleagues who have sat around the Cabinet table have come together to back Liz.
She will unite our Party, beat Keir Starmer, and is trusted to deliver for Britain 👇

In @timesredbox this morning 📩👇

International trade secretary @annietrev on why Truss can save the British economy.

“The investment zones proposed by Liz Truss could have a transformational impact on areas across the country.”

🗳️ @Conservatives members: As ballots land this week, I'm counting on your vote.

I'm trusted to deliver for our great country, to unite our Party and to win the next election.

Join the team:

Read my article in ⁦@thetimes⁩ about why I believe ⁦@trussliz⁩ #LizForLeader is the best choice for the UK’s global status as a great place to invest. We need Liz’s vision, optimism & determination to give our great country its mojo back.

Good to see ⁦@DavidMundellDCT⁩ supporting #LizForLeader because he knows her commitment to the Union is rock solid. ⁦@trussliz⁩

I am supporting @trussliz #LizForLeader because I want to see tax cuts, focus on tackling our energy needs, short and medium term, & our PM standing firm on the global stage for our values of freedom and democracy through trade and investment.

Support Liz too. Join us 👇

Liz for Leader @trussliz

I have a clear @Conservatives plan and vision for our country and economy, ready to deliver and get things done from day one.

Join us:

I have a clear @Conservatives plan and vision for our country and economy, ready to deliver and get things done from day one.

Join us:

Good to see my friend and colleague Virginia Crosbie supporting #LizForLeader ⁦@trussliz⁩. Virginia’s commitment to developing our next gen nuclear energy supply is second to none. ⁦@GregHands⁩ ⁦@KwasiKwarteng⁩

Latest YouGov / Times Tory members poll - 34 point lead for Truss

60% Truss
26% Sunak

Such a great campaign @Lionesses & I know @JamesCleverly and the next PM will work with you. We in #Northumberland are so proud of @LucyBronze & huge shout out to her Mum who drove miles each week so Lucy could play & train. #AmazingParents #totalcommitment @trussliz @RishiSunak

Lionesses @Lionesses

"We see this as only the beginning."

An open letter from our #Lionesses...

Good article by ⁦@ShankerASingham⁩ setting out why Rishi is wrong to claim the Australia deal I negotiated is bad for British farmers, who don’t worry about unlimited EU imports, which might be displaced by Aussie imports. ⁦@trussliz⁩

✅ @PennyMordaunt endorses #LizForLeader

💬 "Liz has shown she will defend freedom at home and abroad, and is prepared to do what it takes to keep us safe. That is why, with her, I believe we can deliver for the public and we can win at the ballot box."

Great to see ⁦@BrandonLewis⁩ declaring his support for #LizForLeader ⁦@trussliz⁩.

I know that our country's best days lie ahead.

And I have a clear Conservative plan to deliver for our country and economy.


Great to see ⁦@TomTugendhat⁩ supporting ⁦@trussliz⁩ #LizForLeader because we need a firm leader, and Liz Truss fits the bill. ⁦@JamesCleverly⁩

Exciting to see ⁦@RoyalNavy⁩ leading on innovative maritime solutions: wonderful to see forward-thinking vision of ⁦@VAdmNickHine⁩ now actually on the water. Exciting times! ⁦@FirstSeaLord⁩ ⁦@AdmTonyRadakin_⁩ ⁦@BWallaceMP⁩

Good to see @NOIweala continuing to drive forwards on global sustainable fisheries efforts - finding ways to turn harmful subsidy into positive drivers of sustainability is key and the best for trade @tradegovuk @ZacGoldsmith @DamienOConnorMP @wto @trussliz @FCDOGovUK

WTO @wto

DG Okonjo-Iweala calls for more support for sustainable fisheries, launches new report #fisheriessubsidies #Aid4Trade

So important that UK continues to be reliable partner to Ukraine as they battle for their freedom and defend democracy for us all. I will be continuing to work on civil reconstruction with our Kyiv & region friends as President Zelenskyy has asked of us ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩

Great inventions push everyone forward. ​

With breakthrough technologies in materials, design and engineering, sport can be accessible for everyone across the #Commonwealth. ​

​To see things differently, choose 🇬🇧:​

#CommonwealthGames #B2022 #Sportstech


The Energy Bills Support Scheme will deliver a £400 non-repayable discount to eligible households to help with energy bills from October.

This forms part of the £37 billion cost of living assistance package for consumers over winter 2022 to 2023.

Find out more 👇🏽

Dept for BEIS @beisgovuk

Households will start receiving £400 off their energy bills from October.

This non-repayable government discount will be made in six instalments to help families through winter.

Find out more about the Energy Bills Support Scheme 👇

Ben backs Liz.
Defence Secretary @BWallaceMP declares Liz Truss has what it takes to be Britain’s next Prime Minister.
@TheSun 👉

My first summer update to subscribing constituents is out👇

🏥 Visit to works on the innovative new care model at #RothburyHospital
🇺🇦🇬🇧 Meeting Ukrainian guests in Northumberland
📢 Sharing a message for party members from @trussliz #LizforLeader

Great to see @BWallaceMP join me to support @trussliz as our next Prime Minister. We have both worked alongside Liz on global issues & recognise she understands the importance of defence strength and the UK’s leadership role & responsibility with the challenges facing our world.

I'm fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease Association. Check out my @JustGiving page and please donate if you can. Thank you!

📣 One hour to go! 📣

⏰ The count down is on for our first Leadership Hustings live from Leeds!

You can get access here:

Great to see ⁦@trussliz⁩ pushing forwards our ⁦@tradegovuk⁩ #PlatinumPartnerships which ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ launched at ⁦@CHOGM2022⁩, as well as new trade deals in pipeline with Commonwealth countries India & Canada in 2022.

Strikers are blocking people getting to work, hospital and school - yet Labour MPs like frontbencher Sam Tarry joined the strikes.

What will Keir Starmer do?

Great to meet colleagues from @HMTreasury @beisgovuk @luhc @ONS at the Darlington Economic Campus yesterday and see first hand how we're delivering a new model of innovation in the civil service.

I was delighted to announce the new location for the DEC's permanent home.

Our snap poll of 507 Tory party members who watched last night's BBC debate shows that Truss is seen as having performed best

Liz Truss: 50%
Rishi Sunak: 39%

Good to see ⁦@DefenceHQ⁩ making significant progress for protection & development for, women in Armed Forces thanks to Sarah Atherton’s work. ⁦@JSHeappey⁩ ⁦@BWallaceMP⁩ ⁦@FirstSeaLord⁩ ⁦@ChiefofAirStaff⁩ ⁦@ArmyCGS⁩

Our country became great through its embrace of free trade, free enterprise and free markets.

I am determined to double down on levelling up so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed as part of an aspiration nation.

💬 @Telegraph #LizForLeader

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